best practices for hawaii web design and development for business
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Best Practices For Hawaii Web Design and Development For Bus

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Best Practices For Hawaii Web Design and Development For Bus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for a Las Vegas Web Design company? SuperGeeks.Biz offers affordable Website Design services by expert Website Design consultants in Hawaii. It also offers professional SEO in Las Vegas to help your business succeed online. For Website Design and SEO services in Las Vegas, Call Today!

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best practices for hawaii web design and development for business
Best Practices For Hawaii Web Design and Development For Business

Hawaii Web Design by SuperGeeks.Biz

software development for business web design in las vegas
Software Development for Business - web design in Las Vegas

I am writing this column on a Saturday morning and just for fun I started counting the number of times I ‘touched’ software. It’s now about noon. Here’s what I’ve done thus far:

  • Checked news via iPhone (
  • Played a few games of speed chess via iPhone (
  • Checked social profiles via iPhone (
  • Checked email via desktop
  • Configured office phones (
  • Bought movie tickets via iPhone (

The only two things I did the old school, “analog” why were read the New York Times while on the elliptical and look for space to lease in Kaneohe and Kailua by driving around.

  • I guess what I am trying to say is we are far more software centric these days than we probably
  • realize. It’s hard to go a day without using software in one form or another.
  • For we business owners, it means we must take a deep look at what we do as a company and figure out how software can help us battle operational issues. In other words, how can we use software to:

Reduce cost

  • Boost efficiency
  • Add quality
  • Speed delivery
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Improve morale
  • Build leadership
  • Be more competitive
  • Increase sales

Developing software for your business is not as hard as you may think. What’s important is to have a clear sense of purpose and to let the business’ needs determine the winning solution. For inspiration, you should closely evaluate how the larger, successful companies in your marketspace are leveraging software.


As you begin to map out the scope of work, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  • Rome was not built in a day.

Nor will your software solution be done quickly. It takes time. Break the project into phases with quantifiable deliverables. Simple is always best. Don’t try to accomplish too much too soon.

The last thing you want is an overengineeredwishlist (typically the product of committees!) The scope of work will creep and the deadlines will be pushed to the ends of rainbows. It will be a disaster.

  • Try not to hop in bed with anyone.

Or anything. If you can find an off-the-shelf solution to meet 80-90% of your needs, you should consider using it instead of creating something custom. Always keep in mind the long term cost of ownership. The more proprietary your solution becomes, the more expensive and more difficult it will be to support over time.


Don’t be an early adopter.

And don’t be a late adopter either. I love new technology. But that doesn’t mean I want to spend the money on bleeding edge technology. At the same time, holding onto a dead or dying technology beyond its normal life cycle can be very expensive, too. You must change with the times like when you were young! Ride the wave of change to your advantage. Your competitors most certainly will.

  • Think integration.

In my little snapshop of the typical day of James Kerr, there wasn’t much need for me to dive into the data. For example, I don’t need to know my winning/losing stats at chess. Nor do I need to analyze what kind of news I typically read or where it comes from. Your business is probably very different. You should dig into the analytics. So your software solution must be able to deliver the reports you need. This means the right data must hit the right buckets and it must be accessible to the right people across the organization. Fast info is good. The right info to the right person is even better.


Go web.

Regardless of your business, chances are the best software solution is a web based solution. SuperGeeks.Biz provides Hawaii web design for your business. It’s time to jettison the server and the desktop mentality. Your business needs to be decentralized and mobile. Anytime, anywhere. In general, this means your software should be accessed through a browser or an app. It should be accessible through the internet.

Your business needs software. In fact, your clients, employees and vendors will thrive on the right solution. Embarking on a software development project can seem daunting. But with the right approach and with the right metrics, your company will become even more competitive.

Please feel free to contact me if we may help with anything.


JAMES KERR, Founder and Chief Geek of SuperGeeks. Mr. Kerr\'s tech tips help businesses improve efficiencies and boost sales. Learn how your company can leverage search engine marketing. Visit at SuperGeeks.Biz.