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OpenScape Office MX. Expand your outlook. Primed. Ready for Smart Growth Back in Business!. We are gradually recovering from global recession It is time to start planning for smart growth & investment. Business Growth. Reduce Costs. Where can you save money without cutting corners?

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openscape office mx

OpenScape Office MX

Expand your outlook

primed ready for smart growth back in business
Primed. Ready for Smart GrowthBack in Business!
  • We are gradually recovering from global recession
  • It is time to start planning for smart growth & investment




  • Where can you save money without cutting corners?
  • Can technology help your business save?

Is the way your company communicates helping or hindering you?

  • How to best utilize your lean staff’s time?
  • Can technology help your employees get more done?

Improve Productivity

Customer Satisfaction

  • How can you keep your customers happy?
  • Can technology keep you in closer contact with customers and suppliers?
understand the hidden impact of inefficient communications in your business
Understand the Hidden Impact of Inefficient Communications in Your Business

The top 5 communications issues according to 500+ SMEs around the world*


70% of surveyed SMEs experienced these issues

Up to 40% of employee work time was impacted!!!


Wrong number? Difficult to get all the right people in the conversation at once?



Can’t reach key people? Email takes too long to get a reply? Can’t see faxes or voicemails when they come in?



Key clients can’t get through? Low-priority calls interfering?



Taking too long to resolve calls? Can’t connect customers with the experts? Struggling to keep track of an issue?


Click here to see what these issues may be costing you!!!


Can’t access the right comms tool? Taking longer to set up than to talk? Can’t reach everyone?

* Source: SIS International Research, SMB Communications Study, 2008

unified communications from openscape office the all in one solution to your communications issues
Unified Communications from OpenScape Office The All-in-one Solution to Your Communications Issues!



Stop waiting around for information!

Efficiently coordinate communications!


Know your customers & keep them happy!


Knock down collaboration barriers!


Control how & when you can be reached!

openscape office mx v2 expand your outlook

Reduce your communications costs

Enable your staff to get more done

Serve your customers better

Lay the foundation to start growing again!

OpenScape Office MX V2 Expand your outlook

OpenScape Office MX is the first all-in-one Unified Communications solution built specifically for small businesses

Make the smart investment in OpenScape Office MX and:

The most complete all-in-one UC platform:presence, telephony, conferencing, IM, voicemail, directory, fax, contact center

Easy-to-access UC that works seamlessly as part of MS Outlook with features that need just a few clicks to use!

Rock-solid foundation of security & reliability due to OpenSmart architectural design

openscape office mx1

OpenScape Office MX

Solution Overview

what is openscape office mx
What is OpenScape Office MX?

OpenScape Office

Unified Communications Application

OpenScape Office MX All-in-one HW/SW UC Platform

Integrated, Easy-to-Use Clients

  • Supports 10-150 users
  • All-in-one functionality comes pre-installed:
    • UC Application
    • Multimedia Contact Center
    • Voice, fax, conferencing, voicemail
    • Mobility – WLAN and cellular
    • Security – VPN and firewall
    • Carrier connectivity via broadband, digital, and analog lines
  • End-users access OpenScape Office MX via a wide range of clients and devices
    • OpenScape Office desktop clients:
      • myPortal & myPortal for Outlook (users)
      • myAgent (contact center staff)
      • myAttendant (receptionist)
    • UC-enabled OpenStage Phones
    • SEN client & device family
    • Mobility Clients

Click here for more on platform components

Click here for more on SEN clients & devices


myPortal for Outlook Increase revenue opportunity, increase productivity

Install a simple plug-in to integrate myPortal with Outlook

Click to go back

Presence status automatically changes based on keywords in your calendar

Lower chance for missed opportunities because they “slipped through the cracks”

Little training required

Improved staff satisfaction

A familiar, single view of all emails, faxes, etc. in one portal

integrated presence increase productivity and satisfaction
Integrated Presence Increase productivity and satisfaction

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Set presence status via your Outlook calendar

Voicemail changes automatically to reflect presence status, so external and internal users are presence-aware!

