Keehner meadows hoa 2013 annual meeting
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Keehner Meadows HOA 2013 Annual Meeting. Sunday, April 7, 2013 Amy Steingraeber, President Ann Niehaus, Secretary Geri Baker, Treasurer. 2013 Annual HOA Meeting. Agenda. Call to Order Introductions Proof of Notice of Meeting or Waiver Attendance & Quorum (Total lots 124, Quorum = 36)

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Presentation Transcript
Keehner meadows hoa 2013 annual meeting

Keehner Meadows HOA 2013 Annual Meeting

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Amy Steingraeber, President

Ann Niehaus, Secretary

Geri Baker, Treasurer


2013 Annual HOA Meeting


  • Call to Order

  • Introductions

  • Proof of Notice of Meeting or Waiver

  • Attendance & Quorum (Total lots 124, Quorum = 36)

  • Reading of Minutes of Preceding Meeting or Wavier

  • Reports

    • Financial - Review and Progress Against Goals / Prior Year

    • Accomplishments – HOA Directory, HOA Website, Keehner Chronicles

    • Stats

    • Committees – Maintenance, Landscaping, Keehner Chronicles, Other

  • Election of Trustees

    • Treasurer Position

  • New Issues

    • Other

  • Questions

  • Adjournment

Keehner meadows hoa

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOA

  • Call to Order

  • Proof of Notice

    • Mailed February 1, 2013

  • Attendance & Quorum

    • Review Count on Attendance Sheet

  • Reading of Minutes of Prior Meeting 2012 or Waiver

2012 hoa minutes

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

2012 HOA Minutes

  • Keehner Meadows

  • 2012 Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

  • Sunday March 4, 2012 at the West Chester Library

  • The annual meeting of the Keehner Meadows Community Association was held on Sunday March 4, 1012 at the West Chester Library in West Chester, Ohio. Notice of the meeting was sent by regular mail in January 2012.

  • Amy Steingraeber called the meeting to order at approximately 3:14 p.m. A total of 29 residents were in attendance and seven proxys were received. The following residents were in attendance: Russell of 7315 Leemel Drive, Barron of 7324 Leemel Dr. , Bucher of 7316 Leemel Dr. , Wurst of 7257 Julie’s Cove, Lusk of 8961 Wintergreen, Voss of 8914 Wintergreen Drive, Colangelo of 8907 Michelle Point, Betscher of 8926 Michelle Point, Kerber of 7270 Susan Springs Drive, Johnson of 7240 Susan Springs, Robertson of 7230 Susan Springs, Buck of 7350 Susan Springs, Guzman of 7370 Susan Springs, Brace of 7380 Susan Springs, Direnzi of 7400 Susan Springs, Carr of 7397 Susan Springs, Runkle of 7387 Susan Springs, Carr of 7357 Susan Springs, Baker of 8924 Wintergreen, Niehaus of 7297 Susan Springs, McDonald of 7457 Susan Springs, Steingraeber of 7507 Susan Springs, Dunsford of 7480 Susan Springs, Doddy of 7440 Susan Springs.

  • Proxys were received for Jensen of 7390 Sussex Dr, Wagner of 7299 Leemel Drive, Williams of 7307 Leemel Drive, Almer of 8937 Michelle Point, Gunn of 8936 Michelle Point, Sefton of 7377 Susan Springs, and Thompson of 7500 Susan Springs.

  • Keith Betscher made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the 2011 Annual Meeting. The motion was seconded by Dan Steingraeber and Geri Baker and then approved with no objections.

  • Keith Betscher announced the next community wide garage sale will be held on Saturday April 28th. The community association pays for the advertisements and posts signs directing others to the neighborhood. This is an excellent way for the homeowners to sell their used and unwanted items.

  • Keith also discussed the maintenance at the front entrance way. There is one bad sprinkler head that will be replaced. Light poles at the front entrance have been rewired and have new bulbs as well as a new photo eye. Keith does not want to put lights on a timer because of power outages. Larry Voss made a suggestion for a backup to be purchased. Keith gave credit to the homeowners across the street from the model home that currently cut the grass on both sides of the entrance to the neighborhood for a nominal fee. It saves the HOA a significant amount of money to not have this contracted out. The bid for the 2012 landscaping of the beds has a very minimal increase. Amy Steingraeber, acting president, will maintain planters and change out the plants 4x per year.

