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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) www.vabcanada.org. Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB) An organization that promotes Education in rural Bangladesh www.vabonline.org http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1JmEPSvQUU. VAB Founder and President Dr. ATR Rahman. VAB Dignitaries.

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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) vabcanada

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Volunteers Association for Bangladesh Canada (VABC) www.vabcanada.org

Volunteers AssociationforBangladesh (VAB)An organization that promotes Educationin rural Bangladeshwww.vabonline.orghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1JmEPSvQUU

VAB Founder and President Dr. ATR Rahman

VAB Dignitaries

Launched a new chapter 9th May 2012: with a vision of Secondary Education in Bangladesh

Snapshots: Inception of VAB Canada May 9, 2012

VAB Canada founder- PresidentMs. Pamelia Khaled

VAB Canada officials

Our distinguished guests

  • Bangladeshis, Canadians and Americans

  • Bangladesh and Canadian educationists

  • more than 200 audience members

The Honorable Minister Glen Murray (Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities)

VAB USA: General Secretary Dr. Mahfuz Chowdhury

Objectives of VAB & VAB Canada

  • To support primary and secondary education especially for the poor

  • To support local community efforts in improving educational and training facilities (e.g. instruction, library, laboratory) in the poor areas

  • To support vocational and skilled training and associated activities for helping the unemployed secure and maintain stable employment

Education Issues in Bangladesh

  • Low-quality education

  • High drop out rate both at primary and secondary levels

  • Poor infrastructure, overcrowding, lack of facilities and low-quality teachers

  • Urban-rural divide in resources and knowledge

VAB Canada supports all VAB projects

  • Students Empowerment program

  • Teacher Empowerment program

  • School Empowerment program

  • Community Linkage program

VAB Canada short term activities

  • a. Networking

  • Networking is the key step to develop connections with other organizations (it could be an

  • organization similar to VABC, large corporations, etc.), develop personal connections with those

  • involved in similar activities or have the capabilities to bring more potential donors or by

  • himself could be interested in VAB Canada.

VAB Canada short term activities

  • b. Out Reach VABC - through local communities

  • This is with direct contact with communities and our plan is to arrange different activities for

  • local communities in order to support community development:

  • I. Health awareness: Healthy Living, Balanced Nutrition, Heart Care, Diabetes, etc.

  • II. Education sector: art and craft, language skills, Reading Circle (children and adults),

  • garner school boards support for volunteers from high schools, initiate student/youth

  • exchange programs (schools and universities), etc.

  • III. Professional development, Job shop (requesting other Job shopper/seller, even from

  • ourselves and through personal connection), resume writing, etc.

VAB Canada short term activities

  • c. Fund raising

  • The following are proposed strategies for Fund Raising:

  • i. Personal donations & donations collected through personal connections

  • ii. Link with large organizations to generate regular and on-going donations

  • iii. Annually/bi-annually Gala dinner, arranging movie premiers, musical and dance

  • performances, etc.

  • iv. Participate in community fair, gathering and sell VABC /VAB products, Zakat fund,

  • etc.

  • v. Explore and connect with the Canadian Government and/or other international

  • organizations who allocate funds for the Education Sector.

Long term goal of VAB Canada2014

  • Propose for VAB Canada university: Supporting VAB Graduates

  • our target of 10% of the youth population gain university qualification, we

  • must ensure that they are also trained to be skillful entrepreneurs who generate

  • employment instead of seeking employment from existing industries.

  • Proposal for launching a magazine for teachers’ professional development in Bangladesh

  • These would ensure long term goal generation wing for VABC.

VAB strives to:

  • improve lives of rural children through education

  • award scholarships

  • provide tutoring

  • equip classrooms

  • train teachers


  • improved test scores, lower dropout rates, and ultimately a better standard of living

VAB’s Vision for the next Five years

  • Self- sustained improvement capability of schools

  • Quadruple the number of schools in clusters of Five

  • Ready access to ICT in education

  • Increased opportunity for Mathematics, Science, ICT and Language Education

  • Extensive collaboration with related organizations

VAB &VABC Strategy

  • Provide input in education to enhance learning opportunities.

  • Create inspirational, dynamic and productive environment.

  • Select cluster schools in specified localities to create an enlightened environment in a community.

  • Work out a Five-Year perspective Plan with the schools with definite goals and outcomes.

  • Partner schools in funding for projects to ensure ownership, accountability and transparency.

  • Work with an exit strategy so as to ensure continual improvement at the end of five years of work with the schools.

VABC success stories (Sept 2012 – Nov 2013)

  • received 12 Computer projects and established 6 computer laboratory schools in rural high schools.

  • donated winter clothes/ blankets among the poor

  • donated Zakat money for the disadvantaged children in Bangladesh

  • donated money during the Savar Rana Plaza garments Tragedy

  • donated money for teacher development program

  • collaborated with Youth Sarcoma Initiative (YSI) Charity Dinner for Sick Kids Hospital, Nov 10, 2013

  • collaborated with North York Rotary club,2014

The latest VAB- 2014

VAB received a generous grant from Dutch-Bangla Bank (DBBL) Foundation on 20 March 2013

Extraordinary Performances by VAB Schools and VAB Students in 2013 SSC Exam

VAB assisted 57 rural high schools this year have scored a 90.04% pass rate in the SSC Examination. 

Out of 268 VAB scholarship recipients, 255 representing 95% passed the Exam with 85% receiving Grade “A-”or higher

VAB accomplishments to date

  • Schools supported: 75

  • Scholarship: About 7000 School students

  • Additionally some 900 college scholarship

  • Tutoring: About 15,000 students

  • Additionally about 1200 children in 18 Pre-Schools

  • Teachers Training in Science, English, Math and Computer: about 700 teachers

  • Lab, Math Olympiad, computer and library support: about 30 schools

VAB & VABC Best Practices: Transparency and Accountability

  • Disburse funds only upon performance reviewed by responsible members

  • Publish annual report, newsletters, and internet reports

  • Submit audited financial reports to NGO Affairs Bureau under Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh, and U.S. IRS State Government of New York.

  • VABC completed final audit by the third party

  • VABC hand over entire money generated in the 2012-13 financial year

Our Appeal…


  • presence at all our activities

  • contribution financial and in kind

  • ideas for success and progress

  • commitment for the education programs and other projects

  • support to move forward with more pride and confidence

How Can You Help?

  • Sponsor a project (science, vocational or computer lab or library)

  • Sponsor 30 high school scholarships in one year

  • Sponsor 10 college scholarships

  • Sponsor 5 university scholarships

  • Sponsor 1 Pre-School

Our Children Need Better Education

VAB Canada: We Can Do It Collectively



Thank you!!!

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