See who is already on another call

Presence can be set via GUI or TUI

Increase productivity

Decrease phone tag

drag drop conferencing decrease operational cost increase productivity
Drag & Drop ConferencingDecrease operational cost, increase productivity

Instantly start a conference call directly from MS Outlook!

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Visually manage call setup and save frequently used conferences

Drag & Drop internal and external contacts via the Favorites List

Eliminate 3rd party conferencing service

Reduce unnecessary travel expenses


One Number ServiceIncrease productivity, decrease training costs

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Control how calls are routed depending on your presence status

Never miss a key call again!

Increase availability on your terms

Keep your customers happy

Set up specific rules for VIPs that override standard policy

Give out one number, not 3, 4 or more

directory access increase productivity and employee satisfaction
Directory AccessIncrease productivity and employee satisfaction

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Find contacts quickly and easily with combined directory searching


Personal Directory: Outlook contacts

Company Directory: Corporate contacts via LDAP connect or import

Internal Directory:All OpenScape Office users that are directly entered into the OpenScape Office system are automatically available

No more fumbling between multiple directories to collaborate

Save time and frustration


Personal NotificationsIncrease productivity, decrease training costs

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Always know when you have received an incoming voice or faxmessage

Be informed and act accordingly

Choose how and when to be notified

Improve your customer responsiveness

Critical for sales reps, managers, and other key staff


Visible VoicemailIncrease productivity, improve workflow

Prioritize voice messages. Know which message to respond to first before even listening to them.

Click to go back

Click and play to retrieve voice messages via phone or computer speakers

Current and manageable information

Never miss an important call

ONE system to log into

Send an email with a voicemail attached as a .WAV file


Fax BoxIncrease productivity, improve workflow

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Receive, view, and manage fax messagesas they come in

Forward, save, and file fax messages as needed

Use a simple print driver for outgoing fax messages

Never miss a fax message (order, instruction, contract)

Secure, current and manageable information

One screen, one system

instant messaging increase productivity and employee satisfaction
Instant MessagingIncrease productivity and employee satisfaction

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Quickly communicate with contacts from your Favorites list

Communicate in real time instead of waiting for emails

React and make decisions faster

Collaborate better

call pop ups and live call recording increase response time and satisfaction
Call Pop-ups and Live Call RecordingIncrease response time and satisfaction

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Be immediately informed when important calls come through

Record important live phone calls when you are already in a call

Faster response time

Keep track of customer issues


Personal AutoAttendantIncrease productivity, decrease training costs

Click to go back

When you are unavailable, allow your customers to talk to a colleague or assistant instead of going to voicemail

Professional, automated customer care

Intuitive interface requires little training

Simply click a button to record your personal menu


Call JournalIncrease productivity, improve workflow

Click to go back

Your call journal displays your call history. Don’t go crazy trying to remember who you have called and who you haven’t.

Eliminate need to log into multiple voicemail systems

Improved customer care

Easily track which customers, vendors, and other contacts with whom you need to get in touch

openscape office contact center improve first call resolution and customer service
OpenScape Office Contact CenterImprove First Call Resolution and Customer Service

Inbound Multimedia Contact Center for distribution of voice, fax and e-mail for even the smallest contact center

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Agents and Supervisors covered by a single license!

Presence integration with OpenScape Office UC

Skill-based routing and VIP support

Individual recording of contact Center Calls


myAgent (Contact Center Client)Increase productivity, decrease training costs

Click to go back

Agent functions

Team information

Contact center calls

Arrange agent desktop controls

Queue information

Feature-rich contact center with built-in OpenScape Office presence

Improve customer service and first contact resolution

Hands-free controls

***For more detail on myAgent, refer to the OpenScape Office Contact Center presentation***


myAttendantIncrease productivity, decrease training costs

See the entire presence status of everyone in the company; manage and control calls

