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Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar
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Seminarium # 8: Location system/RFID taggar. Tomas Wangdell Nortel Användarförenings 36:e seminarium Umeå 26-27 maj 2009. Agenda. DEL 1 GENERELL ÖVERSIKT Vad är ”Lokaliseringstjänster” ? Hur fungerar det ? Vad skall man ha det till ? Vilka sorter finns det ? DEL 2

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Seminarium # 8: Location system/RFID taggar

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Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

Seminarium # 8:Location system/RFID taggar

Tomas Wangdell

Nortel Användarförenings 36:e seminarium

Umeå 26-27 maj 2009





Vad är ”Lokaliseringstjänster” ?

Hur fungerar det ?

Vad skall man ha det till ?

Vilka sorter finns det ?



Exempel Asset Tracking and Management System

Exempel Clinical Alarms and Alerts

Wireless WoVOIP/DECT

UC/nya användningsområden


Sätta Nortel på ”kartan” när det gäller lokaliseringstjänster

Ge en insikt om vad det rör sig om

Vilja boka möte

Litet lexicon

Litet lexicon 


Radio Frequency ID

Identitetsinformation för ett objekt/person

Sk tagg



Real Time Location Tracking System

Realtidsbaserad lokaliseringssystem


Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar














RFID en växande företeelse inom alla brancher

Improving Efficiency with Real-Time Status

Vi kommer företrädelsevis att titta på

sk In Building Asset Tracking

(dvs med ett underliggande WLAN)

Varf r rtls

Varför RTLS?

  • Leverage WLAN infrastructure with Wi-Fi-based asset/personnel tracking and location applications

  • Fast locating of tagged equipment improves core services

  • Location context for workflows makes business operations and processes more efficient

  • Locating lost or missing equipment saves money

  • Preventing theft reduces cost

Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

Location Tracking in Healthcare

1. Asset Tracking

  • Clinical equipment

  • Wheelchairs

  • Beds

  • Medical assets

  • IT assets

  • 2. Staff tracking

    • Process/workflow improvement

  • Nurse safety – panic alarming

  • 3. Patient tracking

    • Process improvement through departments

    • Mental illness facilities

    • Nursing homes/elderly care

  • Location tracking in mfg supply chain

    Location Tracking in Mfg. & Supply Chain

    1. Asset Tracking

    • Production equipment

    • Transport equipment

    • Tools

    2. Staff tracking

    • Safety

    • Work-flow

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Time and attendance

    3. Inventory tracking

    • Work in progress items

    • High value parts

    • Assemblies

    • Crates, carts, pallets

    Location tracking in process industries

    Location Tracking in Process Industries

    1. Asset Tracking

    • Production equipment

    • Transport equipment

    • MRO Equipment

    • Explosives / chemicals

    2. Staff tracking

    • Safety in hazardous work areas ( mines, chemical plants, etc. )

    • Work-flow

    • Regulatory compliance

    • Time and attendance

    3. Inventory tracking

    • Raw materials transport

    • Finished goods

    Olika typer av lokaliserings tj nster rtls vs conventional rfid

    Olika typer av lokaliserings tjänsterRTLS vs. Conventional RFID

    • Passive RFID - Short Read Range Identification Technology

      • Chokepoint-based

      • More data than barcode, easily readable, becoming inexpensive

      • Standardized (EPC Global )

      • Primarily an identification resource – not for location tracking.

  • Active RFID - Location Tracking – Point Solutions

    • Use portals/scanners as overlays to existing LAN/WLAN

    • No standards proprietary networks

    • Various frequencies, tags & vendors create incompatible silos

    • Varying levels of performance, scalability and accuracy

  • RTLS - Location Tracking – Leverage 802.11 coverage

    • Real-time enterprise-wide location tracking

    • Proprietary overlay systems over 802.11 networks

    • Open standards 802.11-based leverages WLAN infrastructure

  • Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar


    Client-Based Location (WLAN) “Jag är här” Signal strength (of APs) collected by client (tag/PC) Client sends data to location server over WLAN

    (of known location)



    • Pros:

    • Low cost of investment

    • Infrastructure agnostic

    • Good for on-demand applications

    • Potentially more accurate

    RSSI 2

    RSSI 1

    RSSI 3

    Client Device Or tag

    • Cons:

    • Devices require client

    • Not suitable for low cost, simple devices

    • Requires calibration of Location Server

    • Requires transport of location info over WLAN network

    • Cons:

