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Sap EHS online training


    • SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management supports with its different functionality environmental, occupational and product safety processes, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility.

    • This is accomplished by embedding corporate policies, compliance, and environmental, health and safety capabilities with global business processes for human resources, logistics, production and finance.

sap ehs(environment health and safety management) online training

Product Safety /Hazardous Substance

  • Global Label Management

  • Substance Volume Tracking(SVT)

  • Life-Cycle Assessment

  • Ariel Staging and CED quarterly Updates

  • Customs Classification: Compliance Questionnaire

  • Workflow for Product Safety

sap ehs online training material training

  • SAP helps you manage these processes with the following:

    • Employee health and safety functionality of SAP EHS Management

    • Product safety and stewardship functionality of SAP EHS Management

    • Environmental compliance management functionality of SAP EHS Management

    • Product and REACH compliance functionality of SAP EHS Management

    • SAP Best Practices for Analytics packages in sustainability

sap ehs online tutorial training

  • Creation of Phrase

  • Creation of Phrase sets

  • Creation of Phrase Library

  • Creation of Phrase Groups

  • Phrase set assignments

  • Master data match up

  • Value Assignment Types

Online Knowledge Product SAP ehs training

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

  • Standard WWI

  • Incident/Accident -OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Reports

  • Customized EHS WWI(Win Word Integrator)

  • Explain how to create general report template with WWI

SAP ehs online training by real time experts - Classes training

Product Safety /Hazardous Substance

  • Specification Management

  • Phrase Management

  • EH&S Expert

  • Report Generation & Report Management

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Shipping

  • EH&S Web Interface (Portal)

sap security ehs online training training

  • We offer you:

    1. Interactive Learning at Learners convenience2. Industry Savvy Trainers3. Learn Right from Your Place4. Customized Curriculum5. 24/7 system access6. Highly Affordable Courses7. Support after Training a. Resume Preparation b. Certification Guidance c. Interview assistance

sap ehs online training india training

Industrial Hygiene & Safety

  • Understand different WWI objects

  • Understand how to control output data of a WWI report

  • List the basic functions of WWI

  • Explain WWI static objects

  • Explain WWI symbol objects

  • Explain WWI control objects

  • Understand WWI WIZARD

sap ehs online training in Hyderabad training

Waste Management


  • Waste Basic Data Management

  • Waste Disposal/Waste Inventory Management

Dangerous Goods Management


  • Introduction to DG Regulations and classifications

  • Dangerous Goods Master data management

  • Dangerous goods master filling and structure

  • DG Checks and DG documents


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