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Technology In Schools

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Technology In Schools. BY Desmond Thomas. How many of you like using technology in school?. Did you know?. 75 percent of tomorrow’s jobs will require use of technology. An example is becoming a teacher. Why I chose this topic?. Thesis .

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technology in schools

Technology In Schools


Desmond Thomas

did you know
Did you know?
  • 75 percent of tomorrow’s jobs will require use of technology.
  • An example is becoming a teacher.
  • Although technology gives access to information, it can be a distraction.
some teachers that are new to technology have troubles adapting to it
Some Teachers that are new to technology have troubles adapting to it
  • The teachers that are new to using computers say it takes time and effort to learn about technology
  • Training teachers to use computers can be costly and time-consuming.
  • There are Some teachers that are unwilling to participate in extra training.
teachers say
Teachers say
  • Teachers that use computers to make lessons say it is not easyfinding the right material online to make a lesson.
  • teachers may spend a lot of time planning lessons and they become overwhelmed.
the number of schools using laptops are growing
The number of schools using laptops are growing
  • In Fort Morgan, the Board of Education invested $500,000 in new technology to improve education
  • But spending this much on technology means that they had to make budget cuts on teaching positions
  • The board of education also approved the purchasing of 124 smart boards
  • The cost of buying each smart board was about $1,287 each
  • So the total amount spent on the smart boards were $159,588

A school district in North Carolina placed an order for 131 iPod touches to be used to help kids with their reading and writing.

teachers say technology has its negatives

Some college professors banned laptops from their classrooms.

The teachers that banned laptops think they are a distraction to their students.

teachers say technology has its negatives

the students that have laptops usually get distracted by:

    • Checking e-mails
    • Surfing the internet
    • Looking for games
    • Messaging friends
no benefit
No Benefit
  • studies showed that technology does not have a significant benefit to students’ grades
studies show
Studies Show!
  • There was a study on Students that spend more time on computers for recreational use.
  • Those students performed worse than expected on reading and literature.

Some Teachers think that students who used practicing software to study performed worse on tests than students that were practicing the normal way


There is software to monitor computers.

  • This software is used to make sure students are doing what they are supposed to do on the computers.

There are also programs that block some websites.

  • But there are ways of getting around these programs.
  • You can use proxies to get around website blocks
  • And even though website blocks work for http sites some of these programs do not support https
technology costs

A school spent $380,000 in a year on technical support.

  • In 2004 the U.S invested about $66 billion into technology
  • Public and private sources for educational technology are projected to total $30 billion nationwide this year.
Technology costs
more costs

Technology also has other costs to owning it to make it even more expensive.

  • Other than maintenance costs, there is software that is needed for school learning.
  • Most of schools that had technology spent a majority of their budget on technology maintenance and programs.
More Costs
types of technology
Types of technology
  • The types of technology we use in schools are:
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • smart boards

Laptops and desktops can be used for research, making photo stories, word documents, power points, videos and podcasts.

smart boards
Smart Boards
  • Smart boards can be used for presentations or bringing out a lesson either with notes or demonstration on the board

People who graduated from a school using technology are more successful in finding a job afterwards Because of their experience


Technology can increase parents’ involvement in their children’s schooling.

  • Teachers posting grades on websites makes it easier for parents to keep track of their children\'s’ progress.
technology improves interaction
Technology improves interaction
  • Technology also showed improved interaction among students and between students and teachers.
interview agreements
Interview agreements
  • The teacher that I interviewed agreed that the positives of technology outweigh the negatives.
other positives with technology
Other positives with technology
  • students usually like the chance to be creative and do things hands on.
something that could improve technology
Something that could improve technology

The teacher that I had an interview with said that if He had to choose something to add to technology;

it would be a sound booth for recording podcasts.

additional interview info
Additional interview info
  • The teacher that I interviewed said that he would like it if the people that were wary of technology actually gave it a chance to show it’s potential
more info

The teacher that I interviewed also said that there can be difficulties with technology

  • There could be network problems so teachers cannot log on a computer to teach a lesson they were planning before
More info
  • Most students prefer typing or reading something on the computer rather than writing or reading on paper.
  • If you have internet access you can find information that you are looking for at any time.
  • in some schools if you miss a day you can check the assignment you missed on a website and do the work you missed at home.
  • Learning-disabled students can master complex problem-solving skills as well as nondisabled students with the support of educational technology.
  • There are alternatives to using programs that you have to pay for.
  • Instead of using Microsoft programs that you have to pay for to make papers or power points or anything there are free alternatives.
  • The most popular free programs that you can use for making papers are Google docs and open office
  • The popular free alternative programs for making power points are either using Prezi or using once again Google docs