Mdx unplugged
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MDX Unplugged. Nauzad Kapadia Scenarios for using Calculated Members . What are Calculated Members When will you use calculated members What are the drawbacks of calculated members. Considerations for using calculated members. Scope of calculated members

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MDX Unplugged

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Mdx unplugged

MDX Unplugged

Nauzad Kapadia

Scenarios for using calculated members

Scenarios for using Calculated Members

  • What are Calculated Members

  • When will you use calculated members

  • What are the drawbacks of calculated members

Considerations for using calculated members

Considerations for using calculated members

  • Scope of calculated members


  • Ordering expression arguments

  • Eliminate the code of computing formatted values

  • Use IS instead of =

  • Consider moving calculations to the relational engine

Scenarios for using named sets

Scenarios for using Named Sets

  • What are named sets

  • When would you use named sets

Considerations for using named sets

Considerations for using Named Sets

  • Joining sets

  • Filtering Sets

  • Ordering Sets

When to use dynamic named sets

When to use Dynamic Named Sets

  • What are dynamic named sets

What is solve order

What is Solve Order

  • What is solve order or formula precedence

  • Situations where solve order is critical

  • Specifying the solve order in queries

Considerations for working with solve order

Considerations for working with Solve Order

  • Solve order priority

  • Same solve order

  • Solve order only affects priority of calculations between dimensions

  • Leave gaps in solve order

Handling boundary conditions

Handling Boundary conditions

  • Handling division by zero

  • Handling insufficient range size

  • Handling insufficient hierarchical depth

Cell context and resolution order

Cell context and resolution order

What are sub cubes

What are sub-cubes

  • What are Sub cubes

  • Creating Sub cubes

Considerations for using sub cubes

Considerations for using sub-cubes

  • When are sub cubes preferred over slicer axis

  • How does the presence of sub cubes affect the outcome of a query

  • Sub cubes are scoped at the connection level

Identifying performance bottlenecks

Identifying performance bottlenecks

  • Determine if a unique design is involved

  • Determine if a poorly performing query always performs inadequately

  • Determine if the performance bottleneck is within the formula engine or storage engine

Query execution analysis tools

Query Execution analysis tools

  • SQL Server Profiler

  • System Monitor

  • Kernrate and Kernrate Viewer

  • MDX Script Performance Analyzer

Analyzing query execution

Analyzing Query Execution

  • Cache matching, filtering and perfetching

  • Prefetching and Request Reordering

Storage engine bottlenecks and solutions

Storage Engine bottlenecks and solutions

  • Reduce Disk I/O

  • Using partitions and aggregations

  • Manually warming the cache

Formula engine bottlenecks and solutions

Formula Engine bottlenecks and solutions

  • Common causes

  • Dealing with CASE, IIF and NON_EMPTY_BEHAVIOR

Using stored procedures with mdx

Using Stored Procedures with MDX

  • What are MDX Stored Procedures

  • When would you create your own stored procedures

  • Deploying a .NET Assembly containing MDX Stored Procedures

Working with adomd server objects

Working with ADOMD Server Objects

  • Using ADOMD in .NET Assemblies

  • Common ADOMD objects

How to create stored procedures with mdx demo

How to create Stored Procedures with MDX (Demo)

Amo net management stored procedures

AMO.Net Management Stored Procedures

  • What are AMO stored procedures

  • Advantages of AMO stored procedures

Considerations for extending mdx

Considerations for Extending MDX

  • Static and non-static functions

  • Handle null values appropriately

  • Performance

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