Habitats and lanscapes
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HABITATS AND LANSCAPES. 3º A C.E.I.P . EUROPA. The savannah . Can you see the lions in the yellow grass ? It is very hot in the savanna , don´´t you think ? .

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Habitats and lanscapes


3º A


Thesavannah. Can youseethelionsin theyellowgrass? Itisveryhot in thesavanna, don´´tyouthink?

Whatfunnybearsplaying in thisfantasticTemperateForest! And the red fruitslook delicious! Be careful! Thereis a volcanooverthere!

Thisseaisverycalm. I wonderwherethedolphins, sharks and whales are… Theyalllive in saltywaterlikethis.

What do youthink? Isitspringorsummer? Allthetrees in thiscolourfultemperateforestare full of fruits. And, look! There are alsobushes and grasses in temperateforests!!!

Nicecombination: Tropical Rainforestnearthe sea. Wouldn´tyouliketobehereforholiday? Watchout! Thevolcano has juststartingtoblowfire.

Thisferryisarrivingto a bay in theocean. Bays are a niceplaytohave a swim. They are small and there are nottoomuchwaves.

Under the sea under the sea nice craft octopus whales starfish seahorses plants and even a tortoise
Under the sea, Under the sea. … Nice craft: octopus, whales, starfish, seahorses, plants and even a tortoise!

Whynotincludingeverthing in justonelandscape? Anisland, a cliffwith a teperateforest, a bay, a gulf, a river and a lake, a volcano and lots of differentcreatures in thisextraordinarycoastallandscape!

A typicalcoastallandscapein summer: A highclifffromwherewe can seethewavessplashingagainsttherocks. Rememberthatitisnotsafe jumping from a cliff!

Thisbear has justwoke up from a longhibernation. Lots of animals in theTemperateForestsleepduringwinter and waitforthespringtowake up. And gooutfromtheir caves. WELCOME SPRING!

This tropical rainforestisreallyamazing! Palm treeswithdeliciouscoconutsontheirbranches, mountains, snakes, flowers, snails, a colorfulparrot and… a volcanospittingfire and smoke!