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Sports & Entertainment Marketing. Chapter One Review. Question One. The creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships. Answer: Marketing. Question Two. Describes how a business blends the four marketing elements – the Four P’s. Answer: Marketing Mix. Question Three.

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Sports & Entertainment Marketing

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Sports entertainment marketing

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Chapter One Review

Question one

Question One

The creation and maintenance of satisfying exchange relationships.

Answer: Marketing

Question two

Question Two

Describes how a business blends the four marketing elements – the Four P’s.

Answer: Marketing Mix

Question three

Question Three

Function of marketing that requires a company not only to budget for its own marketing activities, but also to provide customers with assistance in paying for the company’s products or services.

Answer: Financing

Question four

Question Four

A specific group of people that a company wants to reach.

Answer: Target Market

Question five

Question Five

The number of times per advertisement, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team or entertainer.

Answer: Gross Impression

Question six

Question Six

Influencing the way people choose to use their time and money is the purpose of this type of marketing.

Answer: Entertainment Marketing

Question seven

Question Seven

The number of viewers the programming attracted.

Answer: Ratings

Question eight

Question Eight

Renewing or rejuvenating your body or mind with play or amusing activity.

Answer: Recreation

Question nine

Question Nine

Travel for pleasure, whether the travel is independent or tour-based.

Answer: Tourism

Question ten

Question Ten

Travel for pleasure, whether the travel is independent or tour-based.

Answer: Tourism

Question eleven

Question Eleven

What the business offers customers to satisfy needs – One of the four P’s.

Answer: Product

Question twelve

Question Twelve

A marketing function that includes direct and personal communication with customers to assess and satisfy their needs.

Answer: Selling

Question thirteen

Question Thirteen

Finding out the interests of sports spectators and planning a product or service that the spectators will buy is a function of this type of marketing.

Answer: Sports Marketing

Question fourteen

Question Fourteen

Income that can be freely spent.

Answer: Disposable Income

Question fifteen

Question Fifteen

This factor is extremely important when marketing sports products and services.

Answer: Timing

Question sixteen

Question Sixteen

Specific information about people, such as income, age, and gender.

Answer: Demographics

Question seventeen

Question Seventeen

Whatever people are willing to spend their money and spare time viewing rather than participating in.

Answer: Entertainment

Question eighteen

Question Eighteen

Entertainment began with this type of entertainment.

Answer: Performing Arts such as plays, opera, ballet, concerts.

Question nineteen

Question Nineteen

Those activities involved in travel, tourism, and amateur sports that are not associated with an educational institution.

Answer: Recreational Activities

Question twenty

Question Twenty

What spiced up the sport of golf enticing more players and spectators to the sport?

Answer: Successful Younger Players

Question twenty one

Question Twenty-One

Recreational travel and tours planned around a special interest.

Answer: Niche Travel

Question twenty two

Question Twenty-Two

What are the Four P’s?

Answer: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

Question twenty three

Question Twenty-Three

One of the seven marketing functions that include assisting in the design and development of new products.

Answer: Product/Service Management

Question twenty four

Question Twenty-Four

Offering coupons to entice customers to try a product at a discounted price is an example of what?

Answer: Promotion

Question twenty five

Question Twenty-five

What development dramatically changed entertainment?

Answer: Technology (Television or the Internet)

Question twenty six

Question Twenty-Six

One of the four P’s that involves the locations and methods used to make products available to customers.

Answer: Place (Distribution)

Question twenty seven

Question Twenty-Seven

One of the seven functions of marketing that involves gathering and using information about customers to improve business decision making.

Answer: Marketing-information Management

Question twenty eight

Question Twenty-Eight

A design on a uniform, product, etc. identifying or branding with a professional or amateur team.

Answer: Sports Logo

Question twenty nine

Question Twenty-Nine

Deliberate confusion of who actually is sponsoring a sports event.

Answer: Ambush or Stealth Marketing

Question thirty

Question Thirty

A new type of football where the tickets are affordable, the players meet fans after the game, the action is continuous, and the scores are high.

Answer: Arena Football

Question thirty one

Question Thirty-One

The percentage of sales that are earned by teams each time merchandise bearing their logos is sold.

Answer: Royalties

Question thirty two

Question Thirty-Two

Why do people wear clothing that has sports logos printed or sewn on?

Answer: One Answer - Show fan loyalty, value of merchandise is increased in the eyes of the buyer, Consumers feel more successful themselves if the product is endorsed by a successful team.

Question thirty three

Question Thirty-Three

Marketing movies, the circus, theater, or concerts are examples of what type of marketing.

Answer: Entertainment

Question thirty four

Question Thirty-Four

With technological changes, what happened to entertainment?

Answer: It distanced spectators from the entertainment.

Question thirty five

Question Thirty-Five

What was the first television sports spectacular aired in 1946 on NBC?

Answer: Heavy-weight boxing match

Question thirty six

Question Thirty-Six

How is television becoming reincarnated as a preferred medium of entertainment?

Answer: High-Definition Digital Screens, Plasma Screens, Home Movie Theater Systems, Cable & Satellite Movie Databases/Libraries

Question thirty seven

Question Thirty-Seven

One of the seven marketing functions that is the process of establishing and communicating the value or cost of goods and services to customers.

Answer: Pricing

Question thirty eight

Question Thirty-Eight

The use of advertising and other forms of communicating information about products, services, images, and ideas to achieve a desired outcome.

Answer: Promotion

Question thirty nine

Question Thirty-Nine

The most important aspect of marketing is…

Answer: Satisfying Customer Needs

Question forty

Question Forty

Some college coaches have behaved in displeasing manners and behaviors. It is said in your book that this type of bad publicity hurts the image of professional and college sports. What are the coaches lacking in these episodes?

Answer: Ethics

Betting question

Betting Question

Name the Seven Functions of Marketing

Answer: Pricing, Product/Service Management, Distribution (Place), Promotion, Market-Information Management, Financing, Selling

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