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Welcome. To Third Grade!. Third Grade Curriculum. 3 rd Grade Readers Can…. - Use Schema and Background Knowledge -Ask Questions when Reading -Use Text to Visualize -Draw Inferences when Reading -Determine what is Important in Text -Synthesize Information -Use “Fix-Up” Strategies

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To Third Grade!

Third grade curriculum
Third Grade Curriculum

3 rd grade readers can
3rd Grade Readers Can…

  • -Use Schema and Background Knowledge

  • -Ask Questions when Reading

  • -Use Text to Visualize

  • -Draw Inferences when Reading

  • -Determine what is Important in Text

  • -Synthesize Information

  • -Use “Fix-Up” Strategies

  • -Read Strategically for longer stretches of time (20-30 minsnightly)

  • STAAR is four hours long with many passages.

  • Stamina is essential.

3 rd grade mathematicians can
3rd Grade Mathematicians can….

  • Enhance fact fluency (It is expected for them to come into third grade fluent in addition and subtraction facts. Mastery of multiplication and division facts is our focus this year.)

  • Solve multi-step, complex word problems

  • Work with numbers to the hundred thousand place

  • Multiplication with 2 digits by 1 digit. By the end of the year, we will use an algorithm.

  • Divide a one digit number into a two digit number

  • - Measure time, length, temperature, and capacity (metric and customary units)

  • Collect, organize, record, display, and interpret data

  • Work with fractions of an area, on a clock, and on a number line. Students work with equivalent fractions

  • Learn financial literacy

3 rd graders also
3rd Graders Also…

  • -participate in hands-on scientific investigations

  • -explore properties of matter

  • -examine patterns in earth and space, such as climate, seasons, and planets

  • -participate in the garden and study life sciences

  • -learn about our community

  • -discuss current events

  • -learn the difference between celebrations and

  • memorials

  • -compare celebrities and heroes

Look for upcoming information regarding this year’s Academic Fair!

Thursday, October 23:  7:00-8:00

3 rd grade word study
3rd grade Word Study…

  • - Tested and leveled at the beginning of the year

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Spelling tests on Friday

Third grade writers
Third Grade Writers…

  • -Plan their writing

  • -Collaborate with other writers

  • -Learn different genres of writing

  • -Personal Narrative, Poetry, Expository

  • -Complete the writing cycle through a writer’s workshop format

  • -Write increasingly complex sentences

  • -Focus on the craft of writing using 6 traits of writing

  • - Ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, presentation

  • -Use and apply conventions of grammar

3 rd grade homework
3rd Grade Homework

  • -homework packets are handed out on Friday.

  • math is due back on a daily basis

  • spelling is due on Friday

  • Grammar homework is due on Friday

  • -Homework passes are good for only one assignment.

  • -Homework will begin in September

  • - Check the third grade webpage for weekly homework updates!

Just a quick heads up
Just A quick Heads up….

  • In the spring semester, we take a field trip to an 1890’s school house.

  • Be thinking of outfit ideas. More information will be sent home later detailing simple ways to create an outfit.


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One last thing


  • AN AGENDA ……...$6.00

  • TIME FOR KIDS…. $6.00

  • We encourage the use of cash.

  • If you are writing a check, please use separate checks.

  • All checks should be made out to Deerwood Elementary.