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A Performance Measurement Tool for Educational Learning: A Formulating Plan for Blended Learning

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A Performance Measurement Tool for Educational Learning: A Formulating Plan for Blended Learning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Performance Measurement Tool for Educational Learning: A Formulating Plan for Blended Learning Presenters : Dustin Bessette and Sharon L. Burton 7 th International Technology Education Development Conference. Valencia, Spain March 2013 Virtual Presentation.

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Presentation Transcript

A Performance Measurement Tool for Educational Learning: A Formulating Plan for Blended Learning

Presenters: Dustin Bessette and Sharon L. Burton

7th International Technology Education Development Conference

Valencia, Spain

March 2013

Virtual Presentation

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welcome to our presentation thank you for joining us
Welcome to our presentation. Thank you for joining us!

Dustin Bessette

Doctoral Student

National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management

Sharon L. Burton

Doctoral Student

National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management

  • Institutions have a dire challenge in measuring and reading performance requirements from various programs. Blended learning has become a higher choice for several institutions as the numbers of enrolled students increase. This method will result in a higher turnover for students of professionals in the next and upcoming generations. This change will shift the academic role as institutions create opportunities for students on other areas of professional departments other than on-campus based programs. Even as institutions change role in the academic shift, areas of quality measurement will become missed or overlooked.Performance measurements tools help enhance new learning opportunities for institutions in future plans of academic change. Several variables control these methods and measurement tools, but also help institute new plans for change. Ideally, these institutions need to be able to assist with every program they are capable of as well as areas of new blended learning. Having a solvent (plan) for this type of platform will help overall in the quality of education for learners of this generation.
  • Keywords: Performance Measurement Tool, Blended Learning, Higher Education, Learning Opportunities

Performance Goals

Competency-based Training

Gagne’s Six Varieties of Performance

Learners/Learning Style

Analysis/ Research

Recap & Follow up Questions

purpose and audience
Purpose and Audience
  • Purpose:The purpose of this study was to review the performance of technological tools in order to develop measurement tools to gauge learner’s performance.
  • Audience: Organizations interested in performance measuring tools that assist in formulating blended learning.

Objectives: Provide audiences with guidance to enhance performance through:

  • Performance Goals
  • Competency-based Training
  • Gagne’s Six Varieties of Performance
performance goals
Performance Goals

Goals should be SMART:

  • Specific and Tied to Standards
  • Measurable
  • Ambitious and Attainable
  • Reflective of Goals, Objectives, and the Mission
  • Trackable

Adapted from Margaret Lin

After Smart Goals Comes Competencies CCompetencies Establish

competency based training
Competency-Based Training

After Competencies Comes Performance Competencies Establish

varieties of performance
Varieties of Performance


Rule Using

Problem Solving

Figure: 1 Six Varieties of Performance (results of learning). Adapted from Robert Gagne’s identification of six varieties of learning.

learner styles
Learner Styles
  • Students learn in a variety of ways, and then shape that learning into performance.
  • Kolb provides a model for learning styles

Source: Kolb, 1984

significance of performance model
Significance of Performance Model

Performance models previously implemented are steeped in pedagogical outcomes of memorization.

New models should be wrapped in anagogical learning outcomes. This gives them a slight difference in appearance but a more effective enhancement towards the implementation stage.

performance hallmarks
Performance Hallmarks

What are the Characterizations?

example analysis and performance topics
Example Analysis and Performance Topics

Learning Styles





interactive model
Interactive Model



Adapted from Burton and Bessette, 2013

using methods that work
Using Methods that Work

Create Situations where everyone can participate fairly.

Record all data and research findings. Reevaluations of processes and procedures can be conducted through various surveys, questionnaires, and interviews .


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dustin bessette s background
Dustin Bessette’s Background
  • Dustin currently serves as the Regional Water Safety Coordinator for the New York State Office of Parks Historic Preservation in the Taconic Region. Here, he led training for New York State’s lifeguarding staff through various process of employment, tested lifeguard\'s through controlled physical tests, conducted field visits, recorded aquatic reports, and assisted in hiring & coordinating employees in four different parks for five different swimming facilities.
  • Academically, Dustin is currently a doctoral student with the National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management earning a doctorate degree in business administration. He has earned two undergraduate degrees, one Associate of Sciences in Biology and Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Studies. Further he has earned 30 credit hours towards a Sustainable MBA degree and is enrolled and in process of another graduate MBA degree.
  • He has presented at several conferences including, Intellectbase International Consortium (Nashville 2011, Atlanta 2011, and Las Vegas 2012), Eco Summit 2012 (Cleveland, OH), Association for Advancement Computing Information (AACE) (Montreal, QC), virtually presented at the 5th Annual International Conference on Education, Research, and Innovation (ICERI) (Madrid, Spain), and will soon present his accepted papers at the Society for Applied Learning Technologies (SALT) Conference (Orlando, FL) in March 2013, Florida Academy of Sciences (Miami, FL) in March 2013, and virtually at the 7th International Technology, Education, and Development (INTED) (Valencia, Spain) in March 2013.
  • Bessette has also published in peer reviewed journals for the Intellectbase International Consortium as well as reviewed graduate work for the Academy of Management.
  • Dustin lives in upstate New York in the Hudson valley Region just west of the Massachusetts Berkshires.
sharon l burton s background
Sharon L. Burton’s Background
  • Burton is the Global Products & Services Systems Integration Group Training Manager in Baltimore, MD. Previously she led human capital, training, leadership, customer service, and diversity initiatives in consulting, and published two books, “Quality Customer Service: Rekindling the Art of Service to Customers,” and “Diversity: Just What Is It And Why Does It Keep Changing?” Sharon’s professional background includes standing up the Operations Training, and the Quality Assurance and Compliance departments for a major financial institution.
  • Burton holds two Masters of Business Administration degrees (Human Resources Management, and Management) from the American InterContinental University. She received a B.S. degree from Florida State University in Criminology where she concentrated and interned in forensics.
  • Academically, Burton is presently a doctoral student with the National Graduate School of Quality Management. Sharon holds two certifications, Human Capital Strategy and Kirkpatrick Four Levels Evaluation, as well as a certificate in training. Sharon will present at Society for Applied Learning Technologies Conference 2013, the topic, Delivering Affectively in Virtual Environments: ROI and Improved Productivity. She presented at several conferences, the Society for Applied Learning Technologies Conference 2011, Toastmasters International District 36 Spring Conference 2011, the National Association for Black Accountants Conference 2008, and the Delaware Youth Summit 2008.
  • Burton lives in Wilmington, Delaware. She has one daughter, Yoshino N. Woodard, who is a supply chain management specialist holding a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.  
contacts for questions about the presentation
Contacts for Questions About the Presentation

Dustin Bessette

Doctoral Student

National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management

[email protected]

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[email protected]

518-965-0775 (Home Office)

Sharon L. Burton

Doctoral Student

National Graduate School of Quality Systems Management

[email protected]

[email protected]

302-661-1852 (Home Office)

410-383-5947 (Work)