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Government-Industry Data Exchange Program GIDEP as a Resource. Presentation for the Code 300 Orientation April 20, 2011. Presented by: Michael J. Sampson, Alert Coordinator Manager, EEE Parts Program NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771 Code 300 Phone: 301-614-6233

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Presentation Transcript

Government-Industry Data Exchange Program

GIDEP as a Resource

Presentation for the Code 300 Orientation

April 20, 2011

Presented by:

Michael J. Sampson,

Alert Coordinator

Manager, EEE Parts Program

NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771

Code 300

Phone: 301-614-6233

[email protected]

Office of management and budget
Office of Management and Budget

Policy Letter No. 91-3 Reporting Nonconforming Products

4. Policy. Agencies shall review existing programs or, where necessary, establish new programs to assure the quality of purchased products and materials. Information shall be exchanged among agencies about nonconforming products. The existing Government/Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP)operated by the Department of Defense will serve as the central data base for receiving and disseminating information about such products.

April 9, 1991

GIDEP Sponsoring Agencies

NASAUS Army US Navy US Air Force

Defense Logistics Agency Defense Contract Management Agency

Department of Energy Canadian Department of National Defence

Gidep reporting hierarchy at gsfc
GIDEP ReportingHierarchy at GSFC

SMA Director

J. Bruner

SMA Deputy Director

M. So

SMA Associate Director

E. Isaac

Alert Coordinator

M. Sampson

Gidep document types alerts and safe alerts
GIDEP Document Types:Alerts and Safe-Alerts

Alert: A GIDEP document that reports a problem with parts, components, materials, specifications, software, manufacturing processes, or test equipmentthat can cause a functional failure. Example:

  • Suspect Counterfeit Delay Lines (August, 2008): The GSFC issued this Alert after a GSFC contractor procured 2 lots of suspect counterfeit delay lines from a distributor.

Safe-Alert: A GIDEP document that reports a non-conforming item, product or situation that creates a safety hazard for personnel or equipment. Example:

GIDEP Safe-Alert AYZ-S-11-01 (March, 2011): A Materials Engineering Lab analysis of the failed nuts indicated intergranular cracking due to either Hydrogen Embrittlement or Stress Corrosion Cracking.

Gidep document types problem advisories and agency action notices
GIDEP Document Types:Problem Advisories and Agency Action Notices

Problem Advisory: A GIDEP document that reports a problem with parts,components, materials, manufacturing processes, specifications, software, manufacturing processes, or test equipment that has an unknown or low probability of causing problems for other users. Example:

Metal Foil Resistors (August, 2009): The GSFC created a GIDEP Problem Advisory on a widely used metal foil resistor after a major project had an intermittent open failure on flight hardware.

Agency Action Notice: A GIDEP document that redistributes problem information issued by a Government Agency to GIDEP participants. Example:

Fluke T2 Safety Notice and Recall October, 2009): The US Department of Energy issued this notice on a Fluke T2 tester that “locks up” in certain applications.

Incoming gidep document process
Incoming GIDEP Document Process

  • Per NPR and GPG requirements, an engineering review of the following documents is performed: Alerts, Safe-Alerts, Problem Advisories, and Agency Action Notices. In addition, NASA Advisories (NASA document for exchanging significant parts, materials and safety problems or concerns among NASA activities) are reviewed.

  • Based on review, the documents are distributed as appropriate.

  • Project (or affected Code) responses are required and documented in GSFC closed loop system.

Alerts Distributed

Responses Received

Alerts as a resource
Alerts as a Resource

Alerts and Advisories are VERY Effective Methods for Communicating Lessons Learned

  • Disposition is Usually Contractually Imposed

  • Most Contractors are Long-Time Participants and Have Well-Developed Response Processes

  • Market Recognition

  • Well-Developed NASA Closed Loop Process

Alerts reports and metrics
Alerts Reportsand Metrics

  • Alert Coordinator reports at Code 300 monthly, status report meetings

  • Reports on close-out status for reportable alerts

  • Reports include metrics, issues and new concepts

  • Examples from November’s pre-MSR follow

Gidep alert status near term launches
GIDEP Alert StatusNear-term Launches

Gidep project status recent alerts
GIDEP Project StatusRecent Alerts

Code 300

Gidep safety alert status overdue responses
GIDEP Safety Alert StatusOverdue Responses

Code 300

In conclusion gidep is a resource
In conclusion, GIDEP is a Resource

  • Alerts, Safe-Alerts, Advisories, and Agency Action Notices are free.These documents are very helpful in ensuring mission success

  • GSFCNASA Advisories are freely distributed with no distribution restrictions. GSFCNASA Advisories capture valuable Lessons Learned

  • Obtain free calibration reports to maintain equipment calibration

  • Engineering and Reliability-Maintainability reports are available

  • Utilize Urgent Data Requests to locate surplus parts and materials

  • Urgent Data Requests also can be used to request failure experience data

  • Free reports are also available on Lessons Learned, DMSMS, and Product Change and Product Information Notices

The alert process is two way
The Alert Process is Two-Way

  • Almost Every Project in NASA Will Benefit from the Information Provided by GIDEP Documents and NASA Advisories

  • We Have A Legal and Ethical Requirement to Contribute Our Lessons Learned

  • So Please Do Your Part and Report Candidate Incidents or Experiences

  • We Will Make it Easy

Contact us
Contact Us

Michael J. Sampson,Building 15 Room 210A. Phone: [email protected]


  • Edward Rutkowski,Building 15, Room 210. Phone: [email protected]