Laredo seen through
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Laredo seen through the eyes of Wawi PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laredo seen through the eyes of Wawi. What do you remember doing for fun as a child growing in Laredo?. Wawi: Playing in my nieghborhood, with my little friends, enjoying life one day at a time. In your opinion, has Laredo changed drastically in the last 30 years?.

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Laredo seen through the eyes of Wawi

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Presentation Transcript

Laredo seen through

the eyes

of Wawi

What do you

remember doing for fun

as a child growing in Laredo?

Wawi: Playing

in my nieghborhood,

with my little friends, enjoying life one day at a time

In your opinion,

has Laredo changed drastically in the last 30 years?

Wawi: Tremendously, Yes

How has it changed?

  • Wawi: Uh I think uh there’s a bright future in the city of Laredo uh I have seen that the city has grown tremendous by leaps and bounds, I know that the housing has extremely expanded and uh great job opportunities and uh great opportunities for education I know for a fact we have at least greatest college universities that have expanded and an offer a lot more to our students.

Change, is the change

that has

happened is it good for Laredo

Wawi: Excellent I think, I think we have done so much I mean the infrastructure here in the city has done tremendously um I know because I was a judge before and a college professor and now I am going to turn as well on the county commissioner and I have seen the changes that Laredo gone through.

How many years have

you lived here

in Laredo?

Wawi: All my life

Wawi: I am 51 years old of age

All your life?

Do you think Laredo

has changed economically

  • Wawi: Yes, Laredo has changed economically um uh I know we are going through crisis right now um I know that the economy is not good right now but ah when it come to sales uh we have a very good working relationship with Mexico and ourselves are extremely well um also uh the city has changed tremendously with the sense that county and the city have been working very close together not only that but you know I’m proud to say that we have formed an international committee along with Mexico and we have a very good working relationship and I know um that Laredo has a lot to offer.

How has Laredo



Wawi: Big Time

  • Wawi: Ah there are a lot of things I think that are memorable for the city of Laredo uh there’s a lot of turn a rounds you when it come to politics when it comes to, to different activities that has happened but as far the as most memorable I really cant point to one there's to many.

What in the last 30 years has been the most

memorable event in Laredo?

Do you think that Laredo has changed to the better or to

the worst?

Wawi: For the better, for the better yes

Can you explain us why?

Wawi: I think Laredo like I said has provided a lot of opportunities uh there ah we have our own faults you know everyone complains about border violence and everybody complains about unemployment ands how expensive everything is but we also have to do our part we have to understand that Laredo has grown tremendously and we are in a crisis right now we need to learn how to coup with that and we need to learn how overcome that but you know we need to live life one day at a time and be able to come out of that and iam very hopeful an i have a lot of faith and our new president and I know that he will pull us through and uh and that one of the memorable events to the president.

What has been your biggest difficulty you have overcome?

Wawi: My biggest difficulty I have overcome in my job is maybe the idea that I had to run a job uh I was a college professor and also at the same time a was a lawyer and a as a judge you know so it was too much for me so that was the most difficult thing for me but the most difficult thing that I liked is to dealing with people you know I have It in my heart to help people so I enjoy that very much the interacting with everyone.

How has Laredo’s infrastructure changed?

  • Wawi: Oh my god you know that’s one the most important things we have done here in Laredo the infrastructure we never had loop 20 uh now its being expanded all the way to the south uh thanks to the president Barrack Obama with the stimulus package we were able to get a funding for the cuatro vientos project which is an 89 million dollar project that been in south Laredo uh it a huge uh we have expanded our roads all the way to Bruni and Mirando you know we have done a loop to two lane three lane sometimes so its really good the infrastructure is the number one uh issue here in Laredo because it has grown tremendously.

What is the crisis

that Laredo

is going through

right now?

Wawi: The crisis, uh the downfall is the economy right now.

  • Wawi: I have a lot of faith I don’t know when but I know It will improve eventually.

Do you think we can improve the economy?

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