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Best Way to Restore Faded Vinyl Shutters

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Best Way to Restore Faded Vinyl Shutters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learn about the helpful way or tips how restore color and luster of exterior window shutter and which tools you have used for this purpose. Shutter Renu is a leader in the vinyl siding and shutter restoration industry. We have been manufacturing products for property owners to maintain the beauty of the property.

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restore faded vinyl shutters shutter renu

Restore Faded Vinyl Shutters – Shutter Renu


about shutter renu
About Shutter Renu

Shutter Renu is a leader in the Vinyl Shutter Restoration industry; we have been creating products that support property owners to maintain the beauty of the property with easy way and cost effective products. Vinyl Shutter Restoration Kit and our other products help people to preserve the original look of their vinyl siding and shutters.

keep beauty impressive look of shutters
Keep Beauty & Impressive Look of Shutters

Shutter Renu introduced some helpful tips "How do you keep beauty and impressive look of Home shutters."

  • Restoring and Cleaning Your Faded Exterior Window Shutter

Vinyl Shutter Restoration Kit


The best way to remove oxidation, which is what causes your shutters to look faded and white or chalky is by using The Renu Cleaner Concentrate. This chalkiness is actually Titanium Dioxide being released as your vinyl degrades from UV exposure. We recommend cleaning your vinyl shutters with Renu Cleaner Concentrate, a powerful cleaner designed specifically to remove this oxidation. Renu Cleaner is a concentrate that dilutes at a 10:1 ratio so you can use the cleaner on many other surfaces. If your shutters are extremely faded dilute to a 5:1 ratio for a stronger formula. The best way to restore faded vinyl shutters is to use the cleaner to prepare the surface prior to applying Shutter Renu.


Renu Cleaner Concentrate and Nail Scratch Test

After you have cleaned your shutters and they are dry, do the Nail Scratch Test. Scratch the vinyl with your nail, if there is still a mark on the vinyl you have not removed all the oxidation. A very faint mark is alright, but a very visible mark means you should repeat the cleaning process. This is the best way to restore faded vinyl shutters because it makes sure you have removed the oxidation which ensures a beautiful result while using Shutter Renu.


Best Tools for Restoring And Cleaning


The purpose of using a quality brush or flat pad is to prevent foaming. When applying in corners or along grooves remove any visible foaming as this will not dry clearly.


For best results use a non-scratch scouring pad such as the one pictured here. This prevents your faded shutter from becoming scratched but allows more of the oxidation to be removed with the least amount of elbow grease.

shutter restoration s products
Shutter Restoration\'s Products
  • 1 Quart Vinyl Shutter Restoration Kit

(1)32 oz. Shutter Renu

(2) 32 oz. Renu Cleaner Concentrate

(3) Brings back the color and luster of

12-18 single shutters. Quick, easy solution to sprucing up your faded and oxidized vinyl shutters and many other surfaces.


Half Gallon Vinyl Shutter Restoration Kit

(1) 64 oz. Shutter Renu

(2) 32 oz. Renu Cleaner centrate (3) Brings back the color and luster of 18-24 single shutters. Shutter Renu not only brings back the color but also protects from future fading, mold and mildew; making it the smart and cost effective solution over painting or replacing your shutters.


1 Gallon Vinyl Shutter Restoration Kit

(1) 128 oz. Shutter Renu

(2) 32 oz. Renu Cleaner Concentrate (3) Brings back the color and luster of 24+ single shutters. BEST VALUE! Remember you can use Shutter Renu on more than just shutters. It restores the color to metal, painted surfaces, stone, stucco, outdoor decor, mailboxes and more.

steps for shutter restoration
Steps for Shutter Restoration

3 Easy Steps to Restore Faded Vinyl Shutter

  • Clean faded shutters with Renu Cleaner Concentrate.
  • Allow shutters to completely dry.
  • Apply Vinyl Renu with a quality brush or airless sprayer.

Shutter Renu makes faded vinyl shutter restoration easy and attractive. Restore color & clean faded shutters and rejuvenates old faded vinyl shutters to look like new.

more offers discounts
More Offers & Discounts

Our products restore the beauty of faded vinyl siding as well as protect it against future fading for up to ten years. It also protects against mold, algae and mildew staining.

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