Where the Red Fern Grows ABC Book
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Where the Red Fern Grows ABC Book. By, Katelyn Eninger. A. A=Adventures. Billy goes on adventures with Little Ann and Old Dan. B. B is for Billy. Billy is the main character in the story. He has a disease called puppy love. C. C is for cat. Samie is the house cat.

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Billy goes on adventures with Little Ann and Old Dan.


B is for Billy

Billy is the main character in the story.

He has a disease called puppy love.


C is for cat

Samie is the house cat.

He likes to test out everything new but sometimes he gets hurt.


D is for dogs

Little Ann is playful and smart.

Old Dan is big and smart.


E is for Earning Money

It takes Billy 2 years to earn 50 dollars for his hounds


F is for Friendship

Billyhas a good friendship with his dogs

Billy takes care of them and cares for them


G is for Grandpa

Grandpa owns his own store.

To Billy he is the best Grandpa in the whole world!


H is for hounds

Billy’s hounds names are Little Ann and Old Dan.

They are very loyal.


I is for Ice

Little Ann gets stuck in the ice and almost dies but Billy saved her just in time.


J is for Just Hunting!

Billy and his dogs love hunting coons together every night.


K is for KC Baking Powder

KC Baking Powder is the can that Billy uses to save his money for 2 hounds.


L is for learning

Billy learned a lot of things from going to Talequah.

He saw himself in a reflection for the first time.


M is for Milk Cow

Billy has a milk cow named Daisy


N is for Nothing but Love

Billy loves his dogs and never wants to be away from them.

Little Ann and Old Dan love Billy and hunting.


O is for Old Blue

Old Blue is Rubin and Rainie’s old dog.

Old blue gets in a fight with Little Ann and Big Dan and gets badly hurt.


P is for Puppy Love

Puppy Love is a bad disease that little boys or girls get.

They want a dog so bad it makes them not eat.


Q is for Quest to Talequah

The quest to Talequah is pretty hard. Billy has to travel a long ways.

On the way back from Talequah Billy meets a mountain lion.


R is for Rubin

Rubin is a mean kid with a mean brother.

When Rubin goes on a hunt with Billy, he stabs himself with an ax and dies.


S is for Sisters

Billy has 3 little sisters that he loves dearly.


T is for Talequah

Talequah is the closest town to Billy.

It is a very lovely town and Billy thinks its to big.


U is for Understand

Billy understands his dogs and hid dogs act like they know exactly what he is saying.


V is for Vicious

The mountain lion was very vicious and wanted to eat Billy’s dogs.


W is for Winner

Little Ann and Billy got 1st place in the beauty competition.


X is for Expenisive

The 2 hounds that Billy wants are very eXpensive!


Y is for whY 2 hounds?

Billy wants 2 hounds because they can hunt side by side and have a best friend.


Z is for froZen river

The river is frozen from a fresh storm and Little Ann got stuck and almost drowned and got hypothermia.