Part 6 filing 3 rd party claims
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Part 6 Filing 3 rd Party Claims - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Part 6 Filing 3 rd Party Claims. Addressing: Medicare DME Supplier Codes and Modifiers Post-op Glasses (one pair per cataract surgery) Post-op Contact Lenses. Disclaimers.

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Part 6 filing 3 rd party claims

Part 6Filing 3rd Party Claims


Medicare DME Supplier Codes and Modifiers

Post-op Glasses (one pair per cataract surgery)

Post-op Contact Lenses


This information was prepared by the 3rd Party Consultant to the Nebraska Optometric Association, Ed Schneider OD.

To the best of his knowledge, it was current and accurate at the time it was prepared. It is not guaranteed to be error or omission free.

It was prepared as general information to assist doctors and staff, and is not intended to grant rights or impose obligations.


• The ultimate responsibility for the correct submission of claims and compliance with provider contracts lies with the provider of services.

• The Nebraska Optometric Association, and its presenters, agents, consultants and staff makeno representation, warranty, or guarantee that this presentation and/or its contents are error-free or omission-free, and will bear no responsibility or liability for the results or consequences of the information contained herein.

What is medicare dme
What is Medicare DME

  • DME: Durable Medical Equipment supplied to Medicare Recipients

    • Wheelchairs

    • Oxygen

    • Refractive Lenses to replace the missing crystalline lens of the eye

      • Post Cataract surgery

      • Congenital absence

    • Many, many other items

Who manages medicare dme
Who Manages Medicare DME

  • DME Suppliers managed by the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC), currently administered by PalmettoGBA.

  • DME Claims handled by our DME carrier, Noridian Administrative Services.

To enroll as a medicare supplier
To Enroll as a Medicare Supplier

Our Medicare Supplier Administrative Contractor…

Local Coverage Determination Policy Article HCPCS Codes Covered

Local Coverage Determination Codes Covered

Policy Article Codes Covered

Cost to become a medicare supplier
Cost to Become a Medicare Supplier Codes Covered

  • To enroll as a supplier: ~$500 every three years

  • Cost of Surety Bond (if needed…)

Dme requirements
DME Requirements Codes Covered

  • Accreditation (not needed by ODs)

    Requires none-degree holding suppliers to obtain accreditation from official accrediting body (initial cost $2500; + ~$1000 per year)

  • Surety Bonds

    Requires some suppliers to obtain a $50,000 surety bond (costs $500-$1500 per year)

When surety bond is needed
When Surety Bond is Needed Codes Covered

A DMEPOS surety bond is needed by an ODs if s/he

  • Sells any DME other than post-op glasses or CLs

  • Has an optician that is registered with DME

  • Filled out their 855S enrollment incorrectly

  • Dispensary has a different tax ID number

  • Fills outside Medicare post-op RXs w/o established relationship with patient…(more)$FIle/suretybondfaqs09102009.pdf

Outside rx and need for surety bond
Outside Rx and Need for Surety Bond Codes Covered

  • Written order for your patient by doctor in your office

    • You have an established relationship –surety bond not required by Medicare

  • Written order by another doctor (surgeon, walk in, etc.) You must either…

    • Purchase surety bond or…

    • AOA: Establish a relationship with the patient (check refraction, acuity, write Rx, document, etc.)

The supplier must have on file
The supplier must have on file Codes Covered

  • A written order (complete description).

    • Must be signed and dated by the treating physician;

  • A properly executed beneficiary authorization for assigned claims;

  • A proper advance beneficiary notice (ABN) if a covered item is personal preference (not ordered by the physician)

Valid written order that contains
Valid written order that contains: Codes Covered

  • Beneficiary's name

  • Detailed description of the item(s) to be dispensed

  • Treating physician's signature

  • Date the treating physician signed the order

Order Form: Codes Covered

Quentin Quack OD 1/1/05

Authorization form
Authorization Form Codes Covered

  • As found on the CMS-1500, or

  • In-office equivalent, that remains in effect until canceled by patient

Before submitting a claim to dme the supplier must have on file
Before submitting a claim to DME, Codes Coveredthe supplier must have on file

  • Proof of delivery;

  • DME (DMEPOS) Supplier Standards should be given to patient & duplicate documented in record.

Order Form: Codes Covered

(Proof of Delivery)

Received by _________________ Date __________

Patient Signature

Quentin Quack OD 1/1/05

Medicare dme supplier standards
Medicare DME Supplier Standards Codes Covered

  • Applicable Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Standards must be followed by the supplier, and a copy given to the patient.

  • Read them

  • Follow them

  • Give a copy to the patient

Regarding medical records
Regarding Medical Records… Codes Covered

  • It is expected that the patient’s medical records will reflect the need for the care provided.

  • These records are not routinely submitted but must be available upon request.

  • Therefore, while it is not a requirement, it is a recommendation that suppliers obtain and review the appropriate medical records and maintain a copy in the beneficiary’s file.

Medical records must support the need for refractive lenses as defined by medicare
Medical records must support the need for Codes Coveredrefractive lenses as defined by Medicare*

  • Pseudophakia (ICD-9 V43.1); or

  • Aphakia (ICD-9 379.31); or

  • Congenital Aphakia (ICD-9 743.35).

*Medicare only covers refractive lenses to restore vision normally provided by the natural lens of the eye. (quasi-prosthesis)

What is covered
What is Covered? Codes Covered

One pair of glasses (lenses and frame) after each cataract surgery.

