International committee on fundraising organizations
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International Committee on Fundraising Organizations. Educating Social Media Donors Art Taylor, BBB Wise Giving Alliance. BBB Wise Giving Alliance. Educating Social Media Donors. Today’s Presentation Will Focus on Donor- Related Issues

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International Committee on Fundraising Organizations

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International Committee on Fundraising Organizations

Educating Social Media Donors

Art Taylor, BBB Wise Giving Alliance

BBB Wise GivingAlliance

Educating Social Media Donors

  • Today’s Presentation Will Focus on Donor- Related Issues

  • For Now, Charities Look to Social Media More for Engagement than Giving

  • Common Sense Tips Can Help Identify Issues of Concern for both Regulators and Charities

  • As Social Media Evolves, Donor Education Will Need to Adapt

1. Why Did the Social Media Donor Cross the Road?

Answer: The donor didn’t know he had crossed the road, he was too busy reading the charity’s twitter feed on his mobile phone

…while driving.

If donors don’t pay attention, social media, just like any other media, can lead to problems.

2. To Vet or Not to Vet:

Is that a Question?

Donors should not assume social media giving recommendations are vetted by the originator(s).

3. Does Charity Social Media Popularity = Well-Run Charity?

High tech does not necessarily mean high accountability.

  • Properly registered with states?

  • Charity review groups?

  • Having an impact on the cause?


4. Can a Charity be Misleading in 140 Characters or Less?

Misleading messages can appear in any type of media whether intended or not. Charities should establish internal oversight of social media communications.

5. Can Social Media Lead to Greater Transparency for Charities?

Yes, if charities use Facebook and other social media platforms to provide increased access to basic accountability documents and other helpful information for donors.

6. Are Social Media Communications Public or Private?

Should charities have social media privacy policies?

BBB Charity Standard 18:

Website Privacy Policy:

  • Notice

  • Access

  • Choice

  • Security

7. Giving Responses to Disaster Relief and Other Emotion- Generating Events.

Social media can offer quick giving alternatives but may enable donors to make mistakes faster than they have before.

8. In Fast-Paced Charity Social Media, Will Donors Expect Immediate Results for Immediate Gifts?

In some circumstances (such as disaster relief) immediate results may be a public expectation. If so, charities should keep this in mind in social-media donor marketing campaigns.

9. Are Social Media Reshaping Charity Giving?

“Causes” and “projects” rather than organizations are becoming a key way to generate giving interest of Millennials. This may present new challenges for donor education.

10. Is it All About Friending or Funding?

Social media for charities will change over time and donor education will grow in importance in helping to ensure a safe and transparent giving environment.

For more information on Social Media & Charities

“The Networked Nonprofit”

Beth Kanter & Allison Fine

paperback, Jossey-Bass (2010)

Go to

in mid-October for Wise Giving Guide cover story on this subject.

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