The Exciting Game of City Hall and Municipal Government Created by Gary Smith Edmonton City Hall School

The Exciting Game of City Hall and Municipal Government Created by Gary Smith Edmonton City Hall School PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Exciting Game of City Hall and Municipal Government Created by Gary Smith Edmonton City Hall School

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1. The Exciting Game of City Hall and Municipal Government Created by Gary Smith Edmonton City Hall School

2. City Hall – The Building The Mayor – Past and Present City Council – Past and Present Municipal Government – The Facts Edmonton – Quick Facts Edmonton – History Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment

3. City Hall - The Building Edmonton’s New City Hall has a major feature shaped like a: Cube Rectangle Pyramid Circle

4. You are correct! The answer is: c) Pyramid

5. Please try again…

6. City Hall - The Building 2. The Council Chambers has a large symbol over the main entry doors. The symbol is the: Flag of Edmonton Alberta Coat of Arms City of Edmonton Signature City of Edmonton Coat of Arms

7. That was amazing!! The answer is: d) City of Edmonton Coat of Arms

8. Please try again…

9. City Hall 3. The architect who designed the new City Hall was also a city councillor. True False

10. You are correct! Gene Dub, the architect who designed City Hall was indeed a City Councillor.

11. Please try again…

12. City Hall - The Building 4. The cost for the building of the new City Hall, which was completed in 1992, was: $38.7 million $3.87 million $38.7 billion $3.87 billion

13. It is a lot of money! When completed, the cost for building City Hall was $38.7 million.

14. Please try again…

15. City Hall - The Building 5. The City Room is one major feature found in City Hall. It is the large gathering area under the main pyramid. The largest group this room can hold is: 30 000 3 000 300 30

16. You are amazing! The City Room can hold up to 3 000 people for an event. Let’s try a new category!

17. Please try again…

18. The Mayor – Past and Present The current Mayor of Edmonton is: Jan Reimer Bill Smith Stephen Mandel William Hawrelak

19. The Mayor – Past and Present Incorrect…

20. The Mayor – Past and Present Incorrect…

21. The Mayor – Past and Present You are correct!

22. The Mayor – Past and Present Incorrect…

23. The Mayor – Past and Present 2. The first Mayor of the City of Edmonton was: a) Kenneth (Kenny) Blatchford b) Harry Ainlay c) Daniel Knott d) Matthew McCauley

24. Incorrect…

25. Incorrect…

26. Incorrect….

27. You got it right!!

28. City Council – Past and Present This past Councillor played Junior Hockey with the Trail Smoke Eaters. a) William Griesbach b) Terry Cavanagh c) Julia Kiniski d) Larry Langley

29. Correct! You are amazing!

30. You need to try again…

31. You need to try again…

32. You need to try again…

33. City Council – Past and Present 2. This present City Councillor has extensive experience working as an executive assistant with 2 previous City Councillors. Jane Batty Kim Krushell Mike Nickel Linda Sloan

34. Simply Super!

35. Close but you must try again…

36. You must try again…

37. You must try again…

38. City Council – Past and Present 3. This present councillor was elected as an MLA for Edmonton Meadowlark in 1993. a) Ron Hayter b) Janice Melnychuk c) Karen Leibovici d) Dave Thiele

39. Simply Superb!

40. You need to pick again…

41. You need to pick again…

42. You need to pick again…

43. City Council – Past and Present 4. This present councillor was a teacher and basketball coach at Harry Ainlay and Strathcona High Schools. Bryan Anderson Michael Phair Ed Gibbons Terry Cavanagh

44. Try again…

45. Try again…

46. Try again…

47. Two points! You made the basket!

48. Municipal Government – The Facts The City of Edmonton uses a voting system that chooses a winner by: most votes city-wide most votes in a ward most votes from seniors most first place votes

49. You win the election!

50. Please try again…

51. Well, you’d be almost correct… For five years (1922 - 1927) Edmonton used the so-called "single transferable vote" method. Voters had to rank candidates on the ballot in order of preference. After all votes were counted, a quota was calculated to determine the number of votes needed by a candidate to win a seat. Any candidate who won the quota was declared elected. Votes received by successful candidates more than the quota were given to candidates who were the voters’ second choice. Any extra votes among the "second choice" candidates were again given to "third choice" candidates and so on , until all seats were filled.

52. Municipal Government – The Facts 2. Municipal elections occur every: Year 2 years 3 years 4 years

53. Simply Amazing!

55. Municipal Government – The Facts 3. In Edmonton, in order to vote in as municipal election, you must: Be 18 years old Be a Canadian citizen Have lived in Edmonton for 6 months prior to the election All of the above

56. You have it! Under the Local Authorities Election Act a person is eligible to vote provided he or she is: at least 18 years old a Canadian citizen has resided in Alberta for the six consecutive months immediately preceding election day and is resident in the area on election day

57. Try again….

58. Municipal Government – The Facts 4. The highest percentage of voters to show up for an election in Edmonton was: 84% 73% 70% 66%

59. Municipal Government – The Facts 4. The highest percentage of voters to show up for an election in Edmonton was: 84% - 1918 – 9,046 out of 10,825 73% - 1884 and 1919 70% - 1917 66% - 1916

