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Africa RISING ESA . I. Hoeschle-Zeledon Coordinator IITA. Babati: Sabilo , Long, Seloto , Hallu , Matufa , Shaurimoyo villages. Where we work: Tanzania. Kongwa: Chitego , Moleti , Mlala , Laikala villages Kiteto: Njoro village. sub-humid. sub-humid. semi-arid. Malawi.

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Africa rising esa


I. Hoeschle-Zeledon



Africa rising esa

Babati: Sabilo, Long, Seloto , Hallu, Matufa, Shaurimoyo villages

Where we work: Tanzania

Kongwa: Chitego, Moleti, Mlala , Laikala villages

Kiteto: Njoro village




Africa rising esa



Dedza district: Golomoti EPA, GolomotiCenter Section; Linthipe EPA, Mposa Section

Ntcheu district: Kandeu EPA, Kampanje Section; Nsipe EPA, Mpamadzi Section

Africa rising esa




Chipata district: Mthaya, Kapara, Chanje camps, Msekera Research Station

Katete district: Kafumbwe, Kampala camps

Africa rising esa

  • Who we are

Africa rising esa

  • Crops

  • Soil/Water

  • Livestock

  • CropSoil√

  • CropLivestock √

  • SoilLivestock √

  • CropSoilLivestock √

Integrated Systems Research





markets/institutions, gender, policies,…


3. Livestock

2. Soil/Water

What we do

What we do

Africa rising esa

Capacity building

13 MSc, 6PhD and 2 BSc attached to the project

Africa rising esa

Implementation strategy: Babati example

RO3 Scaling


WP Linking farmers to markets


WP Post-harvest handling

Landscape (erosion, watershed, grazing land, forests

WP Poultry husbandry

WP Vegetable integration


WP Mycotoxin management

WP Livestock and land management


WP Crop management

Development partners, R4D platforms, farmer groups

RO1 Characterization and synthesis

Africa rising esa

Sphere of interest


Development Impact

Small holder farm households, especially women and children move out of poverty and food and nutritional insecurity, while maintaining and/or improving ecosystem stability and overall agricultural productivity

  • Theory of change: Kongwa/Kiteto example

Project level outcomes

Outcome 1

Increased food and cash crop production in maize –legume – livestock farming systems

Outcome 2

Improved land productivity and agro-ecology robustness support productive and sustainable agriculture


Sphere of influence

Pre-conditions in action site

Access to improved seed, innovations, information, markets

Farmer organizations are functional and supportive

Existing land tenure systems support farm to landscape level interventions

Government policy is supportive of investment in agriculture

Outputs and activities

Project outputs

Sphere of action

Output 3

Improved rangeland management practices for higher pasture quality validated and promoted

Output 4

Improved post-harvest handling technologies introduced and validated

Output 2

Integrated soil fertility and water management options implemented and validated

Output 1

Improved varieties of maize and grain legumes introduced and evaluated

Pre-conditions amongst project partners

Team operations are at optimum and well supported

Novel multi-disciplinary research approaches used

Strong M&E and learning in place

High quality and motivated staff

Africa rising esa


Focus on RO1: Situation analysis to set base for RO2

site selection; establishment of R4D/Innovation Platforms; baseline surveys; detailed farming systems analysis for construction of farm typologies; identification of constraints and entry points for intensification; analysis of constraints to adoption

RO2: Integrated systems improvement

solid partnerships established for research implementation; demonstration of technologies and their combinations for SI (crops, livestock, land/water management, post-harvest protection and value addition); most appropriate technologies highlighted for further study and potential dissemination; identification and inclusion of emerging research challenges (e.g. MLND)

Stepwise approach in terms of technologies and sites

Africa rising esa

RO3: Scaling and delivery

assessment of scalability of technologies (documentation in progress); partnerships with development partners; R4D platforms as vehicle for scaling and dissemination established; regular field days

RO4: M&E

reporting against 8 FtF indicators for project impact; discussion on SI indicators initiated; custom indicators established in log frame

Acknowledge esa key partners

Acknowledge ESA key partners

Africa rising esa

Thank You

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