  • Keith is requesting that homeowners keep their exterior lights on at night for those neighbors that may be out walking.

  • Geri Baker, acting Treasurer, discussed the current budget. She explained that the HOA is doing well and the fees have been maintained at $140 annually. Overages in the budget from 2011 were due to the planter boxes being stolen at the front entrance, water line leak at the front entrance and liens filed for those who have not paid HOA fees. She discussed the current status of residents who had not paid their HOA fees for 2012 and the cost to file on those.

  • The administrative items for the meeting included the addition of the neighborhood directory, HOA website and the return of the Keehner Chronicles.

  • The new website is All forms for improvements as well as the covenants are available on this site. The forums on this site will take the place of the old YAHOO GROUPS. Please make sure you visit this site and register as a user for the forums.

  • After updating resident information at the meeting, the neighborhood directory will be available as well as a plat map of Keehner Meadows.

  • We are also hoping to reintroduce the Keehner Chronicles, a neighborhood newsletter updating residents on the goings on of the neighborhood. We will be looking for street representatives as this project progresses.

  • There are no available positions for election at this time but it was announced that Geri Baker’s position will be available next year.

  • The last agenda of the meeting was the proposal for a shed amendment. Our current covenants do not allow for sheds. One of the residents spoke to the members of the meeting to propose a change. The HOA has contacted an attorney to discuss these changes and what needs to be done. It was explained that 75% (93 lots) of homeowners would have to sign and agree to the change. The HOA has provided a full list of specific guidelines and restrictions that would have to be put into place for any changes to happen. The legal fees would be approximately $950. The residents who wish to make the change will be required to do the work in obtaining the signatures. Discussions continued about the value or devalue of properties with sheds. Keith Betscher thanked the board for handling a controversial issue in such a fair unbiased way.

  • The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:45 pm.

Hoa financials

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

HOA Financials

Km hoa board stats

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

KM HOA Board Stats

Keehner meadows hoa reports committees

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOA Reports - Committees

  • Common Areas Maintenance

    • Front Entranceway – Lighting, Sprinklers

  • Annual Keehner Meadows Yard Sale

    • Date – last Saturday of April; 8AM-1PM April 27th

  • Landscaping

  • Keehner Chronicles Committee

Km hoa board 2012 accomplishments

2013 Annual HOA Meeting


  • HOA Homeowners Directory

  • HOA Website –

  • facebook

  • Revamp of HOA Keehner Chronicles

  • Gift Baskets for New Home Owners (Initiated)

  • HOA Board “Score Board”

Hoa directory

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

HOA Directory

HOA Directory 2013

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOAWebsite

  • Repository for all essential documents

  • Homeowner Forums

  • Homeowner Directory

  • News, Updates, and Calendar

  • Email

  • Important Links

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOAWebsite

Keehner chronicles

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Chronicles

Keehner meadows hoa election of trustees

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOAElection of Trustees

  • One Formal Position Open at this time

    • Geri Baker – Treasurer until 2013

    • Ann Niehaus – Secretary until 2014

    • Amy Steingraeber – President until 2014

    • Unofficial Positions

    • Keith Betscher –HOA Maintenance

    • Volunteers Needed for:

      • Keehner Chronicles… Street Reps etc.

Treasurer election

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Treasurer Election

KM HOA By-Laws, Section 18. Role of Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall assume responsibility for the receipt of and deposit in appropriate bank accounts all monies of the Association, the disbursement of such funds as directed by resolution of the Board, the keeping of proper books of account, the preparation of an annual budget and statement of income and expenditures to be presented to the Members at annual meetings, and the delivery or mailing of a copy of each to each of the members.

Treasurer election1

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Treasurer Election


Caroline Brace

Brian Jones


Keehner meadows hoa1

2013 Annual HOA Meeting

Keehner Meadows HOA

  • Other Issues

  • Questions

  • Adjournment