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The roaring twenties
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The Roaring Twenties. “Return to Normalcy”. What does that mean?. MEGATRENDS. AMERICANIZATION Nativism Policitcal Conservatisism FUNDAMENTALISM Science Religion Prohibition RACISM Rebirth of the Klan Backlash against the Klan MODERNISM Consumerism Materialism.

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The Roaring Twenties

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The roaring twenties

The Roaring Twenties

Return to normalcy

“Return to Normalcy”

What does that mean?




    • Nativism

    • Policitcal Conservatisism


    • Science

    • Religion

    • Prohibition


    • Rebirth of the Klan

    • Backlash against the Klan


    • Consumerism

    • Materialism

Americanization and racism

Americanization and Racism

Immigration to the u s by decade

Immigration to the U.S. by Decade

Fear of communism


  • Red Scare

    • Communist Party formed in America after a revolutionary overthrow of Russia’s Czar (King)

    • Americans were afraid that Communism would suffocate Democracy

  • Palmer Raids

    • Agents hunted down suspected communists, socialists, and anarchists and deported them.

    • Does this infringe upon Civil Rights?

Ku klux klan


  • A result of the Red Scare

  • Devoted to 100% Americanism

  • By 1924 had 4.5 million members

    • White

    • Protestant

    • Native-born

    • Paid to recruit new members

Sacco and vanzetti


  • Fed Nativist suspicion of Immigrants

    • Italian

    • Anarchists

    • Dodged WWI draft

  • Arrested!

    • For the robbery and murder of a factory paymaster and guard

    • Claimed their innocence and provided alibis

    • Evidence against the two was circumstantial

    • Found guilty and sentence to death

  • Stereotyped?

    • Mistreated because they were radicals and immigrants

The quota system


  • 1919 – 1920

    • Immigration rose from 141,000-805,000

  • Established the maximum number of people who could enter the U.S. from each foreign country. An answer to Nativism

    • Prohibited Japanese immigration and cut down on European immigration

The roaring twenties



Strange fruit

Strange Fruit

  • Sang by Billie Holiday

Southern trees bear strange fruit,Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.Pastoral scene of the gallant south,The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,Here is a strange and bitter crop.

African american contributions

African American Contributions

  • W.E.B. DuBois: Intellectual voice of black community in Harlem

  • NAACP: headquarters to Harlem

  • Marcus Garvey: Universal Negro Improvement League; Black Star Cruise Line

Harlem renaissance graphic organizer

Harlem Renaissance Graphic Organizer

  • Summary of the Movement

    • Background

    • Why was it also called the Jazz Age

    • Purpose of Movement

  • Art and Music

    • Description of Jazz Age

    • What was it meant to express?

  • Politics

    • Name what important figure and give a 2-3 sentence description of his purpose

    • Define the Back to Africamovement

  • Literature

    • Name AT LEAST 2 important figures.

    • What did the authors write about?




    • Nativism

    • Policitcal Conservatisism


    • Science

    • Religion

    • Prohibition


    • Rebirth of the Klan

    • Backlash against the Klan


    • Consumerism

    • Materialism

The roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s

The Social, The Political, The Crazy

The second industrial revolution

The Second Industrial Revolution

  • U.S. develops the highest standard of living in the world

  • The twenties and the second revolution

    • electricity replaces steam

    • modern assembly introduced

The automobile industry

The Automobile Industry

  • Auto makers stimulate sales through model changes, advertising

  • Auto industry fosters other businesses

    • Steel, rubber, glass, paint, petroleum

  • Autos encourage suburban sprawl

How are they going to sell all of this new technology

How are they going to sell all of this new technology?

The dawn of modern advertising

The Dawn of Modern Advertising

  • Psychology

    • Agencies hired psychologists to study how to appeal to people’s desires for things

  • Use the backs of you handouts to analyze the Ads we are about to review.

    • Who is the Ad for?

    • What is being advertised?

    • How is the advertiser appealing to the public?



  • How can these modern conveniences make life easier and faster for the American public?

Instant gratification

Instant Gratification

  • Prosperity: people thought it was gonna last forever!

    • Production increased with demand and businesses grew

    • Bad side = farmers were producing too much food and prices fell (because of the efficiency of machinery

  • Installment Plans

    • People begin to buy on credit

    • Americans stopped looking towards the future and only worried about the “here and now.”

    • What are some things you can buy on an installment plan?

Twenties products


Road Maps









Face Soap

Disposable Razors

Joint rubs for men

Think Bengay

Laundry Soap (Lux Brand)


Washing Machines

Vacuum Cleaners

Electric Sewing Machines

Twenties Products



Definitley a big bang


  • Science v. Religion

    • A protestant (non-Catholic) movement that took the Bible literally (word for word)

    • Evolution v. Creationism

  • Scopes Monkey Trial

    • A fight over teaching evolution in school

    • John T. Scope and Clarence Darrow v. William Jennings Bryan

    • Ruled against the teaching of evolution and made it a crime to teach in school

Scopes v fundamentalism

Scopes v. Fundamentalism

Inherit the wind

Inherit the Wind



Thrill seekers

Thrill Seekers

  • Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight across Atlantic Ocean

  • Gertrude Ederle's swim across the English Channel

  • Dance marathons

  • Running and Bicycle races

Movies and radio

Movies and Radio…

  • The film industry matured and expanded.

  • Talkies by 1929

  • Movies more explicit, less romantic

  • Movie attendance 100 mil a week

The flowering of the arts

The Flowering of the Arts

  • Lost Generation: "Exiled" American writers put U.S. in forefront of world literature

  • Alienation from 20s’ mass culture

    • T.S. Eliot: emptiness of the modern man

    • Ernest Hemingway: sought violence and adventure

    • F. Scott Fitzgerald: emptiness of wealth

Social woes

Social Woes…..

The big drink


  • Prohibition: the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages are legally nixed

    • Passage of the 18th Amendment

    • Led to a rise in organized crime and gang wars because of the money that could be made off of illegal liquor.

  • Speakeasies: a place where alcoholic drinks were sold and consumed illegally

    • Had to speak quietly “easily” so they wouldn’t get caught

  • Bootleggers: a person who smuggled alcoholic drinks into the USA during Prohibition

Vroom vroom

Vroom! Vroom!

  • Gave freedom to Americans

    • Able to move away from the cities (suburbs)

    • Dating

  • Made it necessary to pave roads

    • Route 66

  • Houses started coming with garages

  • Gas stations, repair shops, motels, etc begin to pop up.

Country mice meet the big city


  • Culture Shock

    • City folk are more outspoken and not afraid to share their opinion

    • Are more liberal in their thinking

    • Not all friendly

    • How does the influence of the “Big City” life spread?

City life in the jazz age

City Life in the Jazz Age

  • Rapid increase in urban population

  • Skyscrapers symbolize the new mass culture

  • Communities of home, church, and school are absent in the cities

Oh no she didn t


  • Flapper: a free-thinking young woman who embraced new fashions and attitudes

    • Wore makeup

    • Cut their hair

    • Smoked

    • Drank

    • More outspoken (assertive)

    • Saw marriage as an equal partnership

  • Double Standard: gives more freedom to men than to women

    • Women must behave better than men

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