Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution

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1. Industrial Revolution

2. The domestic causes of industrialization Agricultural Revolution Land enclosure –people who could not afford land created a new work force. Needed something to do. Transportation innovations Population growth Demand for tropical products. Coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, tobacco.

3. Agricultural Revolution Jethro Tull’s seed drill Crop rotation Mixing soil

4. The global causes of industrialization Global: The Calico Acts (1720-1721) restricted cotton sales from India. Acts of Parliament. Influenced by textile industries in Britain. Lead to more textiles being produced in Britain. Slavery=cheap labor.

5. Extensification Products that were previously luxuries became everyday items due to an increase in world trade (especially with Latin America). Coffee, sugar, tea, chocolate, tobacco. Luxuries and tastes of paradise. Exotic. Contributed to the industrial revolution because it created jobs.

6. Reaction to extensification Many reactions to these new luxuries were negative. Saw these items as drugs. Groups formed to protest against coffee, tobacco, and sugar.

7. Significance of the Industrial Revolution From small farming villages to city due to improvements in agriculture. From hand tools to complex machines. Ex. The sewing machine A move from people producing their own food and clothing to buying something somebody else produced. Specialization Steam power increases productivity. James Watt Locomotives and steamships

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