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Can we see the forest through the trees?

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Can we see the forest through the trees? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Can we see the forest through the trees?. Ad Melkert, Associate Administrator, UNDP Regional Bureaux Cluster Meetings 2008. 21.04.08. I. The Global Context: Economic growth (south>north/ MICs) Partnerships (south-south) Economic imbalances: Extractive industry; pollution

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Can we see the forest through the trees?

Ad Melkert, Associate Administrator, UNDP

Regional Bureaux Cluster Meetings 2008



I. The Global Context:

    • Economic growth (south>north/ MICs)
    • Partnerships (south-south)
    • Economic imbalances: Extractive industry; pollution
    • The Bottom billion: Conflict; Natural disaster; land-locked
    • Democracy and stability: elections and power-sharing
    • Global Security
    • New donors/ private foundations
    • UN reputation (perceptions/ realities on the ground)
    • Message: the UN needs to keep pace to remain relevant; UNDP will be held accountable for demonstrating results

II. The UNDP trees:

    • MDGs + Capacity development
    • UN/UNDP
    • “Leap” Internal Management
    • Synergy Security



UNDP Tree 1: UN support for

  • Scaling-up MDGsand Capacity
  • Development:
    • Support in design + implementation of national- MDG-based programmes + integration of government services
      • LICs/LDCs: scaling-up
      • MICs: focusing
    • Addressing capacity constraints:
      • Delivery capacity (HR, procurement, financial mgt)
      • Strategic Planning (and resource mobilization)
      • Specific Sector Strategies
    • Millennium Campaign partnership
    • Message : MDGs should be more than ‘business as usual’, connecting the local with the mainstream policies and institutions


    • ‘One UN pilots’
      • national ownership; UN alignment w/national priorities; agency (resident + non-resident) participation; transaction costs;
      •  questions: strategic nature; sustainability of resources
    • UNDAF: apply pilot lessons to UNDAF roll-out countries
    • RDT role: coherence support and performance management
    • RC/RR/CD: guidance + working relationship > do’s and don’t’s / firewall
    • Message : the UN ‘infrastructure’ is in place; reduce the talk, increase the action and impact……”make it happen”

UNDP Tree 3: UNDP’s “Leap”

    • Where UNDP has to climb higher to meet urgent demand:
    • ‘MDG + local delivery
    • Early recovery + system coordination
    • Democracy and delivery (HDR?)
    • Climate Change and energy
    • Message: concentrate rather than spread resources; more leadership in less areas

UNDP Tree 4: UNDP Synergy

    • UNV
    • Advocacy
    • Integration
    • Mobilization
    • UNCDF
    • Local development
    • Inclusive Finance
    • LDC emphasis/ learning
    • UNIFEM
    • Gender as a key to the MDGs
    • Expertise/ Network
    • Resources
    • Message: leverage the added-value

UNDP Tree 5: Internal Management

    • Internal performance management

 Standards for planning, monitoring and reporting

 Clear and up to date policies, procedures and indicators

      • Strengthen oversight + accountability
    •  Improving management/ staff behaviour (ethics office/ training)
    • Risk management (esp. procurement)
    • People management, recruitment and career
    • Oversight of Regional Bureaux + role of RSCs
    • Tailored operational modalities (Crisis/ MIC/ NCC etc.)
    • Message: simplify and tailor ways of working: higher quality and clearer standards

UNDP Tree 6: Security

    • Threat is more than defining a “high risk” location
    • Location/ UN House + host government interaction
    • requires HQ guidance/ decisions
    • Address host responsibility (Brahimi)
    • Review DO requirements and support
    • Decide and resource quickly
    • Message:Do not accept inferior measures; (together
    • with HQ) engage host governments

UNDP Tree 7: Communication

    • Externally:
      • Tell the UNDP story
      • Spread the message
      • Be alert and savvy
    • Internally:
      • Strategic direction
      • Human touch
      • Feedback culture and mechanisms
    • Message: Provide feedback on the effectiveness of our internal
    • communication; raise awareness for external communication
undp gender equality strategy

UNDP Gender Equality Strategy

Objective: To deepen UNDP’s work on gender, complement the SP and provide guidance for:

Operationalising gender equality as the “integrating dimension” of the SP

Developing institutional arrangements to support this integration

Reporting gender equality results

Broad-based consultative process guided by the Gender Equality Task Force. Approved by GSIC and received positively by Executive Board.

Across ALL SP FOCUS AREAS, UNDP will support the development of national and regional capacities on gender equality and women’s empowerment

Strengthened accountability mechanisms, enhanced knowledge management and increased communication and advocacy on gender equality

Message: Encourage the RR/RC and CD to take responsibility to lead the COs in implementing the GES


The UNDP forest of the future: UNDP 2015

  • Advocate for democracy + participation/ stability
    • Expert support to public delivery systems
    • Supporter equality & Connector:
    • anti-discrimination practice poverty-energy-climate

Leader in crisis/disaster surge for recovery


The UNDP forest of the future: UNDP 2015 contd.

  • Coordination: agenda for action post-MDG
    • Technical manager of system-wide funds
    • Greater diversity
    • / flexibility UN-system KM leader
    • in country/ regional presence

Staff demographic balance + gender parity in mgt


UNDP: 2015

The centre of coordinated policy, knowledge and operational capacity on behalf of the UN system

Can we see the forest through the trees?

Ad Melkert, Associate Administrator, UNDP

Regional Bureaux Cluster Meetings 2008