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WOW Nervous System 1/31/06. It senses the bodies surroundings to allow it to interact. It controls all of the other body systems. Why is the nervous system so important?. How is the Nervous system organized.?. The central nervous system. The peripheral nervous system.

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WOW Nervous System 1/31/06

  • It senses the bodies surroundings to allow it to interact.

  • It controls all of the other body systems.

  • Why is the nervous system so important?

  • The central nervous system.

  • The peripheral nervous system.

Nervous System

Central Nervous


Peripheral Nervous






Voluntary from skin

to CNS and skeletal



Involuntary from

CNS to Internal



During Times of



During Times of


I. Neurons are nerve cells specialized in sending electrochemical signals.

What do we call nerve cells?

What are the three main types of neurons? electrochemical signals.

1. Sensory Neuron- sense stimulus and carry impulse to the brain

Grab a hot pan

2. Interneuron's found in CNS, process stimulus and pass on to motor neurons.

Thought process. Run, hold tighter, or throw it down.

1. Motor Neurons Carry response from CNS to muscles to stimulate action

Throw it down and yell %[email protected]%$#.

How are nerve impulses sent? electrochemical signals.

  • Uses Ions Na+ and K+

  • Cell membrane has protein channels;

    • Voltage-gated channels

    • Only allow Na+ and K+

    • Closed when neuron at rest

    • Negative charge inside

What is action potential? electrochemical signals.

  • Voltage gates open allow, Na+ to enter.

  • Inside becomes positive causing K+ to

  • leave.

  • This sudden change in voltage causes

  • another Na+ gate to open.

  • One action potential (AP) causes another

  • AP to occur further down axon.

  • Sodium and Potassium pumps use active

    • transport to restore original balance.

What speeds up the impulse? electrochemical signals.

  • A myelin sheath covers axon and allows impulse

    • to pass through axon faster.

    • Impulse jumps from node to node.

What happens when impulse reaches the end of the axon? electrochemical signals.

  • Nerves do not touch each other.

  • 2. Nerves separated by Synapses.

  • 3. Nerves send chemical messages through synapses.

  • Neurotransmitters are passed from axon to next neuron.

    • Bind to protein gates in next neuron.

    • Opens ion gates and triggers AP in next neuron.

Impulse reaches end of axon electrochemical signals.

Neuro’s released.

Neurotransmitter released


Bind to protein receptors

Dissolved into axon

1 electrochemical signals.