Electricity and magnetism
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Electricity and Magnetism. Day 1. Brain Booster: Todays Agenda: 1 . Brain Booster : 2. PIZZA and forms.. 3 . Get the iPad for you and your partner when I tell you to 4. Log on to discovery education and open your Science Journal…notice this weeks assignment that is due next Monday.

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Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity and Magnetism

Day 1

Brain Booster:

Todays Agenda:

1. Brain Booster:

2. PIZZA and forms..

3. Get the iPad for you and your partner when I tell you to

4. Log on to discovery education and open your Science Journal…notice this weeks assignment that is due next Monday.

5. Power point presentation associated with discovery education


restaurant goer

a bird

the Senate


a potato

a hurricane

a target


a river

a person

a cave

What is the one thing shared by all three items in the same group?


a cow

a shoe

a baby


a doctor's office

a post office



a zipper

a shark

A comb

A. a tongue

B. a scale (or a key)

C. teeth

D. a bill

E. an eye

F. a mouth

Getting to Know: The Electricity and Magnetism Relationship

On the bus ride to school, you may enjoy listening to some of your favorite music through your headphones. You might be surprised to learn that the speakers in your headphones work because of the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Tiny magnets inside a speaker make the speaker vibrate as the magnetic field in the speaker changes.

The vibrations of the speaker create sound waves that travel to your ears. So how does the magnetic field inside the speaker change? That is the work of devices called electromagnets.

Watch the following videos with your partner:

1. Electromagnetism

2. Electromagnetism

3. Maglev: Magnetic Acceleration

Day 2

Todays Agenda:1. Brain Booster

2. Get your iPad and log on to Discovery Education

3. Notice your online assignment which is due on Monday of next week…even though we do not have school

4. Complete the questions outlined for reading passages?

Magnetism: May the Force be with YOU

In this reading passage answer the following questions:

1. Who was James Clark Ross? What did he do and in what year?

2. Earth’s magnetic field flip flops. What does this mean?

3. How are electricity and magnetism related?

4. What is the Curie point?

5What is the right hand thumb rule?

6. What did you learn about bar magnets?

Day 3


1. Brain Booster

2. Essential Questions and vocabulary completed in class with your partner.

3. Watch the videos associated with each question and answer them in complete sentences in your science journal

4. When completing your vocabulary watch the video and animation

Vocabulary:magnet, mechanical energy, generator, electromagnet

Essential Questions:

How are electricity and magnetism related?

How can wire, a magnet, and mechanical energy be used to generate electricity?

What factors affect the amount of electricity that a generator produces?

What you do not finish in class is homework

Day 4

Brain Booster:

1. Get your iPad and log on to Discovery Education…reminder your online homework is due on Monday of Next Week

2. Power point notes associated with videos you have already watched in order to answer your essential questions

In general, electric current is the movement of charged particles through a conducting wire.

Whenever an electric current flows through a wire, a magnetic field is created around the wire. If the wire is wrapped around a metal core, the magnetic field created by the flowing current strengthens.

A simple electromagnet is a wire wrapped around a metal core that is connected to a power supply. When electricity flows through the wire, a magnetic field is generated. The entire device is known as an electromagnet because it uses electric current to generate a magnetic field.

Misconception: The larger the electromagnet, the stronger it is.

In fact, electromagnets come in different sizes and strengths, but the two properties are not always directly related. Stronger electromagnets have a stronger magnetic field. They are not necessarily larger than weaker electromagnets. Two electromagnets of the same size can differ in strength.

How Can Wire, a Magnet, and Mechanical Energy Be Used to Generate Electricity?

A generator is a device that uses magnets to produce an electric current.

With electromagnets, electric current flows through a wire and creates a magnetic field around the wire. For a generator, the opposite is true; a magnet that moves next to a wire causes electric current to flow through the wire.

This electrical current is carried through large wires from large generators in a power plant all the way to your home and school and then through smaller wires to the outlets inside.

Several factors affect the amount of electricity that a generator produces.

1. A stronger magnet will produce more electricity, because the change in the magnetic field near the wire in the generator is greater.

2. A faster magnet will produce more electricity for the same reason.

3. The number of coils in the wire also affects the amount of electricity.

4. A greater number of coils will produce more electricity because the magnetic field is passing through a greater length of wire.


Watch the two videos at the bottom of the screen:

Magnetism in the Real World Magnets, magnetic poles, and electromagnetism are used in many ways in our world.

Using a Motor to Generate Electricity: A Demonstration A motor uses magnets to produce electricity. This segment demonstrates this concept.



Brain Booster:


1. Get your iPad and log on to Discovery Education

2. Today we are wrapping up our section and completing the videos associated with Elaborate.

1. Creating More Powerful Magnetic Forces and Looking at Magnetic Po... Electricity can be used to increase the magnetic force in electromagnets.

2. Building a Generator: An Experiment How are generators made? In this segment, we learn how to make a generator.

3. Electromagnetics in Use An electric current turns an electromagnet on and off.

4. Using Steam: Understanding Geothermal Energy Geothermal power plants use natural steam or hot water from inside the Earth to generate electr...

THIS SHOULD NOT TAKE THE WHOLE PERIOD. When you are done make sure you have completed everything for this section

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