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Eucharistic prayer
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Eucharistic prayer lift up your heads we lift them up to God lift up your voices we lift them up to God lift up your hearts we lift them up to God.

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Eucharistic prayer

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Eucharistic prayer

Eucharistic prayer

lift up your headswe lift them up to Godlift up your voiceswe lift them up to God

lift up your heartswe lift them up to God

Eucharistic prayer

we praise you for your unswerving love for usthough we are fragilethough we are woundedthough we are brokenyou have never stopped loving usand you have never forsaken us

greater love has no one than this that they lay down their life for their friends

Eucharistic prayer

you take what is broken and transform it through your death and lovewhat once was hurtwhat once was frictionwhat left a markno longer stingsbecause grace makes beautyout of ugly things

Eucharistic prayer

so we join with the angels singingholy holy holyholy holy holylord god almightylord god almightyheaven and earth are full of your gloryheaven and earth are full of your gloryhosanna in the highesthosanna in the highest

Eucharistic prayer

in your last meal with your friendsbefore your betrayalyou took the bread and gave thanksyou broke it and shared it saying 'take and eat. this is my body broken for you'

christ's body is brokenwe are christ's body, we are brokenmay christ's broken body nourish you in all the right places

Eucharistic prayer

you took the cup of wine, gave thanks and shared it saying'drink this, my blood shed for you'

christ's body is woundedwe are christ's body, we are woundedmay the blood that flowed from christ's wounds heal you in all the right places

Eucharistic prayer

send your holy spirit on usheal our brokennessby showing us our place in your community of faithgreat is the mystery of faithchrist has diedchrist is risenchrist will come again

Eucharistic prayer

this is the table of christtoday it is the place of our brokennessa sign that christ welcomes us all as we arethere is no need to pretend and no need to hide

Eucharistic prayer

so gather at this tablenot because you are wholebut because you recognise your need for healingnot because you are good enoughbut because you recognise these gifts of God

Eucharistic prayer

Brothers and sisters


All is ready

Eucharistic prayer

Redeeming God, we thank you for feeding us with your life; and for making yourself known to us in Jesus.

May we us carry within our hearts your Holy Spirit, that same Spirit which was in Jesus,

so that that we may help bring

your promised peace to all the earth

in Jesus’ Name.


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