  • Lenses

    • single vision ($36-$70 per lens)*

    • standard bifocal ($39-$81per lens)*

    • standard trifocal. ($60-$108per lens)*

  • Standard Frames ($61)*

*fees are approximate, current in 2012

Basic rules of dme coding
Basic Rules of DME Coding Codes Covered

  • Filing a DME claim with Noridian…the basics found at:

  • Specific Rules for Refractive Lens coding on following slides…

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Referring Dr. Data Codes Covered

Referring Doctor’s


Referring Doctor


BOTTOM CMS-1500 Qualifying Information Codes Covered

Example: Date assumed + date relinquished post-op care

+ # Post-op care days.

Date of Surgery and RT or LT

Billing reminders
Billing Reminders Codes Covered

One of the following ICD-9 codes that justifies the need must be included on the claim :

  • V43.1 (pseudophakia); (second diagnosis – first diagnosis is the cataract as per surgeon)

  • 379.31(aphakia); (second diagnosis – first diagnosis is the cataract as per surgeon)

  • 743.35 (congenital aphakia).

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Claim lines Codes Covered

Primary diagnosis (used by surgeon)




Date of Delivery

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Charges/Fee Data Codes Covered


V-codes with modifiers

Usual and customary fees charged (based on “per lens”)

Non covered items
Non-Covered Items Codes Covered

Progressive Lenses V2781

  • When billing claims for progressive lens, use the appropriate code for the standard bifocal (V2200-V2299) or trifocal (V2300-V2399) lens

  • Add a second line item using code V2781 for the difference between the charge for the progressive lens and the standard lens

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2203RTLT 9400 2

  • V2781GY 20600 2

Non covered items1
Non-Covered Items Codes Covered

Deluxe Frames V2025

  • When billing claims for deluxe frames, use code V2020 for the cost of standard frames

  • Add a second line item using code V2025 for the difference between the charges for the deluxe frames and the standard frames

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2020 5200

  • V2025GY 9800

Billing reminders1
Billing Reminders Codes Covered

  • Use the RT and LT modifiers with all HCPCS codes in the refractive lenses policy with the following exceptions:

    • V2020

    • V2025

  • When lenses are provided bilaterally and the same code is used for both lenses, bill both on the same claim line using LTRT and two units of service and total charge for both lenses.

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2750EYGARTLT 2

  • V2744EYGARTLT 2

  • V2780EYGARTLT 2

  • V2784EYGARTLT 2

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2750EYGART 1

  • V2750EYGALT 1

Claims for special items
Claims for Special Items Codes Covered

The following special items are covered only if documented as ordered by the physician (OD or MD)

  • Anti-reflective coating (V2750),

  • Tints (V2744, V2745) or

  • Oversize lenses (V2780)

  • Polycarbonate or Trivex (V2784) for the patient with functionally monocular vision

Billing reminders2
Billing Reminders Codes Covered

  • Anti-reflective coating (V2750)

  • Tints (V2744, V2745)

  • Oversized lenses (V2780)

  • Polycarbonate or Trivex TM (V2784) for the patient with monocular vision

Add KX modifier for each of these items specifically ordered by the physician:

Add EY modifier for each of these items provided as a patient preference:

Add GA modifier on personal preference items after having patient sight ABN

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2750KX

  • V2744KX

  • V2780KX

  • V2784KX

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered



  • V2750EYGA

  • V2744EYGA

  • V2780EYGA

  • V2784EYGA

Non covered items2
Non-Covered Items Codes Covered

  • UV coating (V2755) billed with polycarbonate lenses (V2784)

  • Tinted lenses used as sunglasses

    • (V2745) tints

    • (V2744) photochromatic lenses

Non covered items3
Non-Covered Items Codes Covered

  • Polycarbonate (V2784) or high index glass or plastic (V2782, V2783) for indications such as light weight or thinness

  • Scratch resistant coating (V2760),

  • Mirror coating (V2761),

  • Polarization (V2762),

  • Deluxe lens feature (V2702) (e.g., edge tx., etc.)

Non covered items4
Non-Covered Items Codes Covered

  • Specialty occupational multifocal lenses (V2786)

  • Hydrophillic soft contact lenses (V2520-V2523) used as a corneal dressing

  • Eyeglass cases (V2756)

  • Low vision aids (V2600-V2615)

  • Vision supplies, accessories, and/or service components of another HCPCS vision code (V2797)

  • Contact lens cleaning solution and normal saline

Modifier gy http www wpsmedicare com j5macpartb resources modifiers
Modifier GY Codes Covered

  • Used to indicate that the item or service is statutorily non-covered (not a Medicare Benefit).

  • Patient is responsible for payment

BOTTOM CMS-1500 Service & Materials Supplied Codes Covered


  • V2025GY

  • V2760GY

  • V2781GY

Kx ey and ga modifiers
KX, EY, and GA Modifiers Codes Covered

Kx ey and ga modifiers1
KX, EY, and GA Modifiers Codes Covered

For true aphakic patients may supply one of the following
For True aphakic patients, may supply one of the following…

  • Bifocal lenses in frames; or

  • Lenses in frames for far vision and lenses in frames for near vision; or

  • Contact lenses for far vision and lenses in frames for near vision worn simultaneously; or

  • Contact lenses and lenses in frames worn when the contacts have been removed.

Thank you for listening
Thank You for Listening following…

We hope this information has been helpful.

Thank you for listening!

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