Kinetic theory of matter
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Kinetic Theory of Matter PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kinetic Theory of Matter. Brain Pop States of Matter. Kinetic Theory of Matter. All matter is made up of atoms All atoms are constantly in motion. Is it matter?. rocksfirewater baby powdersmokebacteria milksaltoxygen airMarsstars

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Kinetic Theory of Matter

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Kinetic theory of matter

Kinetic Theory of Matter

Brain Pop

States of Matter

Kinetic theory of matter1

Kinetic Theory of Matter

  • All matter is made up of atoms

  • All atoms are constantly in motion

Is it matter

Is it matter?


baby powdersmokebacteria




duststeammagnetic force

loveheatdissolved sugar

cellssound waveselectricity

Make a list of matter and non-matter in your notebook. Explain your “rules” for deciding whether something is matter or not.




rocks, baby powder, milk, air, dust , cells, smoke, salt, Mars, Jupiter, steam, water, bacteria, oxygen, stars, and dissolved sugar.



  • Particles vibrate back and forth in place

  • Definite volume, definite shape



  • Particles flow freely

  • Definite volume, can change their shape

Kinetic theory of matter


  • Particles are far apart

    and move at high speeds

  • No definite volume

    or shape

Water exists on earth in all three states

Water exists on Earth in all three states



A measure of the amount of matter in an object in a specific volume.

Which object has more density?

Density column

Density Column

  • Rubbing Alcohol.79

  • Vegetable oil.92

  • Water1.00

  • Dawn Dish soap1.06

  • Honey1.42

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