“CoAKTinG – I-X Process Panels
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Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“CoAKTinG – I-X Process Panels I-Space: I-Me, I-Room, I-World I-Tools: I-DE, I-Think, I-Plan, I-AM” AIAI, University of Edinburgh www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/project/ix/ http://i-x.info. Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

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“CoAKTinG – I-X Process Panels I-Space: I-Me, I-Room, I-WorldI-Tools: I-DE, I-Think, I-Plan, I-AM”AIAI, University of Edinburghwww.aiai.ed.ac.uk/project/ix/ http://i-x.info

Austin Tate (PI); AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Jessica Chen-Burger; AIAI; University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Stephen Potter; AIAI; University of Edinburgh; [email protected]


Jeff Dalton; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

John Levine; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Jussi Stader; AIAI, University of Edinburgh; [email protected]

Students: Natasha Lino, Clauirton Siebra

Aim workflow and messaging catch all
Aim: Workflow and Messaging “Catch All”

  • Can take ANY requirement to:

    • Handle an issue

    • Perform an activity

    • Add a constraint

  • Deals with these via:

    • Manual activity

    • Internal capabilities

    • External capabilities

    • Reroute or delegate to other panels or agents

    • Plan and execute a composite of these capabilities

  • Receives reports and interprets them to:

    • Understand current status of issues, activities and constraints

    • Understand current world state, especially status of process products

    • Help user control the situation

  • Copes with partial knowledge

Approach i x process panels
Approach: I-X Process Panels

  • To explore task driven cooperation via “issue handling”, “activity performance” and “constraint management” using shared models of activity and the artifacts involved. These shared models use the <I-N-OVA> constraint ontology for activity and the more general <I-N-CA> constraint model for synthesized artifacts

    • <I-N-OVA> & <I-N-CA> - Issues, Nodes, Constraints and Annotations

  • Provision of a modular task and process management facility on the CoABS Grid and other communications mechanisms including:

    • issue handling

    • workflow and coordination 

    • constraint management

    • multi-modal visualization/presentation

    • respect of agent organizational structures for tasking and authority management

    • consideration of multiple cooperative agent domains and workspaces

  • Provision of Generic CoABS Grid Task and Process Management facilities through I-X Process Panels (I-P2) and related Decision Support (I-Think), Planning (I-Plan) and Domain/Process Editing (I-DE) tools


CoABS Grid

CoAX Process Panels: Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX)

I x components for coakting
I-X Components for CoAKTinG

  • I-Space (part focus of CoAKTinG)

    • Distributed Virtual Organisation and Contextualisation

  • I-Me (CoABS)

    • Personal Panels

  • I-Room (focus of CoAKTinG)

    • Group, Team or Function Panels

  • I-World (part of COAKTinG)

    • Environment within which I-Spaces can be created.

  • I-AM (CoABS)

    • Augmented Messaging Tool

  • I-DE (CoABS)

    • Domain and Process Library Editing and Management

  • I-Think, I-Plan and I-Tell (To be funded)

    • Situation Analysis and Decision Support Tool

    • Embedded Knowledge Based Planning, Execution and Plan Repair/Recovery Technology

    • Multi-lingual, multi-modal Panel Interfaces