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Finally Revealed: How Modafinil Promotes Wakefulness

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Finally Revealed: How Modafinil Promotes Wakefulness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Despite the benefits associated with the drug, the general populations who buy modafinil online usually have very little knowledge regarding the physiological and neuropsychological processes the drug undergoes after consumption.

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Finally Revealed: How Modafinil Promotes Wakefulness

Increased globalization, which has been encouraged through the introduction of the internet, has

created a common trend among university students to buy modafinil online. Most students are doing

this in an attempt to capitalize on the cognitive benefits of the drug. Research has shown that leading

psychiatrists all over the world commonly agree upon the fact that modafinil-based drugs such as

Modalert and Modvigil - as well as armodafinil-based drugs like Waklert and Artvigil - have cognitive

enhancing properties.

Many well-reputed psychological journals report that the afore mentioned nootropics can significantly

increase short-term memory, learning, cognition, focus and wakefulness among the general population.

This makes it a very useful drug among college students looking to gain an edge over their competition.

Despite the benefits associated with the drug, the general populations who buy modafinil online usually

have very little knowledge regarding the physiological and neuropsychological processes the drug

undergoes after consumption. Therefore, this article takes a brief, yet detailed look into the

neurophysiological reasons why these nootropics stimulate wakefulness in humans.

The 2001 Neuro Report revealed through extensive testing done on rats, that the drug affects the

?eu?ot?a?s?itte? ?dopa?i?e? a?d its i?te?a?tio? ?ith ?a?y a?eas i? the ??ai?. This i??ludes the st?iatu?

–?hi?h is ?o??o?ly ?ega?ded as the ??e?a?d syste?? of the ?i?d – and is directly linked to dopamine


Furthermore, The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics announced that in early

2009, a team of leading neuropsychologists and pharmacologists were able to find more detailed results

of the i?te?a?tio? the d?ug has o? ou? ??ai??s dopamine system. The results supported the notion that

the ?oot?opi? a?ts as a ?dopa?i?e ?euptake i?hi?ito??.

Essentially, modafinil blocks the dopamine transporter, preventing dopamine from re-entering an area

called the presynaptic neuron. The dopamine levels then build up to a higher concentration creating a

psycho stimulant effect.

In basic terms, a psycho stimulant effect is the result of excess dopamine build-up in the neural

synapses. This results in an individual having increased alertness, higher cognition and feeling

moderately stimulated – all of which contribute to a higher sense of wakefulness.

Although modafinil affects dopamine levels, it also tends to raise histamine levels in the hypothalamus -

according to a study published in the 2007 European Journal of

Pharmacology. The hypothalamus is directly responsible for regulating the hormones that control our

basic physiology such as; hunger, sleep, sex drive and temperature regulation.

Whenever histamines are released from the hypothalamus and into areas of the brain, alertness and

?akeful?ess is i???eased d?a?ati?ally. That?s ?hy people ?ho buy modafinil online and use it regularly


are able to stay awake for longer hours than is normal – they are elevating their histamine levels using a

high-quality nootropic.

Although drugs like Modalert and Modvigil tend to prevent sleep through the elevation of dopamine

and histamine levels, it has also been suggested that these nootropics decrease the production of

?elato?i?, thus i?hi?iti?g sleep. Melato?i? is the ?sleep ?ole?ule? of the hu?a? ?ody, a?d is se??eted

when humans feel tired and need to sleep.

Research has found, however, that armodafinils and modafinils decrease melatonin production by

preventing the release of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). GABA is, as noted in a study conducted on

rats in 1984, one of the key neurotransmitters that synthesise melatonin. Meaning that the

consumption of nootropic substances will lower GABA levels, which will in turn prevent the sleep

molecule from forming. According to this theory, one could use drugs like Modalert to not only increase

wakefulness but delay the feeling associated with sleep – by temporarily preventing melatonin from


Based o? the afo?e?e?tio?ed ?ualitati?e ?esea??h u?de?take? ?y so?e of the ?o?ld?s leadi?g

psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and pharmaceutical scientists, it is safe to say that the secrets

of ?odafi?il?s ?akeful p?o?oti?g p?ope?ties ha?e fi?ally ?ee? ?e?ealed to the ?o?ld. This ?ea?s that

next time you buy modafinil online and use it to fight your narcolepsy, prevent your shift work sleep-

disorder or help focus during your studies, you can rest assured knowing that there is a colossal amount

of well researched evidence backing your purchase decision.