seven guiding principles for u 46 secondary grading
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Seven Guiding Principles for U-46 Secondary Grading

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Seven Guiding Principles for U-46 Secondary Grading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seven Guiding Principles for U-46 Secondary Grading. Guideline 4. Guideline # 4. Students should be expected to complete work for credit. Rationale.

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guideline 4
Guideline # 4

Students should be expected to complete work for credit.


In order for students to be college and work ready, they must show mastery of the standards-based learning targets by completing ALL assignments.


A culture for learning is built where every assignment is connected to the mastery of the skill; therefore, must be completed.

  • The opportunity to turn in work late has to be provided to students, however,the teacher has the right to establish a limit when late work is no longer accepted.
        • Deadlines and/or Penalties
  • Consistency within departments (same subject teachers) is highly recommended.

Clear verbal and written instructions/expectations will be provided to students and parents that all assigned work will be completed.

  • Course outline
  • Syllabus
  • Class Letter
  • Curriculum Night
  • Other
  • Student input considered for deadlines
  • Due dates are communicated in advance
  • Due dates are allowed within a range of dates
    • Staggered due dates
    • Sign-up dates
  • Extensions for submission of assignments based on individual circumstances
  • Opportunities to support students in meeting deadlines could be provided by individual sites
    • Homework Club with Activity Bus