I 2 c bus
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I 2 C Bus. Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus. The I 2 C Bus Protocol. I 2 C Slave interface. I 2 C Master interface. Master to Slave. I2C Bus Events : Start I2C และ Stop I2C. I2C Bus Events : Transmitting a byte to a slave device. I2C Bus Events : Receiving a byte from a slave.

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I 2 c bus

I2C Bus

Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus

The i 2 c bus protocol
The I2C Bus Protocol

I 2 c slave interface
I2C Slave interface

I 2 c master interface
I2C Master interface

I2c bus events start i2c stop i2c
I2C Bus Events: Start I2Cและ Stop I2C

I2c bus events transmitting a byte to a slave device
I2C Bus Events: Transmitting a byte to a slave device

I2c bus events receiving a byte from a slave
I2C Bus Events: Receiving a byte from a slave

I2c bus events getting acknowledge from a slave
I2C Bus Events: Getting Acknowledge from a slave

I2c bus events giving acknowledge to a slave
I2C Bus Events: Giving Acknowledge to a slave

I2c bus events no acknowledge from slave to master
I2C Bus Events: No Acknowledge (from slave to master)

This means that either :

  • The slave is not there (in case of an address)

  • The slave missed a pulse and got out of sync with the SCL line of the master.

  • The bus is "stuck". One of the lines could be held low permanently


BUS Speed

  • 100kHz – 400kHz

    Voltage Level

  • In the beginning the I2C bus focussed on 5 volt logic.

  • With the I2C specification 2.0 released 1998 the possible I2C reference voltage was decreased to 2 volt.