Marketing the chip program and developing policies procedures
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Marketing the CHIP Program and Developing Policies & Procedures - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing the CHIP Program and Developing Policies & Procedures. Why market the CHIP Program?. HOME rules require you to affirmatively market to people who are least likely to know, hear or read about the CHIP Program. Marketing the CHIP Program. Open house Radio announcements

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Presentation Transcript

Why market the chip program
Why market the CHIP Program? Procedures

  • HOME rules require you to affirmatively market to people who are least likely to know, hear or read about the CHIP Program.

Marketing CHIP

Marketing the chip program
Marketing the CHIP Program Procedures

  • Open house

  • Radio announcements

  • Newspaper/cable TV

  • Program kickoff announcements

  • Contractors, Real Estate Agents

  • Banks

  • Bill stuffers

  • DFACS, Church bulletins

  • Signs in front of houses under going rehabilitation

  • Community newsletters

  • Word of mouth!

Marketing CHIP

Developing local policies and procedures
Developing Local Policies and Procedures Procedures

  • Outlines the basic eligibility and program implementation requirements.

  • Assists local government during disputes related to participant or contractor eligibility.

  • After approval of a CHIP award, the CHIP administrator and the local government officials will develop a set of written policies to govern the program.

  • Serves as your program guide!

Marketing CHIP

Developing policies procedures
Developing Policies & Procedures Procedures

  • Who are eligible borrowers?

    • HOME regulations require that the borrower’s household income is 80% or less of area median income (AMI).

    • Must be primary residence

    • Fee simple title

  • Eligible activities – what activities will you undertake?

    • Rehabilitation

    • Reconstruction-mobile home/stick built/modular

    • Down payment assistance

  • Define application intake process. (including required documentation)

  • Describe the finance plan for each activity type:

    • maximum CHIP amount

    • income restrictions (can be sliding scale)

    • loan terms & conditions for the leveraged loan funds

    • What are the minimum amount of leveraged funds required?

Marketing CHIP

Property standards
Property Standards Procedures

  • HOME (CHIP) funded properties must meet minimum property standards. State and local codes and ordinances apply to ANY (HOME) CHIP funded projects.

  • Different activities have different code requirements. (See handout!)

    • Rehabilitation

    • Reconstruction/New Construction

    • Down Payment Assistance

Marketing CHIP

Property standards1
Property Standards Procedures

  • If no state or local building codes, the State Recipient must use national model codes.

  • Entire unit MUST meet applicable property standards, codes (including state codes), rehabilitation standards, ordinances and zoning ordinances upon job completion.

Marketing CHIP

Chip loan closing
CHIP Loan Closing Procedures

  • Types of loan closing documents required

    • Deed to Secure Debt

    • Promissory Note

    • Loan Agreements

  • When & where will the loan closing take place?

Marketing CHIP

Inspections and gpi
Inspections and GPI Procedures

  • What are your policies regarding General Property Improvements (GPI)?

  • GPI can not be paid with CHIP funds

  • GPI can not exceed forty (40) percent of other funds.

  • Inspections:

    • Who will inspect for each activity type?

    • How often will inspections take place?

    • Who is the official code inspector?

Marketing CHIP

Working with contractors
Working with Contractors Procedures

  • Who will develop work write ups?

  • Will you use a bidding procedure or negotiated bids?

  • What are the requirements for contractors?

  • Progress payments - when and how often?

  • Inspections – when and how often?

  • How are Change Orders handled?

  • Is homeowner satisfied? If yes, final inspection and final payment.

Marketing CHIP

Appeals complaints
Appeals & Complaints Procedures

  • If the homeowner is not satisfied, how will you handle appeals and complaints?

Marketing CHIP

Web site access
Web site Access Procedures

  • Please access DCA’s web address for a copy of the State Minimum property Codes at:

  • http://www.development/Construction Codes/index.asp

  • Lead Based Paint regulations can be accessed at:


Marketing CHIP

Manufactured housing website
Manufactured Housing Website Procedures

  • For additional guidance on manufactured housing under the HOME program, please access HUD’s website address at:


Marketing CHIP

Contact information
Contact Information Procedures

Kay Garrison – (404) 679-0573

[email protected]

Marketing CHIP

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures

Marketing CHIP Procedures