The derailment of delhi dibrugarh rajdhani express
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Vaikundarajan - The Derailment Of Delhi Dibrugarh Rajdhani E - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early last morning the near Chhapra in Bihar 4 people died in the derailment of Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani express and atleast 8 were injured. Vaikundarajan goes into the details to find out if this incident is an accident as it seems or a well planned sabotage by the Maoists. Watch to find out.

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The derailment of delhi dibrugarh rajdhani express

The Derailment Of Delhi-DibrugarhRajdhani Express

Vaikundarajan’s Analysis

Vaikundarajan feels
Vaikundarajan feels…

He agrees with the railway authorities that there is a suspected involvement of the Maoists behind the derailment of Rajdhani Express running from Delhi to Dibrugarh in Bihar

The facts
The Facts

This incident has left four people dead and at least 8 injured

Vaikundarajan expresses grief to the families who have lost their loved ones in this mishap

Evidence shows
Evidence Shows…

There were evidences to show that the springs were detached, the fish plates were displaced and parts of the track were sliced out

Is it an accident or sabotage
Is it an accident or sabotage?

Vaikundarajan believes that the Government should look into the matter as soon as possible and let the public know if this was an accident or a sabotage

The People of India need answers!

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