    • Devices require client

    • Not suitable for low cost, simple devices

    • Requires calibration of Location Server

    • Requires transport of location info over WLAN network

    RSSI 1, 2, 3

    Wireless Security Switch

    Mgmt. / Location Server



    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar



    Infrastructure-Based Location (WLAN) “Du är där”Signal strength (of MU) collected by AP/SPs WLAN system sends data to location server via API

    Client Device Or tag

    • Pros:

    • Low cost of investment

    • Clientless

    • Can locate active tags

    RSSI 1

    RSSI 3

    (of known location)


    • Cons:

    • Requires homogeneous WLAN network

    • Difficulty with certain applications like E911

    • Requires calibration of Location Server

    • May require modification of MAC

    • Can be fooled by client

    • Cons:

    • Devices require client

    • Not suitable for low cost, simple devices

    • Requires calibration of Location Server

    • Requires transport of location info over WLAN network

    RSSI 2

    Wireless Security Switch

    Mgmt. / Location Server



    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar



    Asset Tracking & Management – Översikt

    Communications Software

    Professional Services - complete service suite: design/deploy, implementation, training, support

    IBSS SynTrack – integrates location and inventory info from various vendors into a single framework. Policy engine drives automated actions/alerts.

    Application Software

    RTLS Base Software

    Ekahau Positioning Engine – calculates the current position of tagged assets


    Wi-Fi infrastructure - used for transport

    or others

    None – Ekahau leverages Wi-Fi infrastructure

    Readers & other hardware

    Wi-Fi Tags

    Active Wi-Fi Tags

    Ekahau “Software Tag” Clients

    Advantages– Leverages WLAN Infrastructure

    – Requires No Readers or Proprietary Hardware

    – Leverages Best-in-class Partner Technologies

    Exempel p wi fi tag ekahau t 301a

    Exempel på “Wi-Fi tag”:Ekahau T-301A

    • Ekahau’s 3rd Generation Wi-Fi Tag

      • Built-in CPU, 802.11-b radio, full IP stack, motion sensor, memory and power circuitry

      • Li-Ion battery packs for up to five year battery life

      • OTA (Over the Air) configuration and alerting

    • Multi-application

      • Personnel security via belt clip

      • Object tagging via surface mounting, tie-wrap, hanger etc.

      • Two programmable (call/panic) buttons

      • Programmable signal LEDs and customizable buzzer

    • Secure

      • Optical tamper switch detects unauthorized removal of the tag

      • Supports WEP and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

    • Events that cause a Tag to provide a location update to EPE

      • Periodic Update

      • Button Press

      • In Motion

      • After Motion

      • Tamper Event

        There are other form factors of the tags, the T301B is the badge tag (w/o LED display) and T301BD (w/LED display)

    Personnel asset tracking with location technology end user impact

    Personnel / Asset Tracking with Location TechnologyEnd-User Impact

    • Employee Safety

      • Improve employee safety by knowing where they are if they are in distress

    • Improved communication

      • Communicate with a person based on their location (closest to “x”)

    • Improved Use of Resource Allocation

      • Leverage assets and investments to their full potential

      • Track usage (by floor, room, zone)

      • Track / prevent loss

      • Locate equipment by proximity to your current location




    DEL 1


    Vad är ”Lokaliseringstjänster” ?

    Hur fungerar det ?

    Vad skall man ha det till ?

    Vilka sorter finns det ?

    DEL 2


    Exempel Asset Tracking and Management System

    Exempel Clinical Alarms and Alerts

    Wireless WoVOIP/DECT


    Asset tracking management

    Asset Tracking & Management

    Start on high-return, location-aware applications for tracking

    assets, personnel and patients.

    Use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capabilities, integrated with mobile communications, inventory solutions and directory applications, to track the location of assets, patients and clinicians.

    Solution Benefits

    • Improve efficiency through better utilization

    • of assets and resources.

    • 40% Reduce Asset Loss/ theft and 10%

    • less inventory. 25% reduced rental costs.

