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A look at Nursing courses in USA covered under Forgiveness Schemes
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Obama Forgiveness scheme for nurses is introduced recently to come as a potent saviour for federal education loan borrowers. It saves the nurses from high interest rates and prolonged loan clearance.

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Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program

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Nursing loan forgiveness program

A look at Nursing courses in USA covered under Forgiveness Schemes

Nursing loan forgiveness program

Nurses had a hard time beating away the chaotic loan repayment schemes of the 80s and the 90s. Some of them continued to struggle under the burden off high interest rates, poor expense planning and minimal federal support in nursing profession. Obama Forgiveness scheme for nursesand teachers introduced recently has come as a potent saviour for federal education loan borrowers. It not only saves the nurses from high interest rates and prolonged loan clearance, USA is one of the few nations to offer forgiveness schemes.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

Forgiveness program in USA on nursing career is available only for naturalised or permanent US residents. Government is trying to figure out if the same forgiveness benefits can be extended to international students who contribute to 27 percent of the total nursing force in USA.

Here are some programs in nursing that are currently covered by the Loan repayment schemes for nurses, both registered as well as licensed professionals.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

LPN LVN Programs

Nurses taking educational loans to complete LPN or LVN which stands for Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse respectively can opt for federal loans. The duration is one year and is offered across many colleges in USA. Admission into these programs needs that student pass ACT, TOEFL or SAT.

A nurse passing with LPN LVN Program earns USD 40,000 as a vocational nurse. Further educational prospect includes an opportunity to apply for AAS which stands for Associates in Applied Science.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

ADN Programs

ADN program is available under Loan repayment scheme as well. Nurses can earn Associate Degree in Nursing under the 15-24 month course. ADN nurses can treat, train and provide psychological care to patients. Nurses have to pass the National Council Licensure Exam to earn a license of nursing.

Average annual salary expectation of a nurse from ADN program is around USD 62,500.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

BSN Course

High-schools students can pursue their career in nursing by earning a degree in BSN which stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It is a 4-year program and offered by specialized medical colleges & universities in the country.

Nurses from ADN and BSN courses have similar starting pay scale. The Obama Forgiveness schemes have most nurses from these programs.

Due to shortage of both time and money, students in USA prefer to go for a special BSN course. It is called Accelerated BSN Course which runs for less than two years. Usual tenure is 15-18 months. Only a handful of colleges offer the course with a regular BSN course.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

MSN Programs

Advanced studies in nursing can be pursued from leading colleges in the country. The federal loan agencies offer forgiveness to the nursing professionals from following disciplines.

-Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

-Paediatric Nurse Practitioner

-Family Nurse Practitioner

-Nurse Educator

-Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

-Adult Nurse Practitioner

Nursing loan forgiveness program

It is the most competitive segment in nursing with forgiveness coming in less than 4 years. Average salary package for a nurse availing Student Loan Forgiveness for nurses is USD 81,000.

Other programs that are covered under forgiveness schemes are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist & Doctor of Nursing Practice programs.

Nursing loan forgiveness program

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