60. Edmonton – Quick Facts 30 000 tonnes of recyclable materials are sorted at the new Materials Recovery Facility each year

61. Edmonton – Quick Facts Almost 55 million people will ride almost 800 buses and 37 LRT vehicles in 2006

62. Edmonton – Quick Facts Edmonton has 2 300 hours of sunlight

63. Edmonton – Quick Facts Has over 460 parks – more green space than any other city in Canada!

64. Edmonton – Quick Facts Boasts a tree inventory of over $800 million!

65. Edmonton has over 1 Million people in the metro area!

66. Edmonton – History The name “Edmonton” was chosen for our city from: the name of our first Mayor a place in Middlesex, England a man named Ed Monton a Cree word for river

67. You are right on the mark!!! In 1795, Fort Edmonton, on the North Saskatchewan River, was named after Edmonton, Middlesex, where Sir James Lake, Deputy Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, owned an estate.

68. You need to try again…

69. Edmonton – History 2. In 1830, John Rowand built a large house at Fort Edmonton. The house was called: Rowand Mansion Rowand’s Folly The Big Blue House Fort Edmonton IV

70. You can still see his house… At Fort Edmonton To read the story about John Rowand’s life and death, click here

71. Please try again…

72. Life and Death – John Rowand John Rowand was appointed Chief Factor of Edmonton House by George Simpson in 1823. He died breaking up a fight at Fort Pitt on the Saskatchewan River in the spring of 1854. Rowand was interred for one year prior to his bones being exhumed and transported to Montreal. The bones were lost in Lake Winnipeg during a storm, and did complete the journey to Montreal via London, England. He was buried at Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal in 1858.

73. Life and Death – John Rowand The Tall Tale about John Rowand says his body was shipped to York Factory in rum barrel on a York boat His “body” was lost in Lake Winnipeg but was recovered Because there were no ships going to Montreal, his “body” was shipped to England where he sat for about 2 years He was finally recovered and shipped to Montreal a full 4 years after his death The full story is available at: The full story is available at:

74. Life and Death – John Rowand

75. Edmonton – History 3. The main method to get to Edmonton in 1862 was: York Boat Steam Boat Red River Cart Airplane

76. Yes! Red River Cart was one way… The Red River Cart was a great aid in getting people to Edmonton Father Albert Lacombe introduced it to the area Started the movement of “Overlanders” migrating to the Edmonton area

77. Yes! York Boat was also a way! York Boat Boat builders recruited from the Orkney Islands built the first boat about 1749 1795 York boats were first built at Ft Edmonton On the Saskatchewan River in the 1790s, the York boat offered the HBC a distinct advantage, since it carried twice the cargo of a canoe with the same number of crew it was less easily damaged by ice and was safer in storms

78. Steam Boat - Not until 1871…. The Hudson’s Bay Steamer “Northcote” arrived in Edmonton in 1871 This forced the York Boat out of use

79. Airplanes – Not until 1911! Airplanes arrived in Edmonton in 1911 One famous Edmonton flyer was “Wop” May Involved in bringing down the “Red Baron” Also a famous “Bush” pilot

80. Edmonton – History

81. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment Edmonton’s professional hockey team is called the: Cracker Cats Oilers Oil Kings Trappers Eskimos

82. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment The Cracker Cats are the new professional baseball team in Edmonton They are part of the Northern League

83. The Oilers are the NHL Franchise in Edmonton!! They have won 5 Stanley Cups and are the current Western Conference Champions! Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment

84. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment

85. The Edmonton Trappers were the AAA Baseball team from 1981 – 2003 They won the PCL championship 4 times – 1984, 1996, 1997, 2002 Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment

86. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment

87. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment 2. Edmonton is a city with a variety of sport history. Click the names below to see some of these famous sports figures: Edmonton Grads Alex Decoteau John Ducey Edmonton Oil Kings

88. Edmonton Grads The Edmonton Commercial Graduates, were this city's first sports dynasty. Habitual winners of provincial, national and international basketball titles from 1915 to 1940 The Grads won 502 of 522 games they played – that’s 96%!!! This is the 1928 team, with Connie Smith, Dot Johnson, Daisy Johnson, Kate Macrae, Elsie Bennie, Hattie Hopkins, Mildred McCormick, Marguerite Bailey, and Margaret MacBurney and coach J. Percy Page.

89. Alex Decoteau Alex Decoteau, Edmonton's Best Runner Edmonton's best middle and long distance runner in the early years of the 20th Century was Alex Decoteau, seen heard nearing the finish line during a Christmas day race in 1915.

90. John Ducey “The Rajah of Renfrew” 1931 Promoted, played, managed and umpired baseball in Edmonton The namesake for John Ducey Baeball Park – now Telus Field

91. Edmonton Oil Kings After several years of coming in second, the Edmonton Oil Kings finally won the Memorial Cup in 1963.

92. Edmonton – Sports and Entertainment Sports in Edmonton 1905-1949 Sports in Edmonton 1949-1983 Sports Links

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