Lucky s wonder of chinchillas
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Lucky’s Wonder of Chinchillas’ PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lucky’s Wonder of Chinchillas’. September Newsletter. Group Information. Owners: Jamie, Ann, Sarah Administrators: Carise, Kostas Global Moderator: Sher, Cindy Graphics Coordinator: Ches Board Moderators: Nancy, Christine, Animal Ark Moderator: KKat

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Lucky’s Wonder of Chinchillas’

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Lucky s wonder of chinchillas

Lucky’s Wonder of Chinchillas’

September Newsletter

Group information

Group Information

Owners: Jamie, Ann, Sarah

Administrators: Carise, Kostas

Global Moderator: Sher, Cindy

Graphics Coordinator: Ches

Board Moderators: Nancy, Christine,

Animal Ark Moderator: KKat

New members

New Members

Aisleen,anditthechinchila, carmensdaddy,chilla0rex,doglady,elinas0411,mmyjess,hillandtez, jsc514, joelbest,keepyourchinup, fissatakh, grazlo, Iluvmylilly297, jasonrunt,laurav, lucy, penguingirl01, peeperstheguineapg, polluxtn,simpsonfan, tallie, theenigma18, turbothechinchilla,uudyret, xpumpkinx,zezimaisdum67,

Board news

Board News

We have added a Product Review sub-board. Anyone who has bought or tried a chinchilla product such as a cage, dust, or food, may review it there. All reviews are strictly the opinions of the posters.

We have also added a new boards for members. Members who have sites about chinchilla care and/or sell chinchilla products may list their sites on this board.

We are going to have a Halloween party. There will be virtual snacks provided by our own resident chef, Sarah, a campfire where we can tell scary ghost stories, and we can “dress” up in virtual costume. All members are invited. Time and Date: It will be ongoing from 8:00 P.M to 1:00 A.M Eastern time, October 26th. Afterwards, we will go on Paltalk for some scary Halloween music and scary conversation.

Jamie s corner


What has Jamie been up to? Did you know that our multi-talented owner can conduct an orchestra also? There's no end to his talents!

You tube presentations

You Tube Presentations

In Loving Memory of Febe

As our members know, our beloved Sarah unexpectedly lost her precious Febe. Sarah has provided a wonderful video of Febe as a celebration of her life. Jamie has lent his extensive talents to provide a touching musical accompaniment to this celebration of Febe’s life.

Here is the link:

Staff news

Staff News

New Co-Owner!

Sarah, our former Administrator, has accepted the position of Board Co-Owner. Jamie and I are so pleased to have such a magnificent person such as Sarah to share our Board. Together forever.

New Administrators

Both Carise and Kostas have kindly accepted the posts as Board administrators. We are very grateful to two wonderful people who have been such loyal members, then moderators of LWOC. Thank you both Kostas and Carise.

New Global Moderator

Cindy is also taking time out of her busy schedule to become our new Co-Global moderator. We are so happy and grateful. Thank you, Cindy.

New Moderator

Jodi has kindly accepted to moderate the bird, dog, and lizard sub-board of The Animal Ark. Thank you, Jodi.

What have we been posting about

What Have We Been Posting About?

We wish our wonderful moderator, Christine, good luck in her new teaching job.

Our capable Co-Global Moderator, Cindy, has decided to start a chinchilla rescue. Our best wishes are with her. This is a wonderful and noble thing to do. Good Luck, Cindy.

Thank you

Thank You

Thank you for reading our newsletter. If you have not joined us already, we hope that you do soon.

We discuss the care and enjoyment of having chinchillas as pets. We also discuss all other types of pets as well as off-topic talk.If you want to learn, contribute and make some friends at the same time, please join us! (This Board is “G” rated) Join us! Click Here And Welcome To Our Forum!

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