Click to go back

Transfer calls to staff who are available and can talk to customers immediately

Powerful management tool for the receptionist, office administrator, or team leader

Very little training required; intuitive interface

View / change presence and manage voicemail for teams / workgroups. *

*Dependant on user granted permissions.

favorites list increase productivity and employee satisfaction
Favorites ListIncrease productivity and employee satisfaction

Click to go back

See all your Favorites in one view; IM or call them with just a click

Dial a favorite via any number (office, mobile, etc.) directly with one click

Increase productivity by grouping contacts into teams or projects

See who is available to collaborate in one look

Drag and drop your favorite people from any one of the combined directories

click to dial from any application increase productivity and improve response time
Click to Dial from any Application*Increase productivity and improve response time

Click to go back

Call a contact directly from a number that is displayed in any application

For example, dial a number from a customer mailing list in Word, a vendor number in your Internet browser, or customer in your CRM package (i.e.

Save time. Just click and dial!

Convenient for customer follow-up

*Must have myPortal for Outlook for this option to work

call me increase reachability and responsiveness
Call Me!Increase Reachability and Responsiveness

Click to go back

Forward all incoming calls to your mobile or home number in 10 seconds

Never miss a call, and don’t worry about customers having to try reaching you at multiple numbers

Better customer service

Improved team collaboration

built in mobility for every type of working decrease phone bills office space and energy use

Office Roamers

Road Warriors

Remote Working

Built-in Mobility for Every Type of WorkingDecrease phone bills, office space, and energy use


  • Cell phone integration
  • One mailbox
  • Remote presence status control
  • Personal notification
  • Personal auto attendant



  • WLAN: Voice & data
  • Desksharing
  • Dual-mode GSM phone support
  • One Number Service
  • Secure VPN
  • CallMe! Service

Lower mobile and land line phone bills

Less office space

Less energy; greener company

openscape office mx v2 opensmart comprehensive opensmart capabilities and reliability testing





Enterprise-grade Voice reliability extended to all UC applications

Security extended beyond data networks to voice and UC

Exceptionally easy to install, integrate, and service

Fully integrated, intuitive web-based management

  • 50 new feature improvements
  • 3500 QA test cases
  • 900 days field trials
  • 600 days beta testing
  • 1500 hours lab tests
  • Hardened platform
  • Built-in VPN and firewall
  • Established security process including security assessments, security checklist and vulnerability management tools for partners
  • Intuitive configuration wizards
  • Automatic back-up and debugging
  • Seamless integration with MS Outlook, Exchange, LDAP, etc.
  • SSDP plug-in for techs
  • Office Management Portal (OMP)
  • Intuitive web interface for configuration, changes and reporting
OpenScape Office MX V2 – OpenSmartComprehensive OpenSmart capabilities and reliability testing

OpenSmart is SEN’s design philosophy to build leading-edge UC capabilities on top of a foundation that is reliable, secure, serviceable, and manageable



openscape office mx v2 expand your outlook1
OpenScape Office MX V2 Expand your outlook

Reduce Communications Costs

And get ready to grow!

  • Unified voicemail system for mobile & landline
  • Bring voice conferencing services in-house
  • Leverage lowest-cost communications with SIP Trunking (up to 30% savings)
  • Reduce office space via mobility options

Get More Done

  • Collaborate better with automatic integration between presence, voicemail, Outlook calendar, and contacts
  • Reach out faster via drag & drop conferencing, IM, and “click to dial” from any application
  • Utilize mobility for a more flexibile & agile workforce

Serve Customers Better

  • Integrated contact center with unique presence and UC integration for superior first contact resolution
  • Control and prioritize calls to resolve key issues first
  • Connect to experts faster via presence and mobility
features at your fingertips added openscape office capabilities since market introduction
Features at your FingertipsAdded OpenScape Office Capabilities Since Market Introduction

