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Sample lesson george winters paintings l.jpg

SAMPLE LESSON - George Winters Paintings


Dr. Schaffer

Dorina, Hannah, Jiyoung, Josh, June, Rob, Sensen

Instructional objectives l.jpg

Instructional Objectives

  • Objective #1

    Student understanding of the importance of expressive qualities in a work of art.

  • Objective #2:

    Student drawing expressively using a model while considering shape, proportion and pattern

  • Objective #3:

    Effective use of art medium carefully applied with minimal coverage in the style of a Winter oil painting. Color Complements for skin tones.

State standard l.jpg

State Standard

  • Art 4.8.2

    Identify and discriminate between types of shapes (geometric and organic), colors (primary, secondary, complementary, tints, and shades), lines (characteristics, quality), textures (tactile and visual), and space (placement, perspective, overlap, negative, positive, size), balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial) and the use of proportion, rhythm, variety, redefinition, and movement in their work and the work of others.

Procedure l.jpg


Relative principles l.jpg

Relative Principles


    - Show George Winter’s paintings

    - Show George Winter’s portraits - explain what portrait is

Magnifying glass

Drag and Drop

Relative principles6 l.jpg

Relative Principles


    - Oil painting

Searching engine / Glossary

Slide7 l.jpg

Teacher’s Demonstration


  • Demonstrate how to draw a portrait

    teach the concept of proportion of a face

    e.g., where the eyes are on a face

    how wide a face is

Slide8 l.jpg

Student’s Activities


choose the type of pen brush / paint (oil)

Sketchbook: choose the etc button to rub

  • Have students do the activities

  • Teach how to thin down

Slide9 l.jpg

Student’s Activities


  • Teach how to fill the rest part with the use of complements colors the skin tones

More about student section l.jpg

More about Student Section

  • Story Creator

  • Thesaurus – Glossary

  • Gift Box – Other resources in the Museum

    (e.g., quilts, textiles, needleworks, ceramics)

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