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Events Planning How to Organize A Seminar Or An Event- sWISHin

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Events Planning How to Organize A Seminar Or An Event- sWISHin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing the theme, Selecting a venue of the event, Event Marketing and Publicity, Collaboration with sponsors, Managing People and working with speakers, The Actual Day - registration, ushering, feedback

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Events Planning

How to Organize A Seminar Or An Event

Swishin Events (Dubai Office)

Swishin Events (India Office)

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YOU WISH.. And we deliver in a SWISH!!!..

YOU WISH.. And we deliver in a SWISH!!!..

Establishing the theme

Selecting a venue of the event

Event Marketing and Publicity

Collaboration with sponsors

Managing People and working with speakers

The Actual Day - registration, ushering, feedback


● ● ●

Establishing the theme

Each event follows a theme and purpose which will drive the event

set-up, the target audiences or the participants, the guests and the

marketing approach. In general, a business event such as an

international conference for a particular industry will appeal to

participants conducting businesses within that industry as well as

sponsors who gain mileage out of publicizing their products during

the event.

Apart from that, the theme of the seminar will also determine the type

of marketing channels to be used to for publicity. This also holds true

for the event management team who will need the event theme to

correctly identify target participants and companies to sell the event


● ● ●


Selecting a venue of the event

Venue selection is highly dependent on the scale

of the event. Usually this is determined by the

number of participants, the presence of any guests

of honor (such as royalty or politicians) the

activities during the event, or if there are

additional floor space required for exhibition


A typical seminar of about 100 - 200 can be

comfortably implemented in a hotel seminar room,

possibly in a theater style setting or classroom setting.

However, larger scale events with participant numbers

scaling between 500 - 1000 may require a large hall,

ballroom, auditorium or a convention center.

Event marketing and Publicity

Seminar marketing is by far the most critical and often most

challenging task in event planning, and is often regarded as the most

critical factor of an event\'s success. The right marketing strategy and

seminar positioning must be adopted in order to draw adequate event


Most of the time, event organizers who have large budgets will turn to

above the line marketing such as newspaper and magazine

advertisements as well as radio and television advertising to publicize

the event. Press releases about the event may also be sent in to major

newspapers, in order to create the awareness of the upcoming event.


Collaboration with sponsors

getting reputable sponsors to participate in an event

will help boost the creditability of the event, as well

as reduce costs. Sponsors can also help with

marketing, as they also help publicize your event to

their customers.

Managing People and working with speakers

A seminar will not be successful without the people

running it, as well as the speakers sharing their

knowledge to the participants. Invite speakers who

are of caliber and reputation to the event, and who

will provide the participants with relevant

information to their work, industry or business.

Prepare the speakers beforehand and work with

them on their Power point presentations as well as

pre-inform them of the logistics processes, timing as

well as the expected audience size.

Event management process requires a good team of

people handling tasks on ushering, registration,

customer service as well as handling financials.

Familiarize the team with any required event

protocol to eliminate the possibility of confusion or


The Actual Day - registration, ushering, feedback