    • Streamlining Patient Workflow by 15%-20%

    • Enhanced Patient & Clinician Safety

    Asset tracking solution

    Asset Tracking solution

    Leverage the WLAN network to provide real-time location & status of assets, inventory, & people

    • Determine efficiency by recording the movement of assets & people

    • Increase efficiency and safety/security through automated alerts based on location

    • Provide new revenue-generating services to some verticals (such as “track my child”, …)

    • Ekahau Finder/Tracker Application or IBSS provides a holistic view of the current placement of assets, inventory or people at any time on map-based software

    • Ekahau Tags, Badges or Clients are used to identify assets, inventory or people to be tracked

    • Location Clients can be placed on many different wireless devices, including: Nortel Wireless VoIP Handsets, handheld RFID or barcode scanners, PDAs, and laptops

    • UC integration – click to call from GUI, generate UC-based event messaging based on business rules

    WLAN 2382

    (part of core network)


    IBSS or Finder/Tracker Application

    & Server

    Positioning Engine

    & Server

    Wireless APs

    (part of core network)


    Web Service interface to UC

    Operator Station



    IBSS or Finder/Tracker GUI

    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

    Asset tracking solutions for Healthcare: asset management, personnel safety, maintenance status & mat’ls replenishment

    Asset tracking management1

    Asset Tracking & Management

    • Asset Database

    • Proactive Alarms & Alerts

    • Tabular Forms & Format

    • Graphical Mapping

    • Spatial Location

    • Find Me / Follow Me

    • Communications Enabled “Click to Connect”

    Syntrack for healthcare location track

    Entities shown on imported floor plan

    Selection of tracked entities

    Icons and colours differentiate types and states of entities

    SynTrack for Healthcare – Location Track

    Syntrack for healthcare multimedia services

    Clicking on this icon will initiate a call to David Jones

    SynTrack for Healthcare – Multimedia Services

    Click to call makes it easy to communicate with tracked personnel

    UC may also support IM, File sharing, or sending files can also be initiated.

    Microsoft OCS (shown), Nortel MCS and IBM Lotus Sametime

    Other Multimedia services are also available to initiate with John Davis

    Asset management enhanced uc solution

    Asset Management Enhanced UC Solution

    Asset Management Solution integrated with Nortel UC solutions (MCS, ICA)

    Location extended UC Presence

    Current location updated in real-time

    Efficiency: Call closest resource

    UC enhanced Asset Management

    UC Click to Call and Presence within the Asset Management Applications

    Asset Management automated alerts delivered to UC clients

    Productivity: Automate workflows with communications

    Drive efficiency gains and value through convergence of Asset Management and UC communications

    Nortel Confidential & Proprietary


    Alerts and alarms with ekahau tags and ocs

    General Healthcare

    Alerts and Alarms with Ekahau Tags and OCS

    • Leverage alert buttons on Ekahau T301 tag

    • IM based on alert

    • Location of incident shown on OC client location map

    Lone healthcare worker safety

    Locator Module: Virtual Worker Safety

    Capability delivered:

    Consent-based tracking of people

    Monitor safety of remote worker via password based updates

    Escalation procedure – IM, call, send GPS co-ordinates to police

    Value to customer:

    Ensure the safety of staff working in high-risk environments

    Lone Healthcare Worker Safety

    UC-enabled line-of-business applications (Services Integration)

    Nortel Confidential & Proprietary

    Where is it equipment locator

    “Where is it” – Equipment Locator

    • Allows a worker (Nurse) to locate the nearest piece of equipment of a certain type.

    • Equipment must be location tagged with use status monitored

    • Nurse’s location is tracked as well

    • Nurse interacts with the system on any phone using an IVR system.

    • Speech recognition allows question to be asked in any number of ways using natural language

    Where is an IV pump?

    The nearest IV pump is in the east hallway outside room 301

    Clinical alarms alerts

    Clinical Alarms & Alerts

    A full-solution approach that manages the broad variety of notifications and delivers them effectively to mobile devices.

    Sends event-driven alarms and alerts instantaneously to the right

    clinicians based on their role, the skills required and the clinician’s proximity to the location where the skills are needed.

    Solution Benefits

    • Improved care and staff efficiency through real time delivery of clinical alerts to mobile staff handsets.

    • Effective communication between clinician

    • Efficient response to care requirement

    • Enhanced Patient & Clinician Satisfaction

    Event processing clinical alarms alerts

    Event Processing: Clinical Alarms/Alerts

    Automated alerts are generated from monitoring devices to improve efficiency and response

    • Improve response to out-of-bounds conditions

    • Save time & increase staff efficiency

    • Improve workflow, performance & operations

    • Automate recording of audit trail for performance analysis

    • Wireless VoIP handsets are leveraged to enhance response

    • Integration of various systems that monitor state or condition and with systems that control output

    • Event Processing and Alarm Manager software drives alerts and information from monitoring devices to the right member of staff on their device of choice

    • UC integration generates UC-based event messaging based on business rules; automates creation of click-to-call options to respond to events

    Alarm Manager (Emergin, Comtech, …

    • Monitoring device detects out-of-bounds condition, an alarm is triggered & sent to Alarm Manager

