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Towards a high quality 2011 Census
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Towards a high quality 2011 Census The Census Field Operation and LA liaison. Pete Benton Deputy Director, Census Programme. Overview. Field operation aims Field operation design The key role of Local Authorities Address register development. 2011 Census aim.

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Towards a high quality 2011 Census The Census Field Operation and LA liaison

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Towards a high quality 2011 census the census field operation and la liaison

Towards a high quality 2011 CensusThe Census Field Operation and LA liaison

  • Pete Benton

  • Deputy Director, Census Programme



  • Field operation aims

  • Field operation design

  • The key role of Local Authorities

  • Address register development

2011 census aim

2011 Census aim

  • “To provide high quality, value for money population statistics as required by key users, on a consistent and comparable basis, for small areas and small population groups”

Field operation objectives

Field operation objectives

  • Historically

    • Count everybody

    • But falling response rates over time

  • 2001

    • Count as many as you can

    • Then adjust for undercoverage

  • 2011

    • Count as many as you can

    • Do better in the worst 5% of LAs than 2001

    • Minimise variability in response within LAs

Overall response ci with different levels of variability across enumeration districts

Overall response & CI with different levels of variability across enumeration districts




7% variability

10% variability


12% variability

CI Width

15% variability








Census Response



  • Complex response goals

  • ‘Real time’, detailed management information needed

  • Flexible but simple field management approach needed

Field operation design overview 1

Field operation design – overview (1)

  • Develop high quality address register

  • Barcode every questionnaire and link to an address

  • Post Out, Central Post back

  • 24 hour receipting, update questionnaire tracking info

  • Identify every non-responding address

Field operation design overview 2

Field operation design – overview (2)

  • Team-based follow up

    • Large team areas where high response expected

    • Small team areas where low response expected

    • Predictive model built using 2001 census/CCS data

  • Divide non-responding addresses into ‘workloads’

    • Low response areas – fewer addresses per person

    • High response areas – more addresses per person

  • Update allocations weekly

  • Subject of further development

The key role of las

The key role of LAs

  • Contribute to address register development

  • Provide enumeration staff

  • Local publicity

  • Provide local accommodation / logistical support

  • Provide local area information on hard to count groups etc

  • Facilitate access to local community groups

  • Appoint Census Liaison Manager (Exec level) and Assistant Census Liaison Manager

Strong partnership developing

Strong partnership developing

  • CLIP census subgroup

  • LA liaison pilot in 2007 census test

  • Regional Champions


  • Workshops with LLPG regional chairs

  • Current Address register Pilot with 24 LAs

  • Liaison with LAs in 2009 census rehearsal

La liaison rehearsal las

LA Liaison - Rehearsal LAs

  • LA Liaison programme underway

  • First visits to Rehearsal LAs in April 08

    • Lancaster, Newham, Isle of Anglesey

  • LA Census Liaison Managers confirmed

  • All 3 LAs enthusiastic and committed

  • Outline information about areas collected

  • Action plans being reviewed

Address register development strategy

Address register development strategy

  • ONS matches 3 national address files

    • Royal Mail - PAF

    • IDeA - NLPG

    • Ordnance Survey – AL2

  • Matching based on address reference, text and spatial relations

  • Mismatches sent to IDeA, RM and OS for resolution

  • Remaining mismatches sent to LAs for resolution

  • ONS checks addresses on ground in c. 30% of areas where most uncertainty remains

  • Ongoing change updates from OS and IDeA

  • Currently piloting with OS, IDeA and 24 LAs

Partnership and communications working arrangements for success

Partnership and Communications Working Arrangements for Success

  • National Address Register Steering Group setup to provide strategic direction

  • Ongoing dialogue and regular meetings with suppliers

    • Data sharing agreement signed by all parties for the pilot – a majorachievement which will support a future National Data Sharing Agreement

  • Communication to all LAs coming shortly from regional champion

    • Clear messages prepared; workshop 10th October

Results from address matching

Results from address matching

  • Projected target results presented in July 08

  • ‘First cut’ results achieved by August 08

  • ‘Second cut’ results achieved by September 08

Challenges key lessons learnt

Challenges & Key lessons Learnt

  • Frequent synchronisation of address data from suppliers – from monthly to either weekly or daily

    • need to use latest versions of data

  • The importance of VOA and alias addresses in the matching process

  • Avoiding duplication of work already done by other parties

  • Improve LA boundaries in PAF

    • Estimate this will reduce unresolved addresses by 0.5 %

  • Incorporate matching processes of address data suppliers into ONS methodology to further improve Quality and Confidence in matching process

Going forward

Going Forward

  • Address matching has proved to be very successful

  • The real challenges going forward are:

    • Capturing New Addresses

    • Identify Multiple Occupancy

  • Consequently ONS is planning to conduct comprehensive Address Field Checking Exercises across circa 30% of the country

    • Current pilot will help development of predictive model to identify where to address check

Address register timetable

Address register timetable

Nov 08 Pilot complete

Dec 08National address matching starts

Through 09Anomalies to national providers

Through 09 Residue to LAs, by region

Dec 09LA resolution complete

March 10ONS address check starts

Sept 10Address check complete

Nov 10Address list to printers

27 March 11CENSUS DAY



  • Far more control of field operation

  • Refined objectives

  • Increased targeting of resources

  • Builds on 2001 experience

  • Address register and LA role are key

  • Message to LAs:

    • Appoint CLMs and ACLMs

    • Work on your address lists now to improve PAF consistency

    • Further communication coming soon …

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