Metadata tips for microsoft word text and photographs
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Metadata Tips for Microsoft Word, Text, and Photographs. Presentation to: The San Francisco C hapter of the Society for Technical Communicators Cheryl Hunt September 21, 2011. What Is Metadata and Why Use it?. ?. <meta charset ="UTF-8" />

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Metadata Tips for Microsoft Word, Text, and Photographs

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Metadata tips for microsoft word text and photographs

Metadata Tips for Microsoft Word, Text, and Photographs

Presentation to:

The San Francisco Chapter of

the Society for Technical Communicators

Cheryl Hunt

September 21, 2011

What is metadata and why use it

What Is Metadata and Why Use it?


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There are two types of metadata

There Are Two Types of Metadata:

  • Structural Metadata:

    • The design and specification of data structures.

    • “Data about the containers of data”

  • Descriptive Metadata:

    • About specific datacontent.

    • “Data about content”


K now ing structural metadata helps systems work together

Knowing Structural Metadata Helps Systems Work Together

  • Programs “talk” directly to other programs.

  • Systems understand each other’s structure.

  • Third parties can import and export data between systems.

  • Searches run simultaneously across data silos.


Benefits of us ing content metadata

Benefits of Using Content Metadata

  • More accurate searches.

  • Describes content and context to applications and people.

  • Applications can act on metadata to provide services automatically.

  • Promotes the use of a controlled vocabulary across departments and disciplines, aiding communication.


Use metadata to identify content and make it searchable

Use Metadata To Identify Content and Make it Searchable

If you can’t find it, it might as well not exist.

~ Paraphrase of Barbara Quint, Editor, Search Magazine, 1994

Authors spend half their time looking for content to reuse that they can’t find.

~ According to Author-it (Component Content Management Webcast, August, 2011)

Metadata examples in microsoft word text and images

Metadata Examples in Microsoft: Word, Text, and Images

Some metadata is saved by default

Some Metadata Is Saved by Default

Hover your mouse over the file name to see basic metadata

Hover Your Mouse Over the File Name To See Basic Metadata

Right click file name to access properties then again to open

Right-Click File Name To Access Properties - Then Again To Open

Word files h ave 3 property tabs general custom and summary

Word Files Have 3 Property Tabs: General, Custom, and Summary

The general tab has mostly basic default metadata

The General Tab Has Mostly Basic Default Metadata

The general tab has some advanced file options

The General Tab Has Some Advanced File Options

The summary tab holds basic author defined metadata

The Summary Tab Holds Basic Author Defined Metadata

  • Title

  • Subject

  • Author

  • Category

  • Keywords

    • Separate with commas

  • Comments

    • A Text Area

Use the summary s advanced button to display and enter more information

Use The Summary’s Advanced Button To Display and Enter More Information

The custom tab is only available for word not for text or images

The Custom Tab Is Only Available for Word – Not for Text or Images

Names and types of default custom properties

Names and Types of Default Custom Properties

Enter default custom properties and values in 4 steps

Enter Default Custom Properties and Values in4 Steps

Add your own properties with these 4 steps

Add Your Own Properties With These 4 Steps

Text files have all general and summary metadata properties

Text Files Have All General and Summary Metadata Properties

Image files also have all general and summary metadata properties

Image Files Also Have All General and Summary Metadata Properties

Use these to organize your metadata

Use These To Organize Your Metadata


Controlled Vocabulary

A way to organize knowledge for later retrieval

Uses predefined, authorized terms

Used in headings, key words, and indexes

  • The practice and science of classification

  • A hierarchical structure

  • A classification scheme

  • Many Supertype-subtype relationships (ie:parent-child)


Tips for starting to organize

Tips for Starting To Organize

Create a Taxonomy

Create a Controlled Vocabulary

Keep a Working List

Save in Excel Files

Use Extension *.csv

Automatically Adds Commas To Separate the Words

Open With Notepad

Examples Online

  • Look at Your File Structure

  • Use The Dewey Decimal System for Inspiration

    • 000 Generalities

    • 100 Philosophy & psychology

    • 200 Religion

    • 300 Social sciences

    • 400 Language

    • 500 Natural sciences & mathematics

  • Examples Online

    • http://

Word only tips to save on typing

Word Only Tips To Save on Typing

  • Macros


  • Auto Text


  • Both must be entered in the body, then cut and pasted to the properties

Microsoft on how to remove metadata with more information

Microsoft on How To Remove Metadata With More Information

  • In Legal Documents:

  • Office 2003:

  • Office 2007:

  • Login