    • Alarm Manager determines distribution of alarm, and sends alarm message to staff WLAN handset

    • Staff member’s WLAN handset rings, a text message is displayed indicating problem

    • Staff member can decide to accept, reject or phone the location where the alarm was generated; if not accepted, an alternate responder is contacted according to rules defined on alarm manager

    WiSP with

    Event Processing (optional))


    Gateway 2246

    (part of core n/w)


    Device gateway

    Registered staff

    Monitoring devices

    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

    Clinical Alarms & Alerts solution for Healthcare: improve response to out-of-bounds conditions – improving efficiency & care

    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

    Clinical Alarms & Alerts

    Example: Patient Monitor Alarm to WLAN Handset(s)

    4. Alarm Manager determines distribution of alarm. Sends alarm to attending nurse’s WLAN handset

    Alarm Manager


    Access Point

    3. Patient Monitor sends alarm message to Alarm Manager

    5. Attending Nurse’s WLAN handset rings and a text message is displayed indicating problem and monitor the alarm was sent from. Nurse is busy and does not accept the alarm

    2. An alarm is triggered

    1. Patient Monitor detects an out of bounds condition

    6. After a preset time the alarm rings the charge nurse’s WLAN handset. Alarm accepted.

    Syntrack for healthcare out of zone alerts

    SynTrack for Healthcare – Out of Zone alerts

    Infusion Pump is moved out of the Ward

    Movement out of the zone triggers a alarm message to WLAN handset and IM

    Enhancing a clinical process emergency response

    Enhancing a Clinical Process: Emergency Response

    Code Team

    Code Blue!!!


    • Human intensive process

    • Impact on Patient Care

    • High latency response

    • Error prone

    • Noise levels

    • Expensive

    Announce Intercom

    Team Converges

    Code Team Action

    Manually Log

    Manually identify team and send messages

    Collect Patient Records

    Name num

    Name num

    Name num

    Name num

    Name num

    Name num








    Code Team

    Code Blue!!!

    With Code Response

    • Faster response to critical events=lives saved and less litigation

    • Highly Automated less prone to human errors

    • Accurate logs

    • Reduced Interruptions to staff


    Automate Team formation

    Using Presence, Location etc.

    Code Team Action

    Auto Log







    Record Data

    Improved Patient Care, CSAT and <12 Month ROI


    Application gateway nortel wireless application gateway 2246

    Nurse Call

    Server Based


    Nav Up


    Nav Down

    Nav Up


    Alarm System





    Nav Down





    Heating, Ventilation and

    Air Conditioning (HVAC)


    Patient Monitoring

    Application GatewayNortel Wireless Application Gateway 2246

    WLAN Handset 6100 Series

    Wireless Application Gateway 2246

    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar





    DECT Messenger

    • Real World Connection

      • Complete alarms system with back-up, logging, escalations

      • Scalable and modular architecture allowing multiple input sources including hard contacts, paging controllers, serial streams and IP

      • Output escalations to GSM or other devices

      • Email notification

      • Scheduler to allow different users and/or escalations by time of day



    Serial input

    Web i/o

    GSM output

    Hard contact i/o



    Input and


    Nortel phone pool checkout solution

    Nortel Phone Pool Checkout Solution


    • Staff can “self check-out & check-in” handsets by simply swiping barcodes on the phones and staff badges at kiosk

    • Benefits

    • Improve communications effectiveness between clinicians

    • Eliminate need to post new clinician telephone numbers

    • for each shift

    • Fewer WLAN handsets with better utilization

    • Flexible numbering scheme

    • Wide range of applications

      • Nurses, Housekeeping…

    Call Server

    Micro-kiosk with scanner

    Phone Pool


    This solution has been disclosed as a Nortel patent and currently is protected by a Provisional Filing. The patent description is available under Disclosure 19331RO.

    Hospital room change phone management patient follow me phone

    Hospital Room Change Phone Management “Patient follow me phone”

    There are a significant number of patient room moves managing communications is costly

    Patient DN is now assigned to the phone

    In the new room

    Scan phone, Scan patient

    Mptc cell phone extension

    MPTC – Cell Phone extension

    • Allows Cell phones to be checked out at MTPC station and receive PBX calls.

    • Simplified Mobile-X but initially without presence (we will migrate this solution to leverage Mobile-x)

    Scan phone to

    receive PBX calls

    Scan phone to

    Stop receiving PBX calls

    All PBX calls to doctors

    DN are forwarded to his

    Cell phone

    Seminarium 8 location system rfid taggar

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