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Federalism intro
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Federalism Intro. Federal vs. State Government. Horrible. Nice try; but still Bad. Now we’re talkin ’. Why? Because its balanced. Article VI of Constitution. But also have 10 th Amendment. So what is federalism?.

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Federalism Intro

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Federalism intro

Federalism Intro

Federal vs. State Government



Nice try but still bad

Nice try; but still Bad

Now we re talkin

Now we’re talkin’

Why because its balanced

Why? Because its balanced

Article vi of constitution

Article VI of Constitution

But also have 10 th amendment

But also have 10th Amendment

So what is federalism

So what is federalism?

  • Division of power among a central/federal/national government and the smaller state governments

  • Who does what in other words

What about local governments

What about Local governments?

  • Technically under the state government category according to the Constitution

  • But do have some powers as well

What do you think the main powers of federal vs state are and which are shared

What do you think the main powers of federal vs. state are and which are shared?

  • Venn Diagram Activity

Federal government

Federal Government

  • Expressed Powers: powers listed clearly in Constitution

  • Implied Powers: not written clearly, but are federal powers according to the “necessary and proper” clause (Elastic Clause)

    • Ex.) forming of post offices is an expressed power, but printing postage stamps is an implied power

  • Inherent Powers: not listed in Constitution, but are necessary for the federal government to function

    • Ex.) usually involve immigration and international policies

State government

State Government

  • Reserved Powers: powers belonging exclusively to the state

    • Ex.) Death Penalty

Federal and state

Federal and State

  • Concurrent Powers:shared powers between the federal and state governments

True or false

True or False?

  • In response to the reading packet

True or false1

True or False?

  • Federalism promotes a strong central government and gives little power to any other level of government



True or false2

True or False?

  • The founders of our country were against federalism and did not include it in the Constitution



True or false3

True or False?

  • The people who wrote the Constitution were influenced by their experiences as colonists and fighting the Revolutionary War

Federalism intro


True or false4

True or False??

  • The Constitution of the United States established a central, federal government, with clearly outlined powers

Federalism intro


True or false5

True or False??

  • The Constitution defines very specific powers to the states



True or false6

True or False??

  • The word “delegate” means to take from or to take away



True or false7

True or False??

  • The reason the federal government has “inherent powers” is so it can interact with other nations

Federalism intro


True or false8

True or False??

  • Powers that are denied to the states are held by local governments



True or false9

True or False??

  • The power to establish local governments is held by the states

Federalism intro


True or false10

True or False??

  • Each state’s constitution sets up local governments slightly differently

Federalism intro


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