Pathway to great success
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Pathway to Great Success. Membership Workshop 2011-2012. How did we do in 2010-2011?. As of July 29, 2011 we were at 8630 girls, 3302 adults which totals 11932 – That is up 45 girls from last year or up .5%. What did the summer programs add?. On May 31, 2011 we had 8411 girls

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Pathway to Great Success

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Pathway to Great Success

Membership Workshop


How did we do in 2010-2011?

As of July 29, 2011 we were at 8630 girls, 3302 adults which totals 11932 – That is up 45 girls from last year or up .5%

What did the summer programs add?

  • On May 31, 2011 we had 8411 girls

  • On July 29, 2011 we had 8630 girls

  • That is an increase of 219 girls

How did you do individually?

  • Cheryl Ankrom, which includes Jennifer Bettis and an array of part time associate field executives

  • Girl total is 2854

  • Adult total is 1239

  • Total is 4093

Part time out based field executives

  • Christie Dodds

  • Girl total is 271

  • Adult total is 1

  • Total is 272

  • Bea Waltman

  • Girl total is 136

  • Adult total is 75

  • Total is 211

  • Out based for that area is 483

Wiregrass area – Becci Benson

  • Girl total is 1166

  • Adult total is 380

  • Total is 1546

Auburn/Lake Martin Rhonda Fields

  • Girl total is 1082

  • Adult total is 467

  • Total is 1549

Mobile/Washington Kalishia May

  • Girl total is 922

  • Adult total is 380

  • Total is 1302

Montgomery/Pike Jen Sakey

  • Girl total is 1103

  • Adult total is 568

  • Total is 1671

Grant/outreach girls

  • Girl total is 1053

  • Adult total is 39

  • Total is 1092

What were your great successes?

What were your biggest challenges?

What is the three year trend?

How did we do individually?

Changes in the organizational chart

Cheryl Ankrom

Jennifer Sakey

  • Kalishia May

  • Jennifer Bettis

  • Part time staff

  • Counties

  • Rhonda Fields

  • Becci Benson

  • Part time staff

  • Counties

Structural changes to Improve Communication

  • Outreach included in membership meetings

  • Mary Aplin, Cheryl Ankrom, Jen Sakey all at same level in the organizational chart

Changes in part time staffing

Cheryl Ankrom and Jen Sakey will determine who is hired part time to assure we are using the 1.89 FTE strategically to garner the most members, this goes into effect October 1, 2011

9500 girl members

Council goal for 2011-2012

1325 is field executive girl goal

1000 is outreach goal

7950 field executives goal

550 part time field executives goal

Bonus incentives for achieving goals

  • If by December 15, 2011 you are at 75.5% of your goal or 1000 girl members, not including outreach in your area, you will receive a $1000 bonus – these are registrations and payments in the hands of volunteer services

  • If by December 15, 2011 you are at 80% of your goal or 1060 girl members, not including outreach in your area, you will receive a $1100 bonus, payable on the following pay period

Bonus incentive continued

  • If you reach 100% of your goal, not including outreach, by March 15, 2012 you will receive a $1000 bonus

  • If you reach your goal, you will receive an additional $500 for every 100 girl members, excluding outreach, over your goal

Why does December 15, 2011 matter?

  • For every additional 500 girls we have participating in the cookie program, the council reaps an additional $125,000 in income

  • For every additional girl we have the opportunity to change a life, they can participate in the program


Our Girl Retention is in the GSUSA RED ZONE

Why does girl retention matter?

Because that is one less girl you have to work to get the following year and we have a chance to change their life through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

These are some of our retention statistics

What are added support items to achieve membership goals this year

  • Looking at having volunteers do telephone canvassing on those members who did not register by October 15, 2011

  • Increase visibility and advertising of pathways, such as mariner sailing program

  • Silly bandz, tattoos, mugs for principals

  • Better alignment with outreach so we can recruit in those schools who no longer receive outreach funding

  • More strategic use of part time associate field executives

Things we don’t want to hear in 2011-2012

  • She didn’t call me back

  • There is no adult, therefore there is no troop

  • She didn’t tell me there wasn’t a troop there

  • She was late

  • She sat out in the car and never came in

  • She didn’t show up

  • She said she would help and didn’t

Things we want to keep hearing more often

  • The girls loved it and want to come back

  • She was great, the girls loved her

  • She got my daughter into a troop

  • My daughter has enjoyed being in a troop

  • She called me right back and explained the situation

  • She was very professional

  • She did exactly what she promised she would do

Successful ideas from other councils

  • Intense telephone calling of those troops not registered by October 15

  • Girl programs done on school days off so parents do not have to find daycare, program cost included membership fee

  • Pathway programs, such as a flag squad

How will we know how we are doing

  • We will have a membership thermometer in each service center that will be updated weekly

  • Volunteer services will maintain a spreadsheet of Personify vs memberships in hand waiting to be entered

  • Jen, Cheryl and Mary will receive weekly membership report for the thermometers

Please don’t make your lack of planning someone else’s emergency

  • Some of us do work in an office, so after hours e mails and phone calls need to be limited to emergencies

  • Since the entire staff is very generous with their time, respecting home and family time is important

  • We do try to respond via smart phones, but don’t expect and rely on it, because the focus this year is on fund development and the 100th anniversary

  • This includes late night texts

We need to have a positive field exec recruiting

  • Energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude recruits girls

  • This council has great programs and properties, put it out there

  • There are people who want to work with kids, let’s look some other places to find them if they aren’t the parents

  • Successful recruiters know their communities, the people in their communities and places they can find adult volunteers

Financial assistance for 2011-2012

  • Each full time field executive will receive 150 girls through financial assistance

  • Outreach will let each field exec know when the funding runs out in a school

  • Outreach will let each field exec know when they receive funding for a specific school

  • Girls that count for field executives are those who are not in outreach programs

What contributes to a successful GS council

  • Girls whose lives we change through the GS Leadership Experience

  • Dedicated hard working staff

  • Quality programs and opportunities

  • Fantastic core of contributing adults who are our volunteers

  • Community support through funding

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