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Money Maker. With Zulazune Technology. With Zulazone Technology. All over the world We are surrounded by ADS’s Some with benefits and some irritates us. What we have today . Micro payment solution Chain store solution Local area solution. Zz tech presents.

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Money Maker

With Zulazune Technology

With Zulazone Technology

What we have today

All over the world

We are surrounded by ADS’s

Some with benefits and some irritates us

What we have today

Zz tech presents

Micro payment solution

Chain store solution

Local area solution

Zz tech presents

1 micro payments

In some web sites the customer needs to pay or send SMS to get a service or a ringtone or MP3.

ZulaZone tech gives the customers new payments method: the customer can see Video ADS on the web, answer a question and get the goods without actually paying anything.

1) Micro payments

1 micro payment

The micro payments can increase significantly the sales on the web.

With ZulaZone tech, the web owner & the customers benefit from ads:

The customer doesn't need to send SMS or PayPal, he just click on the ZulaZone tech method, see an AD answer the question, and he / she can get the goods / service.

1) Micro payment

1 micro payment1

The web owner can install the web.ZulaZone Tech code to his web site and create a new payment method with ZulaZone Ads (in addition to PayPal, SMS, Visa).

This way the customer can decide which payment methods he prefers.

1) Micro payment

1 micro payment2

If the customer decide do click on the web.Zulazone tech payment , he will get a popup:

1) Micro payment

1 micro payment3

After answering the question on the AD he will the web.get access to the goods / service he wanted.

1) Micro payment

2 chain store solution

Big chain stores can work with the web.ZulaZone tech and put it on their web site.

The chain stores can let their customers see ADs and earn money in order to spend it in the same chain stores only.

This way the chain stores can give their customers “free money” if they see the ADs.

This way the customer will stay loyal to the chain store.

2) Chain store solution

2 chain store solution1

What kind of businesses can use the web.Zulazone Chain store Solution?

Big retailers

Network of shopping malls

Big customer clubs

2) Chain store solution

2 chain store solution4

The customer needs to see the Ads. site :

For example : the balance before watching the ADs is $26.5

2) chain store solution

2 chain store solution6

After answering correctly the balance will grow site :for example by $1

2) chain store solution

2 chain store solution7

T site :he customer needs to click on “play new” button and see more Ads and to make more money.

2) chain store solution

3 local area solution

ZulaZone site : tech can support the local business

This is a service similar to the network solution covered above

In the local area solution we will let the customers see a local ADs and the customer will be able to spend his money in the local shops / businesses.

Using this way these local businesses get loyal local members

3) Local Area solution

3 local area solution1

Demo: example of local ad site :

3) Local area solution

Zulazone engine

ZulaZone site : engine allow you to schedule your campaign.

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine1

ZulaZone site : engine allow you to control your ADs budget in the campaign.

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine2

ZulaZune site : engine allow you to control how many questions you will have in every Ads ( the questions are selected in ramdom way)

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine3

ZulaZune site : engine allow you to have targeting ADs: (Male or female) and (from age to age) for every ADs in the campaign

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine4

ZulaZone site : engine allow you to control your campaign and to approved ADs only after the web manager approve

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine5

ZulaZone site : tech engine allow you to manage more then 1 campaign in real time.

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine6

ZulaZone site : engine allow you to see all the information in 1 page, for every ADS.

Zulazone engine

Zulazone engine7

Zulazone site : engine allow you to see statistics in real time for every campaign.

Zulazone engine

To sum up

  • ZulzZone site : tech allow you to work on the web with 3 different solutions

  • ZulaZone work under triple win solution:

    • ZulaZoneearn money

    • The web site owner / chain store / publisher earn money

    • The customer earn money

  • ZulaZone make 2 success pilot and tested the tech of the engine and the client

  • Client here is a smart flash video player that supports ads and questions

To sum up