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The cold war deepens
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The Cold War Deepens. Photo of one of the checkpoints in Berlin, preventing East Berliners from escaping into the West. 14.2. What is this political cartoon suggesting about the Soviet Union? Who is the short chubby guy?.

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The Cold War Deepens

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The cold war deepens

The Cold War Deepens

Photo of one of the checkpoints in Berlin, preventing East Berliners from escaping into the West.


What is this political cartoon suggesting about the soviet union who is the short chubby guy

What is this political cartoon suggesting about the Soviet Union? Who is the short chubby guy?

Chubby guy is the last Soviet leader, Gorbachev. Cartoon shows him dictating “plans for a new world to the East German (communist) leader, while a guy leaning over from the west shouts, “Don’t fence me in”.

Why was berlin a major point of contention in the cold war

Why was Berlin a major point of contention in the Cold War?

  • Berlin was divided into Zones

    • Was within Soviet controlled Germany

  • Soviets tried to force all Berliners to use their currency 6/18/1948

  • Blockaded the city and shut off power

  • 2 million East Berliners held hostage

Again, the chess metaphor: Germany was just a piece on the Cold War chessboard. The US and Soviets were the two super-powers playing the game.

How did truman deal with the crisis in berlin

How did Truman deal with the Crisis in Berlin?

His Options:

  • Order troops to break through

    • Risk starting WWIII

  • Give it up to Stalin

    • Risk a ‘Domino Effect’

      Said to advisors, “We are going to stay- period.”

      Took advantage of air corridors and started an airlift of needed supplies

    • Flew milk, food, etc. for 11 months

    • Landed every 11 minutes

    • 2, 400 pounds a day

  • Raised American status in the world

  • Stalin lifted the blockade after 11 months

Above: map showing two Germanys; below, loading milk onto transport planes during airlift

Berlin airlift

Berlin Airlift

Capture of map showing two Germanys from clip on the Berlin airlift

What is nato

What is NATO?

Cartoon shows US, Britain and France, plus smaller allies, trapped in a barbed wire pen. Stalin is screaming “encirclement” at them, though they are the ones encircled. For our part, Uncle Sam is goading Stalin from inside the pen: “Warmongers!”

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • Alliance of 12 nations formed to stop the spread of communism

  • An attack on one nation is considered an attack on all

  • Soviets responded by forming the Warsaw Pact

Nato members in europe

NATO Members in Europe

Clearest map of Europe from 1950s through 1980s

The marshall plan

The Marshall Plan

Capture from start of Marshall Plan clip, showing US flag with thirteen stars

What was the result of the civil war in china

What was the result of the civil war in China?

  • US supported anticommunist named Chiang Kai Shek

    • Truman gave Shek $3 billion in aid

    • Told him to clean up corruption

    • Shek ignored Truman

  • Mao Zedong (communist leader)

    • Gave peasants land and set up police force

    • Peasants felt protected by Mao

  • Mao won in 1949

  • US feared Soviets would dominate all of Asia and that communism would spread

    • Domino Effect

    • Was containment failing?

Above: map showing Chinese civil war; below: Mao Zedong

Red china

Red China

Capture from start of clip on Red China, with soldiers and a lot of red

Aid to south korea

Aid to South Korea


Why did north korea invade south korea on 6 25 1950

Why did North Korea invade South Korea on 6/25/1950?

  • Korea was Japanese territory during WWII

  • After war:

    • Divided between Soviets (North) and Americans (South) along the 38th parallel

  • Korean people wanted to reunite but under which kind of government?

  • North Korea made its move (might we have been better off if the Soviets never declared war against Japan?

  • “Hindsight is always 20-20”

Above: map of Korea; below, invading N. Koreans

Describe the korean war

Describe the Korean War.

  • Known at the time as the Accordion War or Forgotten War

  • Truman got UN to support military action against N. Korea

  • UN forces were driven back to Southeastern coast (Pusan)

  • 9/15/1950 MacArthur led naval invasion near Inchon

  • Drove N. Korea back across Chinese border

  • 11/1950: thousands of Chinese attacked UN forces and drove them back past 38th parallel into South Korea

  • War became stalemate, not resolved until Ike was elected



Korean war

Korean War


Firing of macarthur presentation

Firing of MacArthurPresentation

Photo of Gen. MacArthur with trademark shades (rare in those days)

Why did truman fire macarthur

Why did Truman fire MacArthur?

  • Wanted to use nuclear weapons on China

    • “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

  • Mac publicly criticized Truman for fighting a limited war

    • Fired for Insubordination

  • Very unpopular decision (to fire MacArthur)

  • War with China would likely lead to war with Soviet Union also or weaken US position in Europe

Above: repeat of MacArthur wearing shades; below, Truman meets MacArthur

Macarthur and the korean war

MacArthur and the Korean War

Video capture of a battle in Korea

What were the results of the korean war

What were the results of the Korean War?

  • Korea divided along the 38th parallel

  • North= communist

  • South= democratic

  • Started Arms race

    • US drastically increased defense spending

    • Had 3.5 million men in military and no reduction after Korea

    • 750 nuclear warheads

Above: map of divided Korea; below, aerial photo of nuclear test

The cold war deepens

Left: map of Korea showing its close proximity to Japan; right, Panmunjom

The cold war deepens

Satellite map, incredibly graphic, showing urban lights (sign of wealth and progress) visible from space. The South is lit up like an Xmas tree; by contrast, the only visible light from the North is from its capital of Pyongyang.

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