Alzheimer in hispanic s in massachusetts over the general population
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Alzheimer In Hispanic s In Massachusetts Over the General Population - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alzheimer In Hispanic s In Massachusetts Over the General Population. BY: Emanuelly Ribeiro and Thy Pham.

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Alzheimer In Hispanic s In Massachusetts Over the General Population

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Alzheimer In Hispanics In Massachusetts Over the General Population

BY: Emanuelly Ribeiro and Thy Pham

A disease first discovered by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906. Alzheimer is a progressive neurotic disease that steadily destroys the brain ability to think or memorize. It can also effect behavioral changes and language skills.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Comparison between a normal brain and a brain with Alzheimer.

Early: Typical memory lost.

Mild: Distinctive changes in cognitive skills and personality changes.

Moderate: Poor impulsive behavior, increase in hallucinations and paranoia

Severe: Body and brain gradually shuts down; patient becomes dependent on another individual.

Disparity In Hispanics With Alzheimer's

  • Health disparities are differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups in the United States.

Proportion of people in Massachusetts With Alzheimer's from the ages of 65 to 85+ in different races (%)

  • In Massachusetts Alzheimer’s is more likely to effect Hispanics from the ages of 75+ then the general population.

Graph found on : 2013 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures - Alzheimer's Association

What Are The Disparity Differences?

Graph of people in Massachusetts with Alzheimer's (%)

  • In Massachusetts from 75 years of age to 84, 27.9% of Hispanics get Alzheimer over the general population.

  • From 85+ years of age 62.9% of Hispanics get Alzheimer’s more then the general population.

2013 Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures - Alzheimer's Association

How Did It Develop?



Low income

Health insurance

Gateway diseases



Growing population of Hispanics in Massachusetts

News about Alzheimer's disparities in Massachusetts

  • An article was written from health news reported in Worcester Massachusetts, discussing the matter that more Hispanics and African Americans have Alzheimer's because it is said that there is also a very high disparity in how Hispanics and African Americans have diabetes and hypertension. People who have diabetes and hypertension have a more likely chance of getting Alzheimer's. Also discussing the matter that a lot of minority races have less caregivers and finical help.

Gateway diseases to Alzheimer's and their disparities in Massachusetts

Disparity of diabetes and there socioeconomics status in Massachusetts

  • In Massachusetts Hispanics are the second race most likely to obtain Diabetes.

  • In Massachusetts Hispanics are the second race most likely to get Hypertension.

Social Economic within Massachusetts on Hispanics Over General Population

  • Hispanics are 10 times more likely to have less high school education

  • 62% of Hispanics adults will have less than high school education compare to 6% of White non-Hispanics adults

  • 3 out 4 Hispanics have income of less than $25,000 compare to 1 out of 5 Caucasians

  • Hispanics are 46.2% more likely to have poor general health

  • Hispanics are 1.8 times more likely not to go to the doctor due to cost

Disparity of Education with Hispanics in Massachusetts Over The General Population

  • In Massachusetts High Schools Hispanics are 15%+ more likely to drop out of school

  • In Boston High school Hispanics are 15%+ more likely to drop out of school

Hispanics Income Over The General population

  • Hispanics have the highest % of less income in Massachusetts

  • Hispanics have the least % of High income In Massachusetts



















Other race,



Health Insurance rate and doctor visits Disparity in Massachusetts

Graph of adults in the Massachusetts not getting care because of cost

Graph of race more uninsured in Massachusetts (%)

  • Hispanics are 35% more likely over the general population not to go to doctors office to get care because of cost.

  • Out of 2.6% of people in Massachusetts that have no health insurance, Hispanics are 7.2% more likely to have no insurance over the general population.

Poverty rate of Hispanics over the general population in Boston Massachusetts

  • In Boston Massachusetts Hispanic/ Latinos are 25% more in poverty over the general population


Growing population of Hispanics in Massachusetts

The Hispanics population is about 8% in Massachusetts

Done from Salem Massachusetts about Boston

  • The growing population is about 30%+ now and is estimated to be 58.9% in 2025

Bottom Line

  • In Massachusetts because of socioeconomics and the growing population of Hispanics , Hispanics obtain less education and more drop out rates.

  • Less education means less higher paying jobs.

  • Less higher paying jobs means less income.

  • Less income means no health insurance.

  • Without health insurance and higher income no doctor visits because of cost.

  • With no doctor visits, more likely to get sick.

  • When your more likely to get sick and most of the Hispanic population live in areas with poverty then the general population.

  • Poverty area is less clean and have less healthy foods or safe place to stay active.

  • More likely to obtain other diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Making Hispanics more likely to have Alzheimer's in Massachusetts.

















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