Top 10 New Features

More Features

  • Professional Announcements and Greetings for Callers
  • myPortal and Outlook Calendar Synch
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar Integration
  • Optimized Handling of Group Voicemail
  • Support of Dual Mode GSM Phones
  • Deactivation of Voicemail Recording
  • Personal myPortal Login for Desk-sharers
  • Permanent Dial-in Conference Bridge
  • Conferencing Capacity of up to 16 seats
  • < 20 User Activation Package
  • Call Back List
  • Programmable Speed Dial Keys for Desktop Phones
  • Caller Names Displayed
  • Dial by Name or Extension for AutoAttendant
  • Voicemail Callback
  • Urgent Message Tag
  • Fax Message Confirmation
  • Group Voicemail Support
  • Additional myPortal GUI Languages
  • Public Contact Folder
  • LDAP-based Corporate Directory Search
  • CallMe! Service Displays Office Phone Extension for Incoming Calls
  • Journal Shows “Open” Calls of the Day

Partner Specific Features

  • Windows Terminal Server / Citrix Support
  • WBM Improvements
  • HiPath Cordless IP Support
what can you gain by addressing these costs

You must be in Presentation Mode to view the calculator. Please make sure you have a current Flash player installed.

What Can YOU Gain by Addressing these Costs?

NOTE: The calculator results are an estimation of potential productivity savings and is not a guarantee of savings.

Click here to go back

  • Select your country and vertical from the menu.
  • Enter the number of employees in your company.
  • Move the square orange sliders to enter the amount of time you spend each week on each hidden cost.


The number in the grey box shows how much of your hidden cost can be avoided with Siemens UC solutions.

The numbers in the yellow fields show how much is wasted on communications barriers and latency per year.

openscape office mx v2 features what do we mean by all in one uc
OpenScape Office MX V2 FeaturesWhat do we mean by all-in-one UC?
  • Presence-integrated Telephony
  • Mobility (Office Roamer, Road Warrior, Remote Worker, CallMe!)
  • myPortal UC client and myPortal for Outlook
  • myAttendant
  • myAgent (Contact Center client)
  • Drag & Drop Conferencing
  • Personal AutoAttendant
  • Outlook Calendar integration
  • Click to Dial from any application
  • Directories
  • Favorites List / Internal IM
  • Visible Voicemail
  • Fax Box
  • Call Journal
  • One Number Service
  • Screen Pops
  • Live Call Recording
  • Analog phone support

OpenScape OfficeUC SUITE

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platform overview openscape office mx
Platform OverviewOpenScape Office MX
  • Modular and Scalable System UnitRack mounted housing supporting the new µTCA industrial standard, powerful AMD Sempron CPU, 1GB memory, 80 GB hard disk
  • Pure IP SystemNativeIP internal board-to-board via powerful Gigabit data bus backplane
  • Gateway Modules for All TDM Configurations
  • Individual Scalability3 deployable slots for gateway modules per system box
  • Gigabit LAN Powerful Internet access and uplink to customers’ IP infrastructure

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Interfaces, Devices, and FunctionsOpenScape Office MX

1 PRI - Interface

4 BRI – Interfaces

4 analog Interfaces

4-Gigabit LAN - Ports

Gigabit DMZ - Port

Gigabit WAN - Port

USB Master/Slave







Firewall / IPSec VPN

Hard disk as back-upoption


Secure LAN /



LAN Switch

Web Mgmt.



ITSP / SIP Trunking



AP Client



Door unit

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hardware architecture gateway modules openscape office mx
Hardware Architecture: Gateway ModulesOpenScape Office MX





1 primary rate ISDN trunk port (E1) providing up to 30 voice connections to public networks (Not for USA)


4 basic rate ISDN ports for connecting to public network or to ISDN subscribers (e.g. ISDN modem or G4 fax)


1 primary rate trunk port (T1) providing up to 24 voice connections to public networks (USA only)

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hardware architecture gateway modules openscape office mx1
Hardware Architecture: Gateway ModulesOpenScape Office MX




GMAL8 analog subscriber ports for connecting analog devices (e.g. fax, door phone entry, phones, etc.)

