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Design criteria
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DESIGN CRITERIA. The Inclusion of Elements in a Facilities Design. Design Elements. Structural Functionalism. The concept of structural functionalism is linked to the idea of carrying capacity. Note: Cage, Playing surface. Shuffleboard Courts concrete surrounded by asphalt.

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Design criteria


The Inclusion of Elements in a Facilities Design

Design elements

Design Elements

Structural functionalism

Structural Functionalism

  • The concept of structural functionalism is linked to the idea of carrying capacity

Note cage playing surface

Note: Cage, Playing surface

Design criteria

Shuffleboard Courts


surrounded by asphalt

Design criteria

Ambiance of an outdoor pool

concrete topped by chain link

Design criteria

  • Problem

Design criteria

Combination of relatively permanent material

with some sense of aesthetics

Design criteria

Hotel Playground – Rhodes

Colour, texture, materials

Design criteria

Playground in Paris park – material, colour, style

Design criteria

Compromise - may be difficult

Large vehicles + high volume

Turning area

Surface - wet and cold weather

Design criteria

Disney - water bridge for ferries

Design criteria

Tunnel Campground - North of Calgary

Physical functionalism

Physical Functionalism

  • Concern for movement

Design criteria


Design criteria


Design criteria


Large numbers + few ‘high quality’ attractions



Design criteria

Wet N Wild

Design criteria

Close to the ‘action’

Sense of anticipation

Value for wait time



  • A straight road is the shortest distance

Cultural aesthetic functionalism

Cultural & Aesthetic Functionalism

  • Linkage to the value or image associated with the particular area, activity, or resource

Design criteria

  • The sense of what is ‘appropriate’ to the activity, facility or area

    • Example of a scenic outlook - the goal of say a distant mountain is important but so are the immediate surrounds - and the area between the viewer and the objective

    • A paper mill with attendant contamination and smells would not be appropriate

  • Senses of - balance, proportion, scale, colour, atmosphere and perspective are important

A order and progression

A) Order and Progression

  • There should be a logical progression of physical characteristics among the part of the offering

Design criteria

The Elmwood Club - the logic of entrance

Design criteria

The Car Park

Mobile trains from themed car areas

Distribution to different modes - ferry, monorail

Design criteria

Progression while travelling

Design criteria

Main entrance - theme

distribution of maps, services

Design criteria

Main Street

Design criteria

Busch Gardens


Modes of transport

The logic of flow

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