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PERTEMUAN 21-22. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE STRATEGIC PLAN (Implementasi Perencanaan Strategi). TIK. Mahasiswa mampu menghasilkan strategi launching produk baru. . Classic Product Life Cycle. Gambar 18.1. The Launch Cycle. Figure 18-1. Sales and Expenditures. Sales. Expenditures.

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(Implementasi Perencanaan Strategi)


  • Mahasiswa mampu menghasilkan strategi launching produk baru.

Classic Product Life Cycle

  • Gambar 18.1

The Launch Cycle

Figure 18-1

Sales and




PrelaunchBeachhead Early growth


Launch Tactics

  • The Communications Plan

  • The Copy Strategy Statement

  • Personal Selling

Tactical Launch Decisions and Actions, Showing Influences on Demand

Figure 18.2


  • Getting to be popular, and very creatively managed.

  • Far from the old days of “tease the public.”

  • Preannouncement signaling may be used (“vaporware”).


  • This refers to the heavy expenditure needed to overcome sales inertia (“getting the ball rolling”).

  • Steep rising expenditures curve during this period, up to point where sales are increasing at an increasing rate.

  • Begins with the announcement.

  • Key decision during beachhead: when do you end it? How do you know inertia has been overcome?

Copy Strategy Statement

  • Communications tools used at launch will have certain deliverables.

  • The way in which the firm communicates these deliverables to the advertising and promotion creative people is the copy strategy statement.

  • Typical contents:

    • The market segment targeted

    • The product positioning statement

    • The communications (promotion) mix

    • The major copy points to be communicated.

Typical Examples of Copy Points

  • “The provider of this insurance policy is the largest in the world.”

  • “This cellular phone has no geographic limitation.”

  • “Dockers are available at JCPenney.”

  • “Future neurosurgeons benefit from the hand-to-eye skills of computer games like this one.”

There is no limit to the choices here, but there must be a

focus. Only a few copy points are going to be accomplished

at a time.

A-T-A-R Goals: The New Product Group’s Obligation

  • New product group must persuade itself and management that the plan can achieve the necessary awareness, availability, trial, and repeat purchase...

  • and that it can do so in sufficient quantity and at acceptable cost.


  • Measuring Awareness

  • Methods for Getting Awareness

Motivating Distributors

Figure 18-3

  • Increase distributor’s unit volume.

  • Increase distributor’s unit margin.

  • Reduce distributor’s cost of doing business.

  • Change distributor’s attitude toward the line.

Alternative Tools and Devices for Motivating Distributors

  • Gambar 18.3

Barriers to Trial

  • Lack of interest in the claim.

  • Lack of belief in the claim.

  • Rejecting something negative about product.

  • Complacency.

  • Competitive ties.

  • Doubts about trial.

  • Lack of usage opportunity.

  • Cost.

  • Routines.

  • Risk of rejection.

Appropriate Launch Tactics Given Relative Advantage and Compatibility

Figure 18.4



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