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The auto write pencil

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The auto write pencil - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Technological Universe presents . The auto write pencil. PURPOSE .

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The invention makes your hand writing neater and writes whatever you think.. The invention will help reduce hand hurting, because you do not need to write it. The invention prevents the need of using your hands to write. It automatic. writes without usage of hands.


Everyone who hates to write anything. A lot of people who find it difficult to write and they believe their handwriting is very illegible. People will be able to draw better. It will make project a lot easier to use. The pencil can copy/paste material(words and pictures that it see). It also works almost like a computer.

how it works
How it Works
  • Turn on the pencil.
  • Think of whatever you want to write.
  • It goes to the taker ( the helmet).
  • Pencil receives message on antenna.
  • Pencil writes/quick sketches the message.
  • You can download templates to aid in the drawing function.

Never existed before

  • Don’t have to write with your hands
  • Help people draw better
  • Improve handwriting
  • Less aching hands
  • Feels like the future

Everybody has neater handwriting

  • Teaching changes because teacher don’t have to write
  • Students don’t have to write
  • Just need to have an imagination and think