LEON COUNTY SCHOOLS Beginning Teacher Programs

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LEON COUNTY SCHOOLS Beginning Teacher Programs

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2. Legal Framework for PEC Program Florida Statute/State Board Rule School districts must document mastery of … 16 teaching competencies … 12 Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP). FS 1012.52 (2) Teacher quality 6A-5.066 (2) (b) Approval of Educator Preparation Programs

3. 16 Teacher Competencies The teacher will be able to --Write and speak in a logical… --Read, comprehend and interpret… --Compute, think logically, and solve problems. General Knowledge Test (math, reading, English lang., and essay) (must be passed before the end of current school year)

4. 16 Teacher Competencies (continued) Reading/math strategies Child development/ESE ESOL awareness/strategies Technology Diagnosis/assessment/ progress monitoring Differentiated instruction Promoting parent involvement/ collaborative relationships with students’ families (2) Crisis intervention (violence)/ emotional distress Substance abuse prevention Child abuse reporting Classroom management/ positive environment Effective grading of student performance

5. 12 Florida Educator Accomplished Practices State Board Rule 6A-5.065 (To be demonstrated by the first-year teacher at the “preprofessional level”) Assessment. Communication. Continuous Improvement. Critical Thinking. Diversity. Ethics. Human Development and Learning. Knowledge of Subject Matter. Learning Environments. Planning. Role of the Teacher. Technology.

6. BT Super Heroes Wanted

7. Documenting Mastery of Professional Education Competence Individual Professional Development Plan (page 1). Classroom Observations: --2 by BT Mentor. -- 2 by BT Administrator. Evaluation Conferences: --1 by BT Mentor. --1 by BT Administrator.

8. Teacher Assessment-Part A Sample Area I: Facilitates Student Independent Development and Learning Begins class work and shifts activities without delay Orients students to purpose and activities of lesson Allows for student choices in learning activities Establishes criteria for student self evaluation of academic work Teaches or refers to learning strategies and study skills Provides beginning review of yesterday’s lesson Provides review of today’s lesson at end of class Have your materials ready and plan system for handing out quickly… Have agenda for the week posted and review today’s agenda… Give choice of homework assignment: workbook page or on-line resource… Post rubric for “A” papers… Refer students to poster on the wall listing steps in the strategy for today’s work… Remind students of yesterday’s lesson or learning; connect today’s objectives... Review important points; have students write learnings in journal…

9. Teacher Assessment-Part B aka “The Conference”

10. Professional Education Competence (PEC) Program Overview 2009-2010 Purpose Designed for teachers holding temporary certificates --required to complete a professional education competence program --required to complete fewer than 3 college courses. Provides district- and school-based support leading to optimal teacher performance and student achievement—and a successful first year of teaching.

11. PEC Program Overview 2009-2010 (continued) Testing Requirements Leon County School District requires passing scores on General Knowledge Test (all 4 sections—before the end of the current school year. Failure to meet the deadline disqualifies you from teaching in any Florida public school until all sections are passed). Subject-area Exam - (specified by teacher's Statement of Status of Eligibility). You must pass the Subject Area Exam during your first semester of teaching. Professional Education Test. (You must pass the Professional Education Test prior to your program completion date). All three tests must be passed in order to complete the district’s PEC Program.

12. PEC Program Overview 2009-2010 (continued) FEAP/Competency-based Training Requirements Survival Training (online) Beacon Online Courses “Classroom Management” “Professional Practices for Educators” “Student Advocacy and Legal Issues” On-Site Training Meetings with BT Mentor. Meetings with team/department. Training in reading strategies and technology.

13. PEC Program Overview 2009-2010 (continued) Assessment of PEC Program Completion Individual Professional Development Plan. Teacher Assessment – Part A. Teacher Assessment – Part B. FEAP Mastery Verification Form. PEC Program Documentation Folder. Program Completion Verification Form PEC Program must be completed by assigned due date for BT to be eligible for consideration for reappointment for the following school year.

14. PEC Program Overview 2009-2010 (continued) PEC Program Support District Lead Mentor School Support Team – -- BT Administrator. -- BT Mentor (assigned to you by your school principal). Testing Coach (assigned by project manager to monitor testing schedules and scores). Testing Tutors (by request). MOM Mentor (by request).

15. PEC Program Teacher Expectations Take and pass required tests early. Maintain contact with BT Mentor. Be prepared for classroom observations/evaluation conferences. Complete 3 required online courses. Attend all required on-site meetings and maintain training log. Complete all assignments. Submit program completion documentation to BT Mentor by due date. (The project manager at Staff Development assigns your due date.)

16. Thank you, New Teachers! All of us at Staff Development and Leon County Schools appreciate your willingness to give your time and talents to teaching our students.

17. Everything You Ever Wanted— Now On-line

18. If you have questions about this year’s BT Programs-- Please contact Carol Allen or Daisy Armistead in the Staff Development Department 487-7206

19. New Teachers Today— Highly Qualified for Our Future

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