Investment management concepts portfolio management segment architecture march 25 2009
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Investment Management Concepts Portfolio Management | Segment Architecture March 25, 2009 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investment Management Concepts Portfolio Management | Segment Architecture March 25, 2009. Adrienne Walker and Kshemendra Paul [email protected] Portfolio Management.

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Investment Management Concepts Portfolio Management | Segment Architecture March 25, 2009

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Investment Management ConceptsPortfolio Management | Segment ArchitectureMarch 25, 2009

Adrienne Walker and Kshemendra Paul

[email protected]

Portfolio Management

  • The centralized management of one or more portfolios, which includes identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing, and controlling projects, programs, and other related work, to achieve specific strategic business objectives


  • Effective, timely, and continuing investment and governance decisions about the organization’s initiatives and other structured work effort, products, and software applications

    - Gartner

Value Proposition

Portfolio Management

  • Enable organizational strategy

  • Weigh benefits against costs

  • Optimize the value of the portfolio

  • Balance risk within tolerable thresholds

  • Cross-cutting key performance measurement, direct performance towards shared targets

GAO IT Investment Management Maturity Model

Portfolio Management

Roles and Responsibilities

Portfolio Management

Project Manager

  • Facilitate creation of a business case

  • Determine project objectives

  • Conduct accurate, comprehensive, reliable estimates of costs, benefits and risks

  • Execute according to standards within allowable performance targets

    Program Manager/Business Leader

  • Identify business transformation needs

  • Determine programmatic objectives

  • Manage strategic initiatives

  • Monitor and control to performance targets

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Actively analyze the ‘state’ of project performance

  • Communicate project alignment with strategic goals

  • Facilitate development and management of an optimized portfolio

  • Regularly reviews major investments, escalates issues and recommends action to the Governing Body

  • Governing Body/Investors

  • Set organizational strategy

  • Decide future of investments

  • Determine performance targets and allowable risk profile of the portfolio

  • Mitigate enterprise risk

Portfolio-level Performance Management

Portfolio Management


  • Articulates the contribution of inputs to outputs and outcomes

  • Identifies performance improvement opportunities that span traditional organizational boundaries

Case Study

Portfolio Management

Implementation Challenges

Portfolio Management

  • Timely, accessible measurement of cost, benefit, risk and performance data

  • Early warning systems

  • Trusting and using the data

  • Event driven decisions

  • Meaningful program/project reviews that create actions and decisions

  • Post implementation reviews

  • Shared agreement on organizational goals and objectives

  • Transition Planning that balances current and future needs

Target Architectural Outcomes

  • Enhanced governance and agency commitment

  • Aligned strategy with high value, measurable, timely performance commitments

  • Structured cross agency collaboration resulting in a modernization roadmap

  • Use of cloud-based IT Infrastructure (technology) services

  • Integration of platforms into agency transition strategies and investment proposals

  • Secure inter-operability reduces complexity and cost, improves performance, and is “baked in”

FEA Context - Architecture Levels

Types of Segments

  • Core Missions Segments

    • Interoperability and information sharing

  • Business Segments

    • Standard processes to support migration to cloud-based shared services

  • Enterprise Segments

    • Focus on standards, policies, and reference architectures

Shared Modernization Roadmaps

Strategic Planning



Strategic Planning









National Information Exchange Model



The IEPD Lifecycle

Identity, Credential, and Access Mgmt

ICAM Experience

  • Idea germinated last winter

  • Bottoms-up focus

    • HSPD-12, eAuth, Federal PKI Bridge, Cyber, FEA

    • Federal CIO Council, OMB, GSA, DOD leading

  • Two cycles of broad review (1200 comments)

  • Calendar (~9 months)

    • FSAM Steps 1 & 2 done by early Spring

    • Draft modernization roadmap reviewed with agencies in the Summer

    • Finalized in the Fall

  • Cost between $500K to 1M in contractor support, extensive working group and agency involvement.

Platform Architecture Next Steps

  • Plan of Action with Milestones (POAM)

    • By January 31st, 2010

  • Target and Gap on FASM Steps 1 & 2 (Governance, Scope & Strategy)

    • Inform the POAM

  • Training on FSAM, NIEM, &

  • Initiate establishment of an appropriate NIEM domain

  • Identify target high value business processes and information exchanges for FY 2012 cycle

  • Identify and integrate high value data sets into

Notional Calendar

  • 2Q FY 2010

    • Finalize Plans, enhancement of governance, strategy alignment

    • Initial exchange data model, targeted business processes, exchanges

    • Develop Approach to coordination across Platforms under FEA

  • 3Q FY 2010

    • Draft an review modernization roadmap with agencies

    • Finalize IT Infrastructure strategy with Cloud Initiative

  • 4Q FY 2010

    • Finalize modernization roadmap with agencies

    • Finalize agency use commitments

    • Finalize target performance improvement commitments

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