5 top ideas of media kits for magazine publishers
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5 Top Ideas of Media Kits for Magazine Publishers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Some important tips you need to see when designing your media kit for a magazine launch.

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5 Top Ideas of Media Kits for Magazine Publishers

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5 top ideas of media kits for magazine publishers

5 Top Ideas of Media Kits for Magazine Publishers

5 top ideas of media kits for magazine publishers

  • For startups new to the business of magazine publication, the use of media kits is an absolute marketing tool that will act as the front face when dealing with potential advertisers. You will most probably have just one chance with any ad buyer, so the feel, design and purpose of the media kit should be perfectly relevant and attractive to get your business going. Now let’s examine some important tips you need to see when designing your media kit for a magazine launch.

1 quick engagement

1) Quick Engagement

  • Popular advertisers receive countless media kits daily, so your chance of grabbing their attention is quite thin. Remember your whole business model relies on the success or failure of the media kit, so never take it easy while hoping to pass with flying colors. Come up with a great design and tempting headlines and graphics to quickly grasp the attention of the advertiser. Your media kit is a marketing weapon and not an editorial tool, so take your time in creating a bolder kit that should confidently compete with others in the market to gain business. Engagement is the key where try to keep the pitch concise and clear.

2 get attention

2) Get Attention

  • Emailing the PDF of your media kit is surely a swift, effective, and cost-effective way to intently stand in front of your advertiser, while this method is applicable in majority of the cases. But when it comes to large advertisers with huge ad expenses, it’s obvious you may need to work a bit more to get noticed. If your budget permits, play a thought of creating a custom die-cut pocket folder containing your business cards, a tri-fold brochure, slips fact sheets or any other information seeming necessary. The point is to present your prospect in a unique manner unlike from the rest of the competitors rather than using a simple email attachment.

3 it s all about benefits

3) It’s all about Benefits!

  • A simple yet grave mistake many marketers make is by focusing on their product’s features (what) rather than detailing the benefits (why) a customer can get by availing it. This displays an attitude in which the business is too much interested in selling itself and its products rather than realizing what the customer wants.

  • While it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the advertiser and talk about who your intended readers will be, but the decision to advertise will hugely depend on how well you have explained the benefits of your publication. So it’s better not to overspend your time on surrounding facts, but get to the bottom line quickly and put forward as many advertising benefits as possible.

4 stand different

4) Stand Different

  • Apart from focusing on the benefits your magazine will provide, also take other facts into account as to what makes your publication unique and why the advertiser should choose your magazine over others. For instance, if there is this popular winter garments trend then explain how are you taking advantage of it? Or considering a market segment that is currently unchecked by magazine publishers. Undoubtedly you may have already planned on how to position yourself in front of your readers, but it’s equally important to communicate the same information to your advertiser as well.

5 display your stuff

5) Display Your Stuff

  • As stated above, generating credibility with advertisers is crucial especially for startups in magazine publication business. So including spreads and covers taken from the original magazine issue (even if this is the first issue under process) is absolutely relevant. You can even ask the advertiser to share some of their budget with you, but the advertiser will be ultimately interested in how your publication will look in the eye. So the basic magazine design should come along with the development of the media kit.

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