GMSA4 basic rate ISDN ports for connecting to public network or to ISDN subscribers (e.g. ISDN modem or G4 fax)

4 analog subscriber ports for connecting analog devices (e.g. fax, door phone entry, phones, etc.)

GMAA 4 analog trunk ports for connecting to public network. 2 analog subscriber ports for connecting analog devices (e.g. fax, door phone entry, phones, etc.)

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scale up to 150 users voice network up to 4 sites

1 unit system = 50 users

2 unit system = 100 users

3 unit system = 150 users

Scale Up To 150 UsersVoice network up to 4 sites
  • Each 19” unit contains a main board that can support up to 50 Users
  • 6 hot pluggable peripheral boards options
  • Single system image managed by ONE web-based Interface
  • Connect multiple boxes with a patch cable (Max. 100m)
  • Voice network up to 4 sites. Separate management AND application of each system only.

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devices and clients
Devices and Clients

OpenStage Desktop Phones

Gigaset DECT and optiPoint WLAN Phones

  • Award-winning design featuring lush LCD displays, ergonomic controls, and high definition voice
  • UC-enabled IP voice featuring an open XML interface and SDK for easy solution and app integration
  • Bluetooth, WLAN, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB for maximum connectivity options and personal mobility
  • On-site mobile voice communications
  • Gigaset professional DECT phones are a reliable, cost-effective means to extend SEN’s best-in-class voice features anywhere on site
  • Leverage your network infrastructure: secure, standards-based optiPoint WL2 phones deliver high-quality voice across converged WLANs

Mobile Clients

Soft Clients

  • The industry’s most complete mobile UC suite enables communications anywhere from any device
  • HiPath MobileConnect and Mobility clients provide a seamless & consistent user experience across the corporate WLAN and public mobile networks
  • Platform-integrated SMB mobility solutions
  • Experience unified communications from the PC with OpenScape UC Application
  • OpenScape UC Application Personal Edition provides crystal-clear voice communications

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onsite mobility for voice and data an integrated wireless lan wlan solution

AP 2640

AP 2630

Onsite Mobility for Voice and DataAn integrated wireless LAN (WLAN) solution
  • Supports WLAN standards (802.11 b/g up to 54 MBit)
  • Fast and secure roaming and handover for voice connections
  • Up to 10 access points (AP) can be clustered
  • Robust quality of service (QoS)
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Integrates with OpenScape Office MX Web-based Management (WBM)
hipath cordless ip for hipath openoffice me the new dect based voice solution

IP Network


OpenScape Office

HiPath Cordless IP for HiPath OpenOffice METhe new DECT based voice solution

Supported Features

  • Multiple base stations provide seamless roaming/ handover
  • Support of Gigaset professional handset family
  • One HiPath Cordless IP base station controls the others
  • Administration of the base stations via the web
  • Feature range per seamless handover cluster:
    • Up to 10 base stations
    • Up to 10 simultaneous calls per cluster

* If mobile users require myPortal support, WLAN infrastructure and WL2 phones must be sold

your unified communications package options for your business




Integrated Software

Hardware / Infrastructure


What do I want to do?

What hardware do I need?

What phones can I use?

  • OpenScape Office Options
  • myPortal
  • Outlook Plug-in
  • myAttendant
  • Contact Center*
    • myAgent
  • Platform Options
  • OpenScape Office MX
  • HiPath 3000 V8

Mobility Infrastructure Options

  • HiPath Wireless Access Points
  • HiPath Wireless Controller
  • HiPath Cordless (DECT)
  • HiPath Cordless IP (IP DECT)

Phone Options

  • OpenStage 10,15,20,40,60,80
  • optiPoint WL2 Professional
  • optiClient and OpenScape PE
  • optiPoint 410 and 420
  • optiPoint 500
  • Gigaset Professional
  • Analog
Your Unified Communications PackageOptions for your business

* Available